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  1. Sangoma Sound System Catalogue no: TSANGEP033 Label: Sangoma Records Artist: Various Artists compiled by Emiel & Daksinamurti Genre: Electronic Style: Psychedelic Trance Format: Digital Compilation Release: December, 2017 Mastering: Module Virus @ Bruno Studio Mixing Productions Art: Whrikk 1. Peace- Ka & Module Virus – Siddhi 2. Ooblek (aka Black Noise) – Don’t feed the Aliens 3. Gaspard – Spaced rmx 4. Purist – Visionary States (Ingrained Instincts rmx) 5. Vial & Fungus Funk – Binary Sensation 6. Yabba Dabba – Pineal Nerds 7. Diksha & Purist – New Era 8. Rezonant – Midnight 9. Kabayun – Jaguar Dance 10. Cosinus – Somewhere out There 11. Elf De La Nooi – Demented Momentum 12. MPF & Yachay – Different Kind of Synthesis 13. Sequoya – Quarks and Bubbles 14. Fungus Funk – Kremlin Gremlin (Daksinamurti & Astronom rmx) 15. Via Axis – The Lizard (2017 Edit) 16. Babagoon – Red Eye Jedi 17. UkaUka – Boom Bhai 18. Dymons – Gizmos Wahgwaan bredren We at Sangoma are happy to present you our latest digital compilation to celebrate 6 years of Sangoma Records. Selectas Emiel and Daksi came up with this idea just a few weeks ago and have been busy selecting these irie tunes of our signed label-artist to give you a glimpse what is cooking in 2018 and to share some insights and visions. For this release we were inspired by the concept of the “Soundsystem”, an important part of Jamaican culture, which changed and revolutionized the concept of music. This release features comes with a multipage booklet - fresh tunes, rare remixes and collaborations by our label-artists. Sangomesque summertime jamrock for the cold winter months. The only good System is a soundsystem. https://sangomarecs.bandcamp.com
  2. TICKETS : www.goo.gl/dgLrvL FACEBOOK EVENT : www.goo.gl/jgBxRo ༄ SON LIBRE is back ! Son Libre Festival is welcoming you for its fourth edition on the 23rd, 24th et 25th of June 2017 in Collias, 15 minutes far from Nîmes. Wa are awaiting you for 3 days of pure madness, in our beautifull natural landscape under the shiny sun of southern France, in the heart of the Gardon Canyon. As in the past, we decided to offer you a quality line-up full of diversity. Be ready for uniques musical discoveries from locals an famous international artists. We know how the line-up scheduling is important that’s why we’ve worked hard on making each moment the most perfect one during 48 hours of non-stop music. Our philosophy is simple : Feel free for a weekend in thoses waves of sounds and in the warmhearted vibe of our human-sized festival. This is why we offer you two stages: ॐ Indian stage : Here Trance will rule, from the dark Forest of the night to happy prog during the afternoon. ☠ The temple stage : Will represent Techno as we Love it, with all it has to offer and also some more underground vibes that will make you trip at night and groove all day long. A lot of surprises are waiting for you so get ready to get mind blown as much during the day and night. What are you waiting for ? ! ☞ PRESALE: www.goo.gl/dgLrvL ► PASS WEEK END 3 DAYS : ► PHASE 1 : 25€ • SOLD OUT ► PHASE 2 : 35€ • 70 % ► PHASE 3 : 50€ • 0 % ► PHASE 4 : 65€ • 0 % ☀ 2 STAGES ☀ + MORE THAN 60 LOCALS & INTERNATIONAUX ARTISTS ☀ FREE TO GET IN AN OUT ( Alcohol allowed in plastic bottles) ☀ 5000 HAPPY PEOPLE ONLY ☀ MASSIVE SOUND SYSTEM BY EXEKUT AUDIO ☀ 2 CANOPIES WITH WATER SPRAYERS ☀ BIG DECO & STRUCTURES ☀ BIG TOP ☀ VISU & SHOW LIGHT ☀ MAPPING & LASERS ☀ FREE CAMPING ☀ ART & FOOD QUALITY STANDS ☀ CHILL OUT ☀ ECLECTIC MUSIC ☀ CLEAN DRY TOILETS 24/24 ☀ OPEN AIR ☀ TRUCK & CAMPING CARS PARKING ☀ PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED ! LINE UP : ॐ ॐ ॐ INDIAN STAGE ॐ ॐ ॐ Psytrance • Forest • Twilight • Full on • Trance prog • Zenon • and more ... ★ LIQUID SOUL ✪ Iboga Records ✪ Trance Prog' LiveSet (Switzerland) SC : www.soundcloud.com/liquid-soul ★ OUTSIDERS ✪ Sacred Technology ✪ Psytrance LiveSet (Israel) SC : www.soundcloud.com/outsidersmusic ★ ELECTRIC UNIVERSE ✪ Sacred Technology ✪ Psytrance LiveSet (Germany) SC : www.soundcloud.com/electricuniverse ★ SPHERA ✪ Iboga Records ✪ Trance Prog' LiveSet (Israel) SC : www.soundcloud.com/sphera ★ OUTSIDE THE UNIVERSE ✪ Nano Records ✪ Psytrance LiveSet (Israel and Germany) SC : www.soundcloud.com/outsidetheuniverse ★ HATIKWA ✪ Xonica Records ✪ Trance Prog' LiveSet (Germany) SC : www.soundcloud.com/hatikwa-music ★ UNDERCOVER ✪ Solar Tech Records ✪ Trance Prog LiveSet (Israel) SC : www.soundcloud.com/underthecover ★ MAITIKA vs STARLAB ✪ Digital Om ✪ Trance Prog' LiveSet (France) (India) SC : www.soundcloud.com/maitika-official SC : www.soundcloud.com/starlab-sounds ★ ANIMATO ✪ HOMmega Records ✪ Trance Prog' (Israel) SC : www.soundcloud.com/animatomusic ★ STARLAB ✪ Digital Om ✪ Psyprog LiveSet (India) SC : www.soundcloud.com/starlab-sounds ★ SPINAL FUSION ✪ Profound Records ✪ Full On LiveSet (India) SC : www.soundcloud.com/spinal-fusion ★ KABAYUN ✪ Sangoma Records ✪ Special 3H LiveSet Twilight+Forest (USA) SC : www.soundcloud.com/kabayun ★ ATRIOHM ✪ Parvati Records ✪ Forest Psy LiveSet (Macedonia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/atriohm ★ VERTICAL ✪ Parvati Records ✪ Forest Psy LiveSet (Finland) SC : www.soundcloud.com/vertical_parvati ★ PETRAN ✪ Parvati Records ✪ Forest Psy 2h LiveSet (Greece) SC : www.soundcloud.com/petran-music ★ FUNGUS FUNK ✪ Sangoma Records ✪ Psytrance LiveSet (Russia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/fungus-funk ★ MODULE VIRUS ✪ Sangoma Records ✪ 2h DarkPsy LiveSet (England) SC : www.soundcloud.com/modulevirus ★ DJANTRIX ✪ Digital Om ✪ Darkpsy LiveSet (Macedonia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/djantrix ★ MILLIVOLT ✪ Zenon Records ✪ Psygressive LiveSet (Switzerland) SC : www.soundcloud.com/millivolt ★ KALKI ✪ NBM Records ✪ Psyprog LiveSet (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/kalkimusic ★ TILT ✪ Hadra ✪ Psyprog (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/tilt-hadra ★ BLACK MUFFIN ✪ Trance Prog LiveSet (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/izzy-cham ★ RUDBOY ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Psy prog (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/djrudboy ★ CHOIX FACEBOOK ✪ ???????? ✪ ???????? SC : ???????? ★ DJ CONTEST ✪ ??????? ✪ ??????? SC : ???????? Booking close ♫♫♫ CONCERT ♫♫♫ LIVE ♫♫♫♫♫ ★ PETER POWER ✪ Ufordia ✪ Atmospheric LiveSet (India) SC : www.soundcloud.com/peter-power ★ RAKOON ✪ Karma Kusala ✪ Dub Trance LiveSet (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/rakoonreggae ★ ASHKABAD ✪ Reggae Dub Live! (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/ashkabad ★ JAHLIX ✪ Soul waves records ✪ Dub Reaggae Live! (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/jahlix ☠ ☠ ☠ THE TEMPLE ☠ ☠ ☠ Techno • Acid tekno • Groovy techno • Hardtek • Acid core • Drum'n'bass • Minimal • Deep house • and more... ★ ALEX STEIN ✪ Fresco Records ✪ Groovy Techno (Brasil) SC : www.soundcloud.com/alex_stein ★ BECKERS ✪ Highnote Records ✪ Techno (Germany) SC : www.soundcloud.com/d-nox_beckers ★ PERFECT STRANGER ✪ Iboga Records, Digital Structures ✪ Techno Trance minimal (ISR) - Spécial 3H set SC : www.soundcloud.com/perfect-stranger ★ WOODY MC BRIDE ✪ Plus 8 ✪ Acid Techno (USA) SC : www.soundcloud.com/woodymcbride ★ DOUBKORE ✪ Doubsquare Records ✪ Minimal (Italia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/doubkore ★ DOCUMENT ONE ✪ Buygore Records ✪ Drum'n'Bass (England) SC : www.soundcloud.com/documentone ★ BILLX ✪ Undergroundtekno ✪ Hardtek (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/billx ★ ALRYCK ✪ Astrofonik ✪ RaggaTek Hardtek (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/alryck ★ CHRIS LIBERATOR ✪ Stay Up Forever ✪ Acid Tekno (UK) FB : www.facebook.com/DJChrisLiberator ★ Mr GASMASK ✪ Protocole Records ✪ Acid Core LiveSet (Belgium) SC : www.soundcloud.com/mrgasmask ★ EPIDEMIE ✪ Obs.cur ✪ Acid Core LiveSet (Belgium) SC : www.soundcloud.com/epidemie ★ ACID WANKER AKA MIK IZIF ✪ Physical Records / SPU ✪ Techno Acid (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/mik_izif ★ JACIDOREX ✪ NeoAcid ✪ Tekno Acid Kore LiveSet (Belgique) SC : www.soundcloud.com/jacidorex ★ DETUNED ✪ Doubsquare Records ✪ Groovy techno (Italia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/detunedofficial ★ MARK HOFFEN ✪ Sweet Melodic ✪ Techno LiveSet (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/mark-hoffen ★ LIL FISH ✪ Frenchtouchprodction ✪ Trip Hop (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/lilfish-1 ★ DJ HP ✪ NBM Records ✪ Groovy Techno (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/krymoditif ★ MISSTICK ✪ NBM Records ✪ Techno (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/djmisstick ★ KDS ✪ Groovy Techno (France) MC : www.mixcloud.com/KDS ★ BRONSTACH ✪ Trakerz ✪ Deep House (Italia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/bronstach ★ RYYKS ✪ Techno (France) FB : www.facebook.com/dj-rykkks-100659779463 ★ NEBULASAH ✪ Electro (France) FB : www.facebook.com/nebulasash ★ ANTIDOT ✪ Suce Mon Beat ✪ Groovy Techno (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/antidotsucemonbeat ★ NALAXX ✪ S.M.B Records ✪ Electro LiveSet (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/nalaxx ★ FREDBULL ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Drum'n'Bass Neurofunk (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/fredbull-smb ★ FRANCKY X ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Techno Acid (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/frankyx ★ FRED DLZ ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Tech House (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/ ★ L'ANIMAL ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Groovy Techno (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/lanimalsucemonbeat ★ DR SCROLL ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Techno (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/drscoll ★ FEN X ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Drum'n'bass SC : www.soundcloud.com/fen-x-bassmusic
  3. Artist: Module Virus Title: Xochipili the Seven Flowers Label: Sangoma Catalogue: SANGCD014 Release: November 2016 Format: CD/Digital Mastering: Scorb @ TRK Mastering Artwork: Jacques Dende Psikodelicious https://www.facebook.com/psikodeliciousdesign Tracklist: 1. Identical Formulas 2. Prodigious Euphoria 3. Ergot 4. Bass Impact 5. My Fantasy 6. Free Mind 7. Robotic Elements 8. Thriving 9. Simple Switch 10. Circle of Life Promotext: Sangoma Records prescribe you the new album of Module Virus. The London based Portuguese has polished this album for quite a while and tested it on living probands at Boom Festival and various other events around the globe. Inspiration for this release is Aztec mythology – Xochipilli, the ecstatic maize god of music, dance, arts, love, flowers, beauty is the patron of this release, and resembles Bruno’s love and connection to Mexico and it’s culture. Expect 10 action packed tracks, mastered by Scorb, to send you on a colorful journey to the land of enchantment. Links: Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/modulevirus Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/modulevirusoficial/ www.sangomarecords.com https://timecode.bandcamp.com/
  4. Artist: Various Artists Title: Sangomandala compiled by Daksinamurti Label: Sangoma Catalogue: SANGCD013 Release: September 9th 2016 Format: CD/Digital Mastering: Scorb @ TRK Mastering Artwork: Ashtak Singh (Trilochana) preorder: http://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/sangomandala-compiled-by-daksinamurti 1. Scorb vs Virtual Light & Random - Rogue Stimulants 145 2. Psymmetrix & Ajja Feeling the FX (Kabayun Rmx 2016 edit) 147 3. Diksha & Purist Natural Medicine 148 4. DripDrop Big Banyan 148 5. Virtual Light & Module Virus Luminous Flesh of Giants 149 6. Nektar & PoEt White Rocks 148 7. Yudhisthira & Kala (Anthill) Substance and Shadow 147 8. Obliviant & Fungus Funk Competitive Spirituality 146 9. Black Noise & Peyotes Bipolar 146 10. Ingrained Instincts & ManMadeMan Replicant 3 145 11. Cosinus & Daksinamurti Indra Tandava (bonus track) 150 samples: Sangoma Records present Sangomandala the new compilation of our labelmanager Daksinamurti a unique blend of sophisticated music, which gets straight to the point getting you into an ecstatic state of trance. Legends from the early days of Goatrance, new discoveries, Sangoma regulars and some of the best contemporary artists join forces and deliver some amazing collaborations. The selection is an inward journey full of analog sounds giving a very organic and timeless approach to the musical selection suitable for any hour of the day. A specific element of this release is its groove that develops its own deepness into hypnotic effects and inner landscapes. Creating archetypes in a Jungian sense that resonate with collectively unconscious ideas, primordial images and patterns of thought that is universally present in individual psyches. An aural music selection far away from any of this genres stereotypes and attitudes, like a sonic mandala this music may be employed for practitioners, adepts and listeners as a spiritual guidance tool for establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation and trance induction. Fb: www.facebook.com/Djdaksi www.sangomarecords.com
  5. https://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/sacred-mirrors-sangoma-records Catalogue no: TSANGEP019 Label: Sangoma Records Genre: Electronic Style: Psychedelic Trance Format: Digital EP Mastering: Alex E.V.P. @ Wild Mastering Artwork: Ashtak Singh @ Trilochana Sangoma Records proudly presents the second EP Sacred Mirrors by Cosinus. Michael has made a tremendous amount of growth with his new and improved sounds and production since his last release. The EP reflects Michaels current preferences for psychedelic music and is inspired by experiences from various travels throughout the globe. Although hes been spinning records for over two decades, his first live set took place over a year ago and took him on journey into unfamiliar territory that brought new reflections of spiritual growth, which inspired the creation of Sacred Mirrors. The listener can look forward to hearing three solo tracks and a collaboration with Braincell that contain deep atmospheric nighttime grooves with crunchy bass lines and a wide spread of dynamic range. releases June 20, 2016 Cosinus would like to thank: My beloved family, Daksinamurti & Emiel for your countless support and for believing in me and my music and the great friendship we share, My Soul brothers Izzy and Yan Sequoya, Luis @ Psycheground, the Southwilds Jay & Bonnie, Ralph @ Braincell for the great opportunity to work with you and for the open ears, Sinan for our great friendship and sharing the passion for good electronic music, Gaspard & Ajja @ Yab Yum, Nico @ DS, Brouss Psyberpunk, Kelton @ Hoodwink, Ron Jon & Gia, Steph the Wild Bourdeau , Fabien Illegal Machines and the Bom Shankas ,Yan & Audrey @ Synthetik Chaos And last but least YOU!!
  6. Artist: San and Tac Name: Chasing Urmahlullu Released: May 2016 Label: Sangoma Records Genre: Electronic Style: Psychedelic Trance Format: Digital EP Mastering: Ryan Whare (Ryanosaurus) Artwork: Sunny San/ Miletuneart@gmail.com FREE DOWNLOAD! https://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/chasing-urmahlullu-free-download 1.San and Tac - Chasing Urmahlullu 2.San and Tac Blackwood 3.San and Tac Tentrikular Sangoma Records brings you another free release this time from San and Tac from far down under - the island of New Caledonia located in the south pacific! Tristan Guillaume (San) and his mischievous imaginary monkey friend Tac have teamed up once again to bring you a deep quirky ride. The style of this EP could be described as a fusion between foresty nighttime psychedlia and zenonesque Australian progressive definitely fresh and full of surprises mastered by Ryanosaurus. Sangoma Records - medicinal music. www.sangomarecords.com https://timecode.bandcamp.com
  7. Title: Cryptoforestry compiled by Emiel Artist: Various Artists Label: Sangoma Catalogue: SANGCD012 Release: May 2015 Format: CD/Digital Mastering: Tim Schuldt @4CN Artwork: Andy Thomas Tracklist: 01. Makumba & Confo - Rolling Crickets 148 02. Mark Day vs ZZ Bing OctoDamage 148 03. Archaic Adyton 150 04. Kabayun & Drip Drop Khabi Na Marsi 148 05. Vertical Funland 148 06. Module Virus & Chris Rich - De Weed The Lab 148 07. Fungus Funk & Diksha Illegal Alien 148 08. Ajja & Simiantics CodePendants 146 09. Imaginary Sight vs MPF (Via Axis & ProAgressivo) - Purple Jello 148 10. Yab Yum - Disconnect (Remix) 145 Sangoma Records proudly presents the second chapter of Emiels compilation trilogy Cryptoforestry. This selection grew over the past 9 months, constantly changing and evolving till Emiel was satisfied with the outcome. The result is a fusion of nature and technology, organic and synthetic elements, as well as digital and analog influences with love for the detail that is also reflected in the artwork by Andy Thomas. 10 action packed tunes and amazing collaborations of top contemporary artists of the psychedelic trance biotope wait to be explored. The Wilderness returns to your urban environment in form of crispy obscure groovy sounds fitting day and nighttime and made to played outside; a sonic honey pot for all sort of creatures, party animals and cryptoforesters who seek something real in an artificial surrounding or who wants to reconnect with primal inner nature. In the music a glimpse of our ancient tribal tradition survived, both fragile and resilient at the same time and against all odds it offers an antidote for the undesirable side effects of modern civilization. Sangoma Records medicinal music. fb: https://www.facebook.com/sangomarecords/ http://www.sangomarecords.com
  8. Artist: Nebula Meltdown Name: Urban Renaissance Released: April 2016 Catalogue no: TSANGEP018 Label: Sangoma Records Genre: Electronic Style: Psychedelic Trance /Goa Format: Digital EP Mastering: Colin OOOD Artwork: Ville Assinen/Remedy Entertainment Tracklist: 1.Urban Renaissance 09:43 / 140bpm 2.The Infinite Flow 09:38 / 142bpm 3.Enter the Dragon 09:28 / 146bpm Sangoma Records present the new EP of Nebula Meltdown aka Kristian Aro, who is one of Finland's most active internationally recognized psychedelic trance artists these days. His debut album appeared on the Goa label Suntrip in 2013, and his first EP on BMSS Records in the same year. With an experience of over 15 years in composing all sorts of psychedelic music, and playing festivals such as Boom in Portugal, he brings us a new EP in his versatile style. Urban Renaissance EP is a short musical story about the inner and outer changes that we face as a species in the middle of both technological and consciousness-altering revolution currently in motion on the planet. The name "Nebula Meltdown" reflects the creation of life in the universe. It reflects on how the elements of matter exist in the stardust and get spread throughout the vastness of space, creating life by formation of stars that share their light and warmth to planets like earth giving the possibility for life and existence to manifest in all its myriad forms, eventually creating beings like us who are able to observe the Universe and study the life in it, and most importantly, to celebrate the existence of life by creating equipment for manipulating various electromagnetic frequencies that we call sound into organized form, for the purpose of ecstatic dance that gives the possibility to expanded awareness, and understanding of ourselves, and about our connection to the universe at a deeper level. www.sangomarecords.com http://www.soundcloud.com/nebulameltdown http://www.facebook.com/nebulameltdown
  9. Free download http://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/gaggalacktixvibes-1-free-download Tracklist 01 PoEt & DJ Pieces Stimulus Bubble 147 BpM 02 Frosty Fennic Danky North-Pole 146 BpM 03 Drumatik Happy Tsunami 147 BpM 04 Ingrained Instincts Just A Ride 146 BpM 05 Ra Root Half Baked 146 BpM 06 Diksha Day By Day 148 BpM 07 Upavas - There Is No God 147 BpM 08 Fannalism Freedom 148 BpM 09 Mlle Vitale & Synthetik Chaos No Human 154 BpM 10 Sequoya & Cosinus Ubuntu 150 BpM Free music for free people! Freaky gathering for freaky people In 2016, the Gaggalacka festival is going to celebrate its 15th anniversary! Reason enough for us to invite all of you for an accoustic ride through the musical facets of the festival in form of this Compilation Trilogy. As the result of a collaboration with our favorite labels Sangoma Records, Purple Hexagon Records as well as Glitchy.Tonic.Records we will be able to offer you a comprehensive overview of all the varieties of psychedelic music that is being offered at a regular base during the 3-day-festival. We managed to fill not less than 3 compilations and more than 3 hours of what we consider a tasty pick of Psytrance, Twilight, Twisted and Forest, reaching out far into the more experimental sounds of Psygressive, PsyTechno, Glitch and Downbeats. Partially, the tracks are contributions from upcoming artists who have been part of the recently launched Gaggalacka Tour. So keep your eyes and ears open for Psychedelic Sound Engineers of the future.. Part 2 soon on Purple Hexagon >>> purplehexagonrecords.bandcamp.com Part 3 soon on Glitchy Tonic >>> glitchytonicrecords.bandcamp.com For free download click buy and add 0 as your price ... or feel free to donate something! http://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/gaggalacktixvibes-1-free-download
  10. Artist: Purist Name: Icaro Released: February 15th 2016 Catalogue no: TSANGEP017 Label: Sangoma Records Genre: Electronic Style: Psychedelic Trance Format: Digital EP Mastering: Scorb @TRK Mastering Artwork: Aashit Singh (theare.co.in) Out now! Beatport: https://pro.beatport.com/release/icaro/1704286 Bandcamp: https://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/icaro 1. Purist Icaro 2. Purist Sangrealien 3. Purist - Visionary States 4. Purist vs. MPF - Imersao We at Sangoma Records unleash our latest discovery of fresh Brazilian psychedlia Purist! Leonardo Tozzi, active in the scene since 2002 under various aliases, brings us an action filled Icaro EP full of driving organic sounds with a twist! His musics aim is to heal the soul through trance and is highly influenced through experiences with shamanism, which is a living tradition going back millennia in Brazil and other regions of the South American continent. This release contains 3 solo tracks and collaboration with Via Axis and Daniel Bertinis new project MPF and a crystal-clear mastering by Scorb @TRK Music. An adventurous aural journey to the upper- under- and middleworld of this fascinating green country await you. Sangoma Records Medicinal music. www.sangomarecords.com https://soundcloud.com/puristmusic https://www.facebook.com/puristlivemusic
  11. Out now! https://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/stop-wars-ii-the-empire-hikes-back Artist: Various Artists compiled by sG4rY Name: Stop Wars II The Empire Hikes Back Released: January 2016 Catalogue no: TSANGEP015 Label: Sangoma Records Genre: Electronic Style: Psychedelic Trance Format: Digital EP Mastering: Tron @ Home Grown Audio Mastering Artwork: Matthijs van der Geest (Whrikk) 1. Mechanical Species Original Good Shit 146 bpm 2. Fungus Funk & Virtual Light Fur Bikini 148 bpm 3. Dsompa & Ra Root Electro Nonsense 146 bpm 4. Ingrained Instincts Into the Wild 145 bpm 5. Diksha vs Frosty Fennic Mind Expanded 148 bpm 6. Headworks Daft Fader 147 bpm At a time, when mankind is once again on the edge of repeating its thousands of years old and still constantly repeating mistake of fighting and slaughter, we at Sangoma Records thought its the best moment to take a stand and continue our peace promoting Stop Wars EP Series. We oppose violence the same way Wookies avoid scissors. The Empire hikes back is a 6-track collection of fresh and newly signed Sangoma artists as well as befriended musicians that share our enthusiasm and visions. We are more than happy to have won them for this project and hope you will like the contributions of our audiovisual peace corpse. This selection of galactic tunes is brought to you by our shanti Bavarian Jedi DJ sG4rY who compiled this release with the intention to invade dancefloors not foreign countries and transform you into stomping storm troopers. Let the Games of Drones begin. Wars should remain only as science fiction and not become reality may the force be with us. get the release here: >> https://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/stop-wars-ii-the-empire-hikes-back
  12. Babagoon Quantum Mind Artist: Babagoon Title: Quantum Mind Label: Sangoma Catalogue: SANGCD011 Barcode Release: DECEMBER 2015 Format: CD/Digital Mastering: E.V.P @ Wild Mastering Artwork: Aashit Singh (theare.co.in) Tracklist: 1. Anauê 2. Machinewolf 3. Insight 4. Multiple Dimensions 5. Bong Monk 6. Synergic System 7. Cosmic Dance 8. Vortex Engine 9. Hybrid Technology Sangoma Records presents Quantum Mind the debut album of Babagoon from Brazil. Gustavo Jeker is also known for his project Space Vision and released his debut album on the Japan based label Grasshopper in 2012. The Babagoon project reflects his edgier side of psychedelia a powerful twisted combination of atmospheric foresty sounds, tribal percussions and deep mighty mesmerizing groove. Babagoon will be the first release of a new psychedelic Brazilian school we want to introduce it represents a very lysergic visionary sound, that tastes like earth, and smells like the jungle; enriched and inspired by indigenous shamanic themes, which are native in the diverse culture of both urban and rural Brazil. A true glimpse of the countries spirit - far away from common eurocentristic ideas and stereotypes like carnival, waxing and bikinis. Sangoma records Medicinal Music www.sangomarecords.com
  13. Out now on Sangoma Records! Grab your copy here Bandcamp: https://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/ironic-cultures Beatspace.com: http://goo.gl/MT6bPi Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sgm/sgm1cd010.html VA Ironic Cultures compiled by Izzy & Cosinus Artist: Various Label: Sangoma Catalogue: SANGCD010 Barcode: 5060376221909 Release: NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 Format: CD/Digital Mastering: E.V.P @ Wild Mastering Artwork: Jazzmine @Blue Hour Sounds Tracklist: 1. Axial Tilt Heating Modulation 147 BPM 2. Drip Drop Musical Neurons 149 BPM 3. Gaspard Shake Up Weeple 148 BPM 4. Dsompa & Kabayun Vega Sector 148 BPM 5. Synthetik Chaos & Cosinus Like An Animal 148 BPM 6. Southwild Blackstripes 148 BPM 7. Hoodwink Swanky Panky 146 BPM 8. Synkronic Tech Knowledge 147 BPM 9. LAB & HydraE Things Out Of Life 148 BPM 10. Once Upon A Time Memories Of Things Unseen 149 BPM Sangoma Records feels obligated to inform you about our next release. Listen at your own risk! Nothing for the weak hearted nor for genre fanatics. The ironic saga continues with DJs Izzy and Cosinus have teaming up once again to deliver you some strong brew for your senses. No fillers on this one guaranteed! The Swizz Schnitzel and the New York City Bagel Boy tried to top their last compilation Ironic Creatures from 2013, and the result speaks for itself. It has been already tested at various festivals this summer by their labelmanagers, and gets the stamp of being both extremely dancefloor friendly and psychedelic as f*!# - a pedagogic valuable starter-pack for fresh sounds with a twist. Or to say it with Confucius (ca. 559 B.C) words: The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell. Ironic Cultures has it all its the right antidote against stubborn predictable music, and harsh everyday realities. Homepage: http://www.sangomarecords.com Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sangoma-recs FB: https://www.facebook.com/sangomarecords Bandcamp: http://timecode.bandcamp.com/
  14. Black Noise & Peyotes ñ Illegal Tranceactions Artist: Black Noise & Peyotes Name: Illegal Transactions EP Released: November 2015 Catalogue no: TSANGEP014 Label: Sangoma Records Genre: Electronic Style: Psychedelic Trance Format: Digital EP Mastering: Alex (E.V.P) @ Wild Mastering Artwork: Ashtak Singh (Trilochana) Out now! Bandcamp: http://goo.gl/kwSvqV Beatport: https://goo.gl/SNGRKa Juno: http://www.junodownload.com/products/black-noise-peyotes-illegal-transactions-ep/2931056-02/ Tracklist: 1. Black Noise & Peyotes - Gravitational Waves 2. Black Noise & Peyotes - Illegal Transactions 3. Black Noise & Peyotes - The High Dose Experience 4. Black Noise - In Orbit We at Sangoma Records are more then happy to present our next EP, filled with full power morning maniac music and with a good dose of the golden Goa days. Mind your head, the modulators are taking over! Black Noise is one of the leading artists of the new psychedelic Greek school which love to bend brains with their trademark analogue sounds. For this release Costas Angelopoulos teamed up with Panayiotis Tsokris (Peyotes) to present three collaboration tunes, and one solo track fresh out of the studio from the city of the gods, Athens. AsBlack Noise releases on labels such as TIP Records, Goa Productions, Nano, BMSS, Phantasm & others, we at Sangoma are happy to present you something that corresponds with our idea of morning music. These tunes will keep the party going and are far away from the generic and predictable formula music which unfortunately dominates many contemporary daytime dance-floors. Expect some energetic psychedelia for a deep trance - aimed for the euphoric and ecstatic moments that make you explore the mysteries of the universe. https://www.facebook.com/TheBlackNoiseProject https://soundcloud.com/theblacknoiseproject https://soundcloud.com/acid-drop-tsok https://www.facebook.com/Peyotes-425928967547199/info/ The man behind The Black Noise Project is Costas Angelopoulos aka Xtatic Shiva, a Psychedelic and Goa Trance producer from Athens, Greece. He's been into music production since 2005 and Black Noise is his latest project that dives into Deep Psychedelic Trance and explores the mysteries of the universe and its contents by translating colors, feelings, memories, scents and sounds into rhythmic bursts of energy. Shorlty after its birth the project releases music on Nano, Phantasm, Blacklite, BMSS, Geomagnetic, Goa Productions and Maharetta records and joins legendary TIP Records' family...and the journey continues... Peyotes is Panagiotis Tsokris from Athens, Greece. His passion for music and the dance-floor vibe pushed him into producing his favorite kind, Psytrance! Expect twisted grooves, sharp leads and a night-time experience that will take you far from where you are!
  15. Our new Android Spirit - Overground EP just came out on BMSS Records! >>https://pro.beatport.com/release/overground/1613282 Android Spirit happily present their first EP "Overground" on BMSS Records. The German based duo consist of Tickets and Daksinamurti who have been in the psychedelic scene for years. Last seen together on their collaborative album " Synthetic Organism", they return to deliver more music for maniac mornings. The first track "Overground", an homage to early Goatrance, has a mechanical edge to it and a grinding dramatic character reminiscent of the times before Goatrance emerged from the underground, and was both recognized and demonized by mainstream media. "Overground" is reminiscent of the days when Goa was the Mecca of Psychedelic culture. Track two is Android Spirit's interpretation of the BMSS head, Boom Shankar and Soul Kontakt's track "Simulated Reality" which came out as a blistering piece of crackling morning euphoria. The edit is smoother, flecked with psychedelic nuances, orchestral highlights and a reinforcement of mechanical undertones. https://www.facebook.com/AndroidSpirit
  16. Artist: Various Name: Stop Wars EP I. : A New Dope Released: June 2015 Catalogue no: TSANGEP011 Label: Sangoma Records Genre: Electronic Style: Psychedelic Trance Format: Digital EP Mastering: Tron @ Home Grown Audio Mastering Artwork: Mademoiselle ChaOz The Original Trilogy Stop Wars EP Series on Sangoma Records Tracklist: 1. Hookers vs Hypereggs Scrambled Bitches 2. Chakraview Jedi Jam 3. Zzbing Rack Attack 4. Cosinus Within the Deep 5. Babagoon vs Elowinz C3PO Sangoma Records proudly presents a blockbusting addition to its array of releases: The Stop Wars EP series, a triple EP digital release, compiled by our germanoid label DJ sG4rY. This release is not meant to be only a homage to movies we all love, but also a humorous approach and a statement from Sangoma Records, for a peaceful and nonviolent world in turbulent times like these. This first episode A new Dope, of the saga contains 5 action packed tunes, ranging from 146 Bpm to 152 Bpm for all you Yoga Jedis, Shanti Skywalkers, and even those who prefer the dark side of the force for whatever reason. Crispy clear three-dimensional sounds mastered by Tron, which shoot straight into orbit to experience and reenact some great science fiction memories, and mad fantasies. Wars should remain as science fiction, and not become reality may the force be with us. Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sg4ry facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DJ.sG4rY?fref=ts Sangoma: https://www.facebook.com/sangomarecords http://www.sangomarecords.com
  17. Himavat Dana Artist: Various Name: Himavat Dana Released: June 2015 Catalogue no: SAN** Label: Sangoma Records Genre: Psychedelic Format: Digital Artwork: Aashit Singh (THEARE.co.in) Mastering: by Upavas @ InZen Mastering Except Track 4 mastered by Alex Parasense @ Timeless Studio Moscow Track 9 mastered by Scorb @TRK Mastering Track 22 mastered by Coin Bennun @ The Stooodio Bandcamp: https://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/himavat-d-na-nepal-benefit-compilation RE:VOLT: http://revoltdigital.co.uk/ 1. Man Made Man Process complete 140 2. Ingrained Instinct Superb Device 144 3. Braincell Crazy Atoms 2 145 4. Nektar & PoEt Plan B 146 5. Once Upon a Time The Theory of Big Bang (2015 revision) 147 6. Chris Rich Oddball 147 7. Kabayun Time Tides 148 8. Dsompa Last Hippie Standing 149 9. Yab Yum Earthquake 150 10. Synthetik Chaos The New Generation 150 11. Diksha Save Nepal 149 12. Babagoon Frogger 148 13. Fungus Funk & Sorrowmurk Brain Gain 148 14. Cosinus Ultimate Awareness 148 15. Upavas Smakkelig 148 16. Virtual Light Bushwacked 148 17. Hookers Space Trouble 147 18. Para Halu Forest Jump 147 19. Lucid Mantra Chemical Transmission 147 20. Primordial Ooze Lost Wilderness 145 21. Frosty Fennic Gudrun 145 22. Outer World Elements feat. OOOD Hurry Up And Wait 141 We at Sangoma Records have gathered some of our labels artists and friends to show our solidarity with the people of Nepal and other parts of the Himalaya region who are in need of help after the series of natural disasters it had to face recently. Now the earth is still trembling with aftershocks and in the next weeks monsoon will bring heavy rainfalls and landslides which means the tragedy is far from over. Himavan stands for the personification of the Himalaya as a living entity and dana is the philosophic principle of giving aid to the needy not only as a spiritual concept but also for humanity by cultivating generosity. Some of us witnessed the April earthquake and we want to use our available resources and tools to raise some money for projects, which offer un-bureaucratic and direct help and action. Our aim is not to guild trip anyone but to share our experiences and love for this stunning place that inspired and welcomed many of us since the 1960s. More information you will find in the booklet attached to this release. Sangoma Records would like to thank everybody who contributed and supported this release and those who stand with Nepal in times like this. Get this release here: Bandcamp: https://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/himavat-d-na-nepal-benefit-compilation RE:VOLT: http://revoltdigital.co.uk/
  18. VA - Tanuki Tandava compiled by Daksinamurti & BuzZ (Sangoma SANG08) Artist: Various Label: Sangoma Catalogue: SANG08 Release: March 2015 Format: CD/Digital Mastering: Scorb @ TRK Mastering Artwork: Ashtak Sing (Trilochana) 1. Distant Touch & Daksinamurti Tanuki 146 2. Asimilon & Occular OK? 146 3. Gaspard Confabulatory Creature 148 4. Illegal Machines & Synthetik Chaos Satellite Riders 148 5. Yab Yum Earthquake 150 6. Babagoon Holographic Source 152 7. Gibber Twilight Zone 150 8. Synthetik Chaos vs Fighting Shadow Spunfix 148 9. Highstyle Night Shade 148 10. Hookers vs ZZbing Neuro Jam 146 Promotext: Sangoma Records proudly presents this mind-bending compilation by BuzZ from Japan and Daksinamurti from Germany, who will send you on a musical journey to discover the Tanuki an ancient magical being significant to Japanese folklore. After an action filled week in Japan they decided to join forces, and this release is the result of a friendship regardless of any cultural, language or timezone barriers. A cosmic fusion between East and West, which found its common ground in their love for psychedelic music. Playful and groovy music apart from stereotypes await you with a strong focus on crispy clear production highlighted by clean mastering by Scorb. Buzz and Daksi have gathered some of their favorite artists and new talent to showcase their interpretation of nighttime music made to be played outdoors under the moon. Sangoma Records Homepage: http://www.sangomarecords.com Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sangoma-recs Fb: https://www.facebook.com/sangomarecords https://www.facebook.com/pages/BuzZ/1390190927889004 https://www.facebook.com/Djdaksi
  19. Artist: Various Artists Title: Ironic Creatures compiled by Izzy & Cosinus Label: Sangoma Catalogue: SANGCD06 Release: February 2014 Format: CD/Digital Artwork: Jazzmine @ Blue Hour Sounds, Kaliptus Mastering: Alex (EVP) @ Wild Mastering get our music here http://timecode.bandcamp.com/ 1. Psyberpunk vs Hyperfrequencies – Rajastan Twist 2. Aseem vs Yudhisthira – Psykick Ability 3. Chris Rich – Chew The Fat 4. Synthetik Chaos – Vitale Destruction 5. Illustrator – Universo Synth 6. Tweakers – Memory Card (Version 2) 7. Muscaria vs Oran Mor – Oona’s Desire 8. Southwild – Organic Grains 9. Kabayun – Visions (Kabadrop re-edit) 10. Braincell – Atom Smasher After two years of serious Internet hustling and critical listening, two unordinary DJs from the Sangomafia are proud to present their first compilation, Ironic Creatures. Michael and Izzy’s taste are particularly unique in their own way. So they decided to munch on what they thought was the best of each other’s – which is what makes this one so special. This compilation takes you on journey from some lush morning gaspers to some grabbling night-time flexers, through the sounds of the rainforest, down to the bottom of the Mediterranean, back to the Moroccan dessert. You name it, we got it. If you want to get technical, fullonforesttwilightorganicextravaganza (Look it up in the Urban Dictionary). Just hear it out for yourself. Then clap your hands and stomp your feet and thank the universe for this beat. www.sangomarecords.com https://www.facebook.com/sangomarecords Cosinus: https://www.facebook.com/Cosinus79 Izzy: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-Izzy-NYC/217848781594346?fref=ts http://timecode.bandcamp.com/
  20. DJ BuzZ is a Psychedelic Trance DJ and event organizer from Kobe, Japan. Since 2006, Eiichi, along with a friend, founded the God Of Death party organization establishing events in the Kansai area in Osaka, Kobe. While throwing these events, he has collaborated with other promoters, such as Yabai, and introduced fresh and rooted artists from around the world to the vivid Japanese crowd. DJing all over Japan and China through the years, his passionate energy shined through his banging sets catching the attention of Doof Records. Eiichis DJ sets are best around midnight the time when the energy needs to maintain its intensity but still stay vigilant with the flow of the crowd in the underground scene of Osaka. Picking the right track for the right moment is his métier. Sangoma Records is extremely excited for the new addition to our family; we guarantee that the music BuzZ brings from the land of the rising sun will blow you away. http://www.sangomarecords.com/buzz Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/BuzZ/1390190927889004 Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/buzz-eiichi bild hochladen
  21. Drumatik - Sacred Places Format: Digital Label: Sangoma Catalogue: TSANEP08 Release: February 2nd 2015 Artwork by: Ayalien Mastering: Cass @ Wired Studios Tracklist: 1. Unlocking Mysteries 141 bpm 2. Parvati Diamonds 142 bpm 3. Nebulas Quest 141 bpm 4. Side Chains 142 bpm 5. Sacred Places 145 bpm All tracks written by Benjamin Klingemann Starting the New Year with a new digital EP, Sangoma Records presents Sacred Places by Drumatik. Fresh from his studio in Switzerland and inspired from his trip to Parvati Valley in India, he shares his vision of future psychedelic beats. Massive kicks and basses, smart grooves, colorful soundscapes for intense psychedelic - all shaped for the dancefloor to make you dance, day or night. Welcome on board! Coming soon to all Psychedelic Theaters ! Drumatik would like to thank : My Family, dj Amazon @ Urban Antidote, Dj Daksinamurti , dj Sgary Gary and Emiel @ Sangoma Records, All the Peak Crew @ Peakrec.com, Brousse Psyberpunk.ch My Bro Felix / Airi @2to6 Records and Oli dj Ant@mind-expantion.net Cass for the mastering and Ayalien for the cover artwork ! All followers, friends and promoters who support me with this project . Keep the floors rocking !!! Links: www.soundcloud.com/drumatik-1 www.drumatik1.bandcamp.com facebook : drumatik drumatik@hotmail.com www.Sangomarecords.com http://timecode.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/sangoma-recs www.facebook.com/sangomarecords
  22. Upavas – Here and Now EP Format: Digital Catalogue: TSANEP06 Release: Oct 29th 2014 Artwork by: Swaroop Guhathakurta http://www.SGdesigns.co.uk Mastering: Ady (Scorb) @ TRK Mastering Tracklist: Running order 1. Ballistic Junk 2. Magnetron 3. Modulation Squeaker 4. Maximum Sangoma Records is happy to announce the EP from its newest family member, Upavas, an artist currently based in Vancouver, Canada. The name „Upavas“ originates from the Prakrit language, a predecessor to Sanskrit. It refers to a state when one becomes very close to the divine energy that flows deep down in us all. It is this pure and silent space. The title of the EP „Here And Now“ represents the only place where time can be transcended and where „Upavas“ can be realized within you. This EP highlights Upavas’ foresty frequencies, spacious fields of sound meet a strong groovy drive, with underlying positive energy - a true twilight trip mastered by Scorb. Have fun when you dive into his music to the very center of your being. www.sangomarecords.com https://timecode.bandcamp.com
  23. Dsompa – Shinan EP Format: Digital Catalogue: TSANEP05 Release: October 13th, 2014 Artwork by: Hazard Hope Mastering: Alex (E.V.P) @ Wild Mastering 1. Dsompa – Lost Theory 2. Dsompa & Kabayun – Gravity 3. Dsompa – Beings 4. Dsompa – Quené Sangoma Records is back from the summer break and blessed to announce the first EP from Hamburg based Dsompa. A DJ for Peak Records since 2009 and a familiar friendly face at many international psychedelic events. “Shinan” is a term from the Peruvian Shipibo – Conibo tribe from the Amazon rainforest which translates to “ Idea, Mind, Transaction”. Their unique culture is highly influenced by shamanism, in which the medicinal and visionary use of ayahuasca is practiced. The geometrical decorative designs, which the healer sees during his visions, can be found in many objects from everyday life, such as pottery, clothing, etc. The artistic traditions of the Shipibo have inspired this release and can also be traced in the music as well, and in the cover art by Hazard Hope. The listener awaits a lysergic multi dimensional driven landscape, with a good dose of groove. Enjoy the ride and allow the compound of this music to have an effect on your consciousness. Mastered by EVP Wild Mastering www.facebook.com/WildMastering www.facebook.com/dsompamusic www.soundcloud.com/dsompa Shipibo info : http://de.scribd.com/doc/46544001/Shipibo-Ayahuasca-Shamans-Part-1
  24. Artist: Gaspard Title: Seems Legit Label: Sangoma Catalogue: SANGCD07 Release: May 2014 Format: CD/Digital Mastering: Cass @ Wired Mastering Artwork: Meskalart Gaspard – Seems Legit 1. Spaced 2. Cannalize Legabis 3. Falaweeda Galacia 4. Royal with Cheese 5. Free Candy 6. DNA 7. Bamboclat 8. Little Switch 9. Riding the Rooster Sangoma Records is exited to present the album of Gaspard, a psychedelic character that shouldn’t need any introduction. As a founding member and driving force behind Peak Records and Co-Pilot of Yab Yum (together with Ajja Leu), he now presents his first solo album after numerous compilations. Being in tune with Psychedlic Trance since the early 90s he now is back with full energy and inspiration from a baby break. On Sangoma’s magic 7th CD release you can expect driving, groovy and hypnotic hi-quality music with a dose of humor. Mastered by Cass @ Wired Mastering for your aural pleasure. In tradition to the “Anti-Cheese school” this release is guaranteed to deliver quality proved gems that work as accurate as Swizz watches for all you wizards and witches. https://www.facebook.com/djgaspard https://www.facebook.com/sangomarecords www.sangomarecords.com
  25. Creating Sacred Space http://www.mixcloud.com/Daksinamurti/creating-sacred-space-pt1-daksinamurti-2014/ This first part of a multi hour set comes in a forest friendly daytime outfit, a good dose of groove transitioning into more uplifting hypnotic soundscapes and beyond. This contemporary tale wants to give back a little bit of magic to our modern civilization, which in many ways works on fear - leaving one with the impression that the world is an unsafe, hostile place. To be healthy, man has to experience the setting we are designed for: nature. Since the early days of mankind and in many shamanic rituals, sacred space is created by invocating the spirits of the four cardinal directions - South, West, North, and East - as well as the sky (father) and earth (mother). These share the basic concept that all of life is inter-related and inter-dependent and everyone within protected. Also sacred architecture, like temples and places of worship, function in a similar way - making "transparent the boundary between matter and mind, flesh and the spirit." It is the invitation to retreat deep into the wilderness, sacrificing modern comforts for the benefits of greater autonomy and freedom, proclaiming new (old) forms of communal space for gathering and participation. By opening sacred space we leave behind profane affairs of ordinary life and allow us to enter our inner worlds. Unfortunately, laws and regulations as well as commercial interests often contradict and sabotage these needs making it a highly political affair to create new and sustain the last existing spaces. Creating sacred space by providing a place for dance, laughter and worship, could be the remedy of our time and carries the ability to repair, harmonize and even bring around healing. www.sangomarecords.com https://www.facebook.com/Djdaksi
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