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Found 13 results

  1. STREAM THE ALBUM Lost & Found returns with his new full-length album ‘Consumed‘. Released for free in collaboration with the dynamic online publication Psymedia in order to break down the barriers for music to reach the listeners as efficiently as possible. Old music-delivery systems have become ineffective and obsolete, with negative consequences for both the artist and the listener. The way we consume music and information has changed forever. We are entering a new phase where chaos rules. There is no right or wrong. While his last album ‘Decoder‘ seeked cold perfection, ‘Consumed‘
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to get some general opinions on the twilight coming out of South Africa lately. It seems to be losing a bit of hardness and getting a bit "fluffy", yet I can't seem to dislike it. Would love everyone's feedback Some of the artists I have been obsessed with for a while...
  3. Our new Android Spirit - Overground EP just came out on BMSS Records! >>https://pro.beatport.com/release/overground/1613282 Android Spirit happily present their first EP "Overground" on BMSS Records. The German based duo consist of Tickets and Daksinamurti who have been in the psychedelic scene for years. Last seen together on their collaborative album " Synthetic Organism", they return to deliver more music for maniac mornings. The first track "Overground", an homage to early Goatrance, has a mechanical edge to it and a grinding dramatic character reminiscent of the times be
  4. Artist: Android Spirit Title: Synthetic Organism Label: TIMECODE Catalogue: TCCD031 Format: CD/Digital Release: january 17th 2014 Artwork: Meskalart Mastering: Scorb@Trick Music Tracklist 1. OMdma 142 bpm 2. Kirobo the Robot 143 bmp 3. Swirl in Unity 145 bpm 4. Born in the Desert (feat. Distant Touch) 145 bpm 5. Targaryen Blood 144 bpm 6. High as a Kite 147 bpm 7. Freedom South Africa 146 bpm 8. Tokolojoe 144 bpm 9. Tickets – Remember (Android Spirit edit) 147 bpm Timecode Records presents the debut album of Android Spirit, a Marburg (Germany) based project by Josef Summs (aka Tickets/Brethr
  5. Hi there peeps! Here is the 9th instalment of the Progelicious mix series. Inside you will find raw, pulsating progressive psy energy, so come with on a journey into the world that is "Progelicious"! Tracky: =-=-=-= 01 <> Chabunk - Transmutenstein 02 <> Jacob & Juiced - Eclipse (Original Mix) 03 <> Trap - Random Samples 04 <> Cabal - Traumatic (Tura Remix) 05 <> Drop the Pain - Summer dreams 06 <> 3D-Ghost - The new light 07 <> Veritgo feat. Renata Cast - Sweet dreams 08 <> Shaleda - The one (Trap Remix) 09 <> Trap
  6. South African psy tech master 'Headroom' and UK's man of the moment 'Avalon' team up for a massive collaboration track that does what it says on the box! Artist: Headroom & Avalon Label : Nano Records Cat no. : NANODIGI035 Format : Digital Download Release Date: 01 October 2013 Track Listing : 1. Headroom & Avalon - MindF**K Website: www.nanomusic.net Nano Records on Facebook: www.facebook.com/nanorecords Nano Records on Beatport: www.beatport.com/label/nano-records/2527 Nano Records on Facebook: www.facebook.com/nanorecords Headroom on Facebook: www.facebook.com/djheadroom Avalon
  7. Artist: Amiranu Title: Painting the Sky Label: Karana Music Genre: Morning / Full On / Psytrance Rel. Date: May.2013 Size: 130 MB Tracklist: 01. Amiranu – The Rainbow God 02. Amiranu – We’re All Shards Of A Fractal 03. Amiranu feat. The Prodigal Steve – Pickled Dolphins 04. Amiranu – Painting The Sky 05. Amiranu – Watching The Trees Move 06. Amiranu – Lecherous Moon 07. Amiranu – Electric Jesus 08. Amiranu feat. The Jolly Jimbah – Bos Squirm Karana Music is proud to present Painting The Sky, the debut album by American artist Amiranu. Evocative of the rainy forests of the Pacific North
  8. The 12th December 2012 marks the beginning of a new age, the age of consciousness and spiritual awakening. Kozvox will be releasing a new album with the final remixes of the classics and some brand new tracks, a vocalisation of frequencies designed to guide you on a journey through the chakras of your inner self and take your mind on a journey of self and global awareness. Love and light to all. Event Page for more info : http://www.facebook....30081557121168/ http://soundcloud.com/kozvox http://youtube.com/kozvox http://neurotrance.o...t-of-this-earth
  9. Artist: Various Title: Pump Remixes Label: Nexus Media Date: July, 2012 1. Pump (Deliriant Remix) 2. Pump (Ectima Remix) 3. Pump (Brain Driver Remix) 4. Pump (DEL Remix) 5. Pump (Mental Substance Remix) 6. Pump (Penguin Conspiracy Remix) 7. Pump (Spliff Politix Remix) Remix albums are usually hit or miss for me. They can be great giving tracks a fresh perspective and a new coat of paint, but too often it's just a clone of the original without much individuality. Nexus Media is a label that has earned blind buy status from me due to their overwhelmingly consiste
  10. {psy.ology} The study of psychedelic consciousness through audio and visual stimuli in both inner and outer interconnected space. // {psy.ology} records is the joint forces of Teknotribe (JHB) and PsynOpticz Productions (CT). Bringing together organic and digital sounds to express the sounds of the label, artists and genre. The releases will incorporate all styles of psychedelic dance music ranging from progressive, psy-tech, breaks, full-on and the harder twilight realms. The label features fresh and upcoming artists combined with well-schooled maestros of
  11. PSYOLOGY002 - Zezia - 'Zezia EP' to be released on 18/7/2012 Mastered by Artifakt {psy.ology} records brings you the debut EP of South African psychedelic producer, Zezia. Signed to PsynOpticz Productions, Zezia is one of South Africa's most up & coming artists and he has been producing music for the last 7 years. ZEZIA EP consists of 5 tracks full of driving melodies, indestructible basslines with insane wobbly electro-vibe grooves in-between moving percussion and high energy synths. These tracks have been played to SA dance floors resulting in the perfect crowd reactio
  12. PSYOLOGY001 - "PsynOpticz Collections : One" - compiled by SwiTcHcaChe Mastered by Artifakt A full spectrum insight into the inner workings of the complex psychedelic world.. A journey from progressive to twilight, sunrise to sunset. Listen, and connect with the intelligent sounds from the universe. SwiTcHcaChe, owner of PsynOpticz Productions, provides a pure expression of love and passion for all styles of psychedelic trance - the path begins here! This offering is only the first of many to come, it is comprised of what SwiTcHcaChe feels to be an eclectic and powerful combination
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