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Found 7 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Alien Paradise Label: Fungi Records Date: 2005 1. Boogieman - Haunted 2. Natinel - Irritaded 3. Concept - Sequence Activate 4. Suria - Super Dooper (Menog Rmx) 5. Ananda Shake - Purple Heaven 6. Killer Buds Vs. Cosmonet - Consequence 7. Ananda Shake - First Rain Rmx 8. Cosmonet - Dreamland 9. Odyssey - Madrugada "Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answers?" The final release of this label and I feel like I hardly knew ye. That's cause I didn't. Not really, but there are some pretty good tracks to be found here. The first two tracks tend towards the darker side of things and are pretty good rumblers. Sequence Activate is the true stormer here with power and liquid synths oozing all over the place. Menog's Remix of Super Dooper isn't bad and Consequence by Killer Buds is good for some acidic madness. All in all not bad for something that is over a decade old.
  2. Artist: Lamat Title: Master Control Label: AP Records Date: 2005 1. Aerobic 2. Neovibration 3. Hi Thinking 4. Master Control 5. Reborn 6. Chemical Disorder 7. Loudness 8. Teletranceporter "Maybe you're being paranoid." Who's ready for some full-on? Sigh. Dunno what happened, but when I bought this over a decade ago I was in love with it. The aluminum siding on the 'ol doublewide was shaking back then I can tell you. This is the debut album from Marcos Sanchez from Mexico and I think it was his best. But it's lost something. Or perhaps as the years have gone by I've gained something like a healthy distaste for full-on. It's very melodic and high tempo with euphoric synth sounds, but that bass line tho...Tough to get past that and it's in every track. Nah scratch that...it's an outright chore to choke this one down. Lasers are fired at a hectic pace and the shiny quality to it just seems a little too much in your face. There is no easing into any track it's just thrust upon you. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Either it hasn't aged well or I've aged myself out of this music. I feel like that old guy yelling at kids to stay the hell of my lawn. Marcos...get the f*ck off my lawn. AP Records Bandcamp
  3. Artist: Various Title: Trancelvania Label: Pukka Music Date: 2005 1. No Complication Z MACHINE 2. Out of the Chaos BLISS 3. Harlequin's Guard PARRKET 4. New Mecca UNNATURAL 5. The other Side of the Scale ALTERNATIVE CONTROL feat. DJ AQUAPIPE 6. Alcohol 220V VS INTERACTIVE 7. Restricted Files INNER ACTION 8. Ambush ELEC3 9. After Hours ESKIMO First off I love the artwork. Very beautiful that has me finding new stuff in it the longer I stare at it. Second I know what you're gonna say. So much music and you choose to review something right smack dab in the middle of the full on tsunami? Yes, because I'm trying to clean out the hard drive. But news flash this ain't going. After you get through the disappointing Z-machine and Eskimo effort, this compilation takes a ride on an all black bullet train. Eerie atmosphere and twilight textures rule as movie samples tumble down causing me to smile in recognition. There is good layering here with punchy bass lines and rhythmic leads. A few buildups but nothing like the crap that comes out today. Very enjoyable and holds up well some 8 years later. I have it in sh*tty quality and a part of me wants to buy it again. But another part of me says if I do, it should come with a punch in the face. GoaStore Mdk
  4. Artist: Various Title: Decadance Label: Afrogalactic Records Date: 2005 1. S.W.O.R.N. - Poultry in Motion 2. ElbowRoom - Strippa 3. DMMT - Real Men Don't Dance 4. Frozen Ghost - Mushroom Mayhem 5. S.W.O.R.N. - Sole Survivor 6. ZiggaNaut - Show Me 7. Mamba - High Life 8. Zigganaut & Optik - You're In Business 9. Zion Linguist - Techno Weirdo 10. Lost & Found - Engine Ear "Women have this weird myth that they can tell how good a guy is in bed with how he is on the dance floor." That's right ladies...welcome to triple orgasm town...population...me! We all know this album. Correction...we've all rubbed one out to this album cover. And I believe we can all agree that on display is a f*cking fantastic pair of tits. Artificial? Surely. Believe me I know from experience as there have been ample amounts of deranged women with daddy issues that have beed drugged fooled charmed into sleeping with me due to my insane choreography. So let me say those fun bags look like they could assault you. Too far. Taking it too far ladies. But if...but if *pulls your chin away from glorious sweater puppies* IF you delve within the compilation you'll find some pretty decent South African Noise. This CD celebrates 10 years of the South African collective Alien Safari which organizes electronic music and psychedelic productions. And I think they also freed Mandela. Have to check though. It's crazy and funky at times, but always thumping. Featured artists include Frozen Ghost as well as the compiler DJ Wobblz. Those guys have a good sense of humor based on the samples they use. Some tracks have a hard techno edged Artifakt feel and that makes sense as he did the mastering. This isn't Nexus Media or Timecode quality, but it's the definition of a solid compilation. I imagine if you needed some oomph in your sets this could work. Please understand that final statement is coming from someone with zero DJ experience. You'll have to ask your leader Paris Hilton if this would work in your set. It's not my area of expertise. That honor belongs to huge, green, alien ta-tas. Psyshop
  5. hi i'm looking for this morning fullon track, that i have on one dj set from 2005. it sound a bit like a ripoff of logic bomb - the third revelation in a style similar to fatali, jirah or alternative control. anyway here's the link to the file: unknown morning fullon.
  6. Artist: Braincell Title: Universal Language Label: Glowing Flame Records Date: 2005 1. Something To Explore 2. One Year After 3. In The Cave 4. Emdiemy 5. Micro Modulator 6. There Is More On This World 7. The Milky Way 8. Mushroom Forest 9. Brainwork 10. Morphing Structures 11. Night Flight In this world of perpetual disagreements I believe the one thing we all have in common is the belief in a universal language. "Is it ingrish?" Great answer, but not what I was looking for. By the way...there's a Mongorian behind you. "Boobs. Definitely boobs." You would think that and it definitely gets my vote. I know that when I'm speaking to a woman with large breasts everything seems a lot more interesting. But there are actually people out there that don't care for boobs. *Mind Blown* Hmmm....got me there. Nope the language of which I speak is of course music and everyone loves it. Sure we won't agree on what type is best (nor should we), but what we can agree on is that life would be real sh*tty without it. Braincell is Ralph Knobloch from Switzerland and his debut album is a psychedelic buffet of twisting and undulating synths. The sounds are crunchy and the layers are plentiful. Anyone who was familiar with the Glowing Flame sound will understand the quality psytrance they brought to the table. This is solid evolving stuff from a guy who's next album gets exponentially better.
  7. Trance2MoveU

    Shiva - Oracle

    Artist: Shiva Title: Oracle Label: Shiva Space Japan Date: 2005 1. Shiva & Guy - Go To School 2. Electric Shiva Universe - You Got To Go To Goa 3. Broken Shiva Toy - Skrach Funk 4. Shiva - Damaged 5. Shiva - Slick Sh*t Killer 6. Shiva - The Distroyer 7. Shiva Azax Syndrom - The Pleshures of Flesh 8. Shiva - Red Dwarf 9. Shiva - The Pagan Move Holy f*ck. Look at that cover. We have a saying in the states..."Let's just throw some sh*t on the wall and see what sticks." That's not supposed to be a literal translation. But we have something more important here. Evidence. Pure and simple evidence. It's staring you right in the face. What you are looking at is actual written proof and documented time when the careers of Azax Syndrom and Electric Universe plunged into the toilet. Quite remarkable actually that both seemed to occur at exactly the same time. So what's the common denominator? Dj Jorg. Look we can ridicule the absolutely horrid album cover all day and I believe it made it into the worst covers thread. But ultimately the music is what decides whether an album has merit and...whoo. This is some of the worst full-on sh*t I've ever heard. This is cheese Everest. Listening to this I actually experienced pain. Real physical pain. Guitars and buildups are just two of the cliche's that made the mid 2000's a wasteland of psytrance. The leads are not appealing in the slightest and it's rife with the slow down technique. Evolution? You gotta be f*cking kidding me. In an attempt to rewrite history (and/or perhaps rid the Earth of this scourge) it is no longer available at Beatspace or Psyshop. Mdk
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