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Found 8 results

  1. Two oldschool goa tracks, made with equipment/vsts, where the technology did exist in 1997ish, with very minor exceptions. 72000 Miles, 143 BPM G# https://on.soundcloud.com/317AE Freeform Delusion, 145 BPM G https://on.soundcloud.com/cpfmt Cheers
  2. We had the 1.0 planned in June 2022 but police said no, because of administrative failures by the city deparment. There where even news articles in the news paper. talking about this post: We asked confirmation for this new party by registered mail, email and telephonic. We will offer the same line up, for only a slight bit more entrance (now we have to pay a lot more (first aid, security, ...) and we have a lot of not covered expenses from last time... But still it will be cheap for today... If we have confirmation, the line up will be the same, but will start from friday. Saturday night there is only campfire and acoustic music and sing. Sunday there will be very strong minimal, dub, and other heavy chill out. Bar closes sunday evening and camping we are in communication, because Space Safari is the week after and not so far iMPORTANT: PEOPLE WHO HAD PRESALE TICKETS FOR 1.0 WILL GET THERE ENTRANCE TICKET (10,15,20 euro) BACK IN DRINK TICKETS... IF THEY WANT... WHEN WE HAVE OUR APPROVAL FROM THE CITY, POLICE and FIRE DEPARTMENT, we will open presale and also the option to change your presale tickets for drink/food tickets... we want to be fair, hope your too
  3. Enjoy the musical journey of dub, goa and psytrance played on vinyl. Tracklist: 1. Doof - Sk.2k 2. Total eclipse - One Size Fits All 3. Cyberbabas - Vine of Souls 4. Zen Lemonade - Pussy Galore 5. Zodiac youth - Space (Station II Station mix) 6. Bus - Bullet (Original Velocity mix) 7. Noosphere - The Beyond 8. Star Sound Orchestra - Youth Machine 9. Man with no name - Axis flip 10. Busted - Uncontrolable Substance 11. Saiko-Pod - Silent Running 12. Saafi Brothers – Internal Code Error (X-Dream rmx) 13. Doof - Home On The Strange 14. Shakta - Questions 15. Koxbox - Ambivalentino 16. Galaxy - Alien Encounters (vol. 1) 17. Noosphere - Paradigma 18. The Delta - As a Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling (Dub mix) The set was played on Amok Radio - https://www.amokradio.co Visuals by Bojan Dimitrijevikj / www.instagram.com/b.dimitrijevikj Youtube: Soundcloud:
  4. We are happy to announce that our long-awaited "Black Rain" vinyl project is almost done, so we are able to start presales the evening of July 20th   The A Side has a remastered version of Prana & Aminite Fx Black Rain by Maor aka Skizologic, who gave new energy to the original tune while preserving the vibrations of the old-school track with his technique.    The B Side is Roy Sason's remix, which faithfully reworks the sounds of the 90's to bring a new life to the track, making a huge impact on audiences who love true old-school Goa music.   This vinyl is limited to only 100 copies at the moment. It will ship together with a bonus Prana Tribute Mix CD by Roy Sason as gift CD.   The shipping date will be after September 9, 2020. So please follow to our bandcamp for be sure to grab yours while you can - you won't want to miss it!! We hope that everyone will enjoy this project, full of passion for the old-school music. Preview https://soundcloud.com/matsuri-digital/sets/mdvyl01-md046-prana-amanite-fx-black-rain-original-mix-remastered-remixed-by-roy-sason 新月を迎えた7月21日の夜から、長い間温めてきたプロジェクトの一つ、Prana & Aminite FX - Black Rain の Maor Hasbani aka Skizologic によるRemasterと、Shidapu ことRoy Sason によるRemixを収録したレコードのプリセールをスタートしました。   A面には、オリジナルトラックを今のテクノロジーで新しい息吹を与えたリマスターバージョンを、B面には90年代の音色を研究し再現されたリミックスバージョンを収録しています。   初回盤は100枚限定、特典としてRoy Sason によるPrana へのオマージュを込めたTribute Mix のCDが一緒に届けられます。コレクションに加えたい、と思ってくださった皆様、どうぞMatsuriのBandcampをフォローしてプリセールの開始をお待ちください。    https://matsuridigital.bandcamp.com/
  5. Hello. It has been a while since I released anything original as Profetia. Guess this weird worldwide situation inspired me as well. I wanted to produce all sounds on this track with my Virus B synth only, but it's multi-mode was bugging oddly, so I had to take Nord Lead 2 aid. Nevertheless, oldschool style production (as it is also mostly mixed with console/analog compression etc) and hope the outcome would sound like the classic goa of late 90's. The mastering was also made in a way of preserving more dynamic range. https://soundcloud.com/profetia/cme https://profetia.bandcamp.com/track/cme
  6. 01. Bodh Gaya - The Spirits Arrive 02. Etnica - Screaming Butterfly 03. Li Kwan - Point Zero 04. Slinky Wizard - Lunar Juice (Hallucinogen Moon Strudel Mix) 05. Cydonia - Animals 06. Koxbox - Point Of No Return 07. The Infinity Project - Stimuli 08. Total Eclipse - Waiting For a new Life 09. Amanite Fx - Secret Of Mana 10. Etnica - Vicky's Dream 11. MFG - Maya Moon 12. Witchcraft - Witchcraft Magic > < ~ Enjoy ~
  7. Returning from the void with a set of warm, spacy, moody goa. Carom through the cosmos on a mission to the galactic core, hitting some lesser known spheres of trance along the way. Featuring tracks by Juno Reactor, Mathuresh, Rainbow Spirit, Green House Effect, Vaporum, Controlled Fusion, OVNI, Youth, Aeternum, Ubar Tmar, Klinik, The Infonaut, Mr. Beam, and Digital Sun. Edit: Now with slightly less shit mixing! https://bringthatbeachback.wordpress.com/2015/08/26/indras-billiards/
  8. OUT NOW! FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/dragon-twins-only-for-the-wicked Enjoy! I'm super happy to announce our next release, a 5-track EP by Belgian project DRAGON TWINS at Neogoa. This is first from the upcoming series of releases at Neogoa and Ae Records in old-school influenced Goa trance style with experimental and acidic flavour. You can stream full track at Soundcloud until 'ONLY FOR THE WICKED' comes out on Ektoplazm for free download, as usual. Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/dragontwins 1: (entwined) (118 BPM) 2: Only For The Wicked (147 BPM) 3: Daimon - Codex (Dragon Twins Remix) (147 BPM) Original track by Daimon (VA - Temple of Chaos @ Suntrip Records) 4: Time Has A Mouth (146 BPM) 5: Inner Caveman Dub (88 BPM) All tracks w&p by Mathias Pico (Antwerp, Belgium) (https://soundcloud.com/djunasaurus) Dragons' artwork by Arne Wastyn / Ramskop (www.facebook.com/ramskp) Mastering by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios (Belgium) (http://www.facebook.com/stryderq) Artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design (http://www.facebook.com/neogoadesign)
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