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  1. Mystic Sound Records is happy to present an excellent collection of downtempo tracks, compiled by Frank Mandarino, DJ Shoom – “Original Knowledge”! Tracklist: 01. Solar Powered Beings – Atmospheric Refraction 02. In Orbit – Infinite Space 03. Ascendant – Redshift 04. Maluns – Distorted Reality 05. Sygnals – 283 Days After 06. DamianL – Deep Water Universe 07. GadgetG – Outerscope 08. Chronos – Shimmer 09. Unusual Cosmic Process – Lagrange Point 10. Psyrius feat. SuKhush – Andromeda Release info: Mystic Sound Records is happy to present an excellent collection of downtempo tracks, compiled by Frank Mandarino, DJ Shoom – “Original Knowledge”! Frank has demonstrated his excellent musical taste for many years as a channel director of the world’s biggest digital radio station – Digitally Imported Radio. Ten amazing tracks created by music producers from around the world discover the original sound of Psybient. Powerful bass, straight kicks, and enveloping atmospheres fill you with energy. Featuring tracks from Maluns, Chronos, In Orbit, DamianL, Ascendant, Unusual Cosmic Process, Psyrius feat. Sukhush, Solar Powered Beings, GadgetG and Sygnals, which all-together complete a united story. Feel yourself in a mysterious ancient place of power while the listening to this amazing compilation by Shoom – “Original Knowledge”! Download More info
  2. Bluezone is proud to present 'Progressive Techno Loops', a precision-programmed Techno sample pack providing a solid arsenal of pumping grooves, underground SFX sequences, melodic motifs, energetic synth loops and driving basslines. Perfect for any serious producer looking to create his own futur Techno, Progressive, Uplifting Trance, House and Minimal bestsellers. Created with a huge range of hardware synthesizers ( as the Waldorf Blofed, Access virus, Nord Modular G2, Alesis Andromeda... ) this sample pack contains over 154 deep and progressive basslines, cymbal and hi-hat rhythms, sophisticated drum patterns ( groovy percussions and top loops ), minimal influenced drum beats and analog synth loops. You can easily create your own arrangment : the loops are in the same key and BPM ( 132 Bpm ) and are pre-mastered and ready to use. Like all Bluezone Corporation products, this pack is royalty-free and does not require any additional costs or permissions - it's 100% ready to be used in your commercial musical productions. More information and demo: Bluezone Progressive Techno Loops
  3. OUT NOW: Modwheel - Over And Over EP Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds043 | Format: EP | Released: October 2015 Tracklist: A1 Modwheel - Over And Over A2 Modwheel - Get Drummed B1 Modwheel - Satiated B2 Modwheel - Satiated (Theme Fe Remix) Modwheel presents his interpretation of modern electronic music. Heavyweight basslines mixed with oldschool rhythmic patterns and instruments. Straightened to the dancefloor. DOWNLOAD (WAV/MP3) Facebook Twitter YouTube Website
  4. hey this is the first part from a 3 hour set. the live set was build at the PsyExp. festival in germany it came from the chill area and gives a beat full chill style. Please hear and give a feedback and when you like also your heart :-) DJ bioport is more than 20 years a psy dj and the last years he fallen in love to psy chill hope you enjoy that stuff... PEACE ! https://www.mixcloud.com/rotshi-bioport/psychedelic-experience-2015-psy-chill/ track list will follow !!
  5. Hello! It has been very long time since I have posted anything in this forum... Sorry, have been idle about making music. Here's a fresh tune I have just made. Some minor changes coming to this one when I have time to make music again. Peace!!!
  6. Hello friends, I am looking for a progressive psy trance track which has loud and repeating downward sweep sound (Sssshhhhsss..) That is also like cut in 4 parts like SSSS - shShShSh - hhhhh - sss... .. but never stopping. It is starting almost from beginning of the track and every 8 seconds or more it is repeating again, and always going down. Tracks bpm is somewhere from 130 to 140 I guess. Thats probably all I can say and remember right now about it. Please help me find this.. Just give me names, youtube links, sound or mixcloud, whatever you can, with songs or mixes that has atleast a similiar sound. Thanks guys !
  7. Hey friends! I'm from Berlin and I want to show u my Soundcloud-Channel. In the next weeks and years I will upload some Psy Trance Tracks, so if u like the style u can follow me. If u don't like it please leave a comment out,because I want to improve my skills. The first track is already uploaded: https://soundcloud.com/psyberart/psyberart-short-preview-track Greetings from Berlin !
  8. First track up from the new album!!!!! Influenced a lot by Skyrim's Dawnguard: DLC. Nothing to do with Skyrim's music, just the mood this put us in resulted in this tune. The Yamaha Dx200 is doing all the cool sounds. Raw and gnarly party ripper for the mushroom crowd.
  9. Hi all here is my new track "Approaching Pluto" a melodic progressive psytrance tune. The track inspired from NASA mission to Pluto Hope you find it interesting! thanks a lot!
  10. The vault is a folder of sounds that our artists have shared, and inspired others to put there own influence on the original work. This 5 track release, showcases the concept of the remix and what the other artist does with the material from the original source. We hope you enjoy 1.Amuzing The Freak- Empire of Dirt (Vimanna Remix) 07:40 2.Pspiralife - Liquid Nails (Legacy Remix) 11:05 3.Jekyll - Mind Edge (Spoonhead Remix) 06:20 4.Legacy - Dr Hoffman (Jekyll Remix) 08:21 5.Endure - Time Crime (Tilt Axis Remix) 07:19 6.Anatamous Audio vs Legacy - Futurism (Audiospazm Remix) 07:04 >>>>>>>>>> https://noqualmsrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/the-vault-remixes
  11. Listen & Download ----> Kahn in association with Pulsar Music & Digitally Imported present... THE EDGE OF TRANCE (Every First Friday of the month @ 11am PST / 2pm ET / 7pm GMT) Listen @ http://www.di.fm/goapsy Like us @ https://www.facebook.com/TheEdgeOfTranceOfficial Listen after it airs @ http://soundcloud.com/theedgeoftrance The Edge of Trance is a new monthly radio show/podcast presented and hosted by KAHN in association with PULSAR MUSIC & THE DIGITALLY IMPORTED GOA-PSY CHANNEL. The show will air the first Friday of every month @ 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time. After it airs, each episode will be available as a FREE download online! The Edge of Trance will showcase the most spectacular and cutting edge Trance music from around the globe; along with the artists who create this music. As the edgier sounds of Trance continue to gain traction in the US as well as abroad, we will take listeners on a journey into the sounds that are driving this revolution in Trance music. The Edge of Trance will feature guest mixes from today's most cutting edge DJs/Artists. Each guest will be carefully selected for their extensive experience in driving, uplifting, and influencing dancefloors locally and abroad. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EPISODE 12 Friday, July 3rd, 2015 (11am PST / 2pm ET / 7pm GMT) :: FEATURING :: H A N Z . D W I G H T (Pulsar Music, USA) https://soundcloud.com/hanzdwight https://www.facebook.com/HanzDwightDJ https://pulsarmusic.net/ ---> An enthusiast of all forms of the electronic, Hanz Dwight (aka h.d) is known for the hard-hitting diversity in his sets taking participants on a psychedelic journey through rolling basslines, melodic riffs, acid leads, and ambient atmospheres. Every element is carefully planned ensuring the absence of a lackluster experience making each voyage one to remember. Hanz Dwight is quickly becoming an essential sound of LA's underground. Not content with just playing other people's music, Hanz Dwight has taken the art to the next level by fusing frequencies; creating melodic mashups and unique tunes spanning all genres to move not just bodies, but also minds. K A H N (Pulsar Music // Solar Tech, USA) https://soundcloud.com/djKAHN https://facebook.com/KahnPage https://pulsarmusic.net/ ---> Coming to the dance floor with a diverse background of musical experiences, Kahn conveys a unique vibe of melodic, intelligent, and seductively aggressive beats; framed by pulsating stimulating basslines, and powerful Full-On leads. In his DJ sets, the dancer can expect to hear the only the most modern and technical electric sounds from around the globe with an emphasis on heavy and funky, "Funkadelic," "Hi-Tek," "Full-On" Psytrance and Progressive. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ::TRACKLIST:: First Set: HANZ DWIGHT (Pulsar 5 Year Anniversary Set!) 01. Ticon - Ether 02. Sonic Entity - Akasha Field 03. Vertical Mode - Alien Rock 04. Redrosid - Vigilante 05. Lifeforms - Fading Out 06. ManMachine - Equivalent 07. Makida - Argus 08. Ital & Spinal Fusion - What Is Art 09. Spirit Architect & Djantrix - Fluorescence 10. Electric Universe - Active Galaxy 11. Mindfold - Stereo Panic 12. Aphid Moon & Contineum - Rave Oscillator (Disorder RMX) 13. Spectra Sonics - Raveology 14. Intelligence - Glitch Drama 15. Advanc3d - Nightwalkers 16. InLakEch & Makar - Hierophant 17. Mirok & Pragmatix - Technology Producing Creatures 18. Earthspace - Psychopath From Outer Space 19. Neuroplasm & Spun Out - Unreality Second Set: KAHN YEAR MIX 01. Astrix - Poison (Bizzare Contact RMX) 02. Sesto Sento - Disconnecting (Mystical Complex RMX) 03. Orca - In The Jungle 04. Switch - I Want More (Mystical Complex RMX) 05. Xerox & Illumination - Source Energy (XSI RMX) 06. Pixel & Designers Hippies & Mad Maxx - Bamboo Massage (Bionix RMX) 07. Spirit Architect - Megatron 08. Vibe Tribe & Spade - Spirit Of Trance (Shivatree RMX) 09. Outside The Universe - All Systems Go 10. Sinerider - Silica Pathways 11. Dynamic - Roller Coaster 12. 1200 Mics - Microdot 13. Spirit Architect & Djantrix - Liberation 14. Mystical Complex & Dapanji - Distigma 15. Alien Project - One Good (Stryker RMX) 16. ESP - Intricate Web 17. Hujaboy & Earthling - Fuck Yeah 18. Digicult - Red Planet (Spirit Architect RMX) 19. Ananda Shake - Psychedelic Evolution 20. Outside The Universe - Aliens Attack 21. Broken Toy - High Tech Low Life (Earthling RMX) 22. Mystical Complex - Now Is The Time 23. Mindfold - Steinbruch 24. 1200 Mics - Shiva's India (Outsiders RMX) 25. Digicult - Soul Samadhi 26. Man With No Name - Evolution (Digicult RMX) 27. Rinkadink - Techmology (Neuroplasm RMX) 28. Headroom - Vistarama (Neuroplasm RMX) 29. Sinerider & Criptik - Tonal Recall 30. Sketchy Pimps - The Hund (Touch Tone RMX) 31. Vibe Tribe & Spade & Faders - Story Of DMT 32. Space Cat & Simon Posford - Invasion (2014 Remake) 33. Outsiders & Kali - Time Machine 34. U-Recken - Clouds Of Smoke 35. U-Recken - Shockwaves 36. Sinerider & Eeon - Light In The Dark 37. Earthspace & Nukleall - Astronauts Shift 38. Earthling - True Grit 39. K.i.M - Prime Time Pickle 40. Nukleall & Contineum - Mushroom Trackers 41. Earthspace - MFTF 42. Chromatone vs Plasmotek - Hexidecibel 43. Dickster vs Space Tribe - Blasting Plasma Cells 44. Dickster & Earthling - Keep It Surreal 45. U-Recken - Song Of Seraphim 46. Mad Maxx & Shivadelic - Ganesha Namah 47. Future Anarchy - Only A Dream 48. The Misted Muppet - Spiritual Visions (Electro Sun RMX) 49. Psydrop - Surfing In Noises (Bizzare Contact RMX) 50. Digicult & Tropical Bleyage - Aradhana Background Music: Gataka - Chill Bill ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ::Past Episodes:: EPISODE 1 ft. VINI VICI & KAHN - Aug 1st, 2014 EPISODE 2 ft. VERTICAL MODE & KAHN - Sept 5th, 2014 EPISODE 3 ft. OUTSIDERS & KAHN - Oct 3rd, 2014 EPISODE 4 ft. MARTIAN ARTS & KAHN - Nov 7th, 2014 EPISODE 5 ft. PAINKILLER & KAHN - Dec 5th, 2014 EPISODE 6 ft. SONIC SPECIES & KAHN - Jan 2nd, 2015 EPISODE 7 ft. LAUGHING BUDDHA & KAHN - Feb 6th, 2015 EPISODE 8 ft. FLOWJOB & KAHN - Mar 6th, 2015 EPISODE 9 ft. CHAMPA & KAHN - April 3rd, 2015 EPISODE 10 ft. MAGNUS & KAHN - May 1st, 2015 https://soundcloud.com/djkahn/the-edge-of-trance-ep-10-ft-magnus-and-kahn-may-1st-2015 EPISODE 11 ft. SINERIDER & KAHN - June 5th, 2015 https://soundcloud.com/djkahn/the-edge-of-trance-ep-11-ft-sinerider-and-kahn-june-5th-2015
  12. Alien Dharma EP cover art Psychedelic trance tracks to accompany you on your eternal journey. Psytrance cruising through Q.P.A's original world of kick butt psy beats, odd voice samples and subtle melody for home, club and festival dance floors. TRACK LIST 1 9:07 145bpm Psyholizm 2 8:53 147bpm Alien Program 3 9:49 143bpm Archon Pronoia 4 8:31 143bpm Brothers From the Sky 5 9:15 143bpm Air Shuttle 5959 EP DATA EP Title: Alien Dharma Artist: Q.P.A. (aka Qubenzis Psy Audio) Style: Psytrance, full on / progressive Songwriting & Mastering: Q.P.A. Duration: 45:34 min Tracks: 5 Format: Downloads / CD Cover Art: Q.P.A's pissed off ET Release date: 27/06/2015 Label: Qubetechnet Records EAN/UPC: 4250887802808 CatNr: QUBR0005 WEB EP Home page (samples + free, full length promo track) http://qubenzis.com/alien-dharma/ Soundcloud (samples) DOWNLOAD STORES ::. QUBENZIS DOWNLOAD STORE (FLAC / MP3) http://www.qubenzis.com/store/ep-psy-releases/alien-dharma-flac BEATPORT https://pro.beatport.com/release/alien-dharma/1564574 JUNO (WAV / MP3) http://www.junodownload.com/artists/Qpa/releases/ DJSHOP https://www.djshop.de/Download-qpa-alien-dharma/ex/s~details,u~10092762,p1~mp3/xe/details.html iTUNES https://itunes.apple.com/en/album/alien-dharma/id1007102173d…rma/id1007102173 Buy the CD World wide mail-order of the Alien Dharma CD. Paypal: http://Kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX005QFXRA&PP=1 Cards only: href="http://Kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX005QFXRA The definition of the title "Alien Dharma" depends on the context. Perhaps "Path of the ET" or "Strange order" can be some rough interpretations. Alien = "unknown", "Extraterrestrial life" or "strange". Dharma = Sanskrit word for key concept with multiple meanings in the Indian religions Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. There is no single word translation for dharma in western languages. Some meanings are "right way of living", "cosmic law and order", "path of righteousness", etc. Peace Q.P.A. / Qubetechnet Records
  13. Artist: The Empty Project Title: Double Shift Label: Unimuse Records Catalog Number: UNIEP029 Genre: Progressive Psytrance Format: Digital Download (WAV/MP3) Release Date: June 04 2015 (Beatport Exclusive), June 11 2015 (Other Stores) Beatport Link: https://pro.beatport.com/release/double-shift/1543977 Soundcloud Preview: Tracklist: 1. Double Shift 2. Ecstacy 3. Dig This Release Info: Unimuse Records proudly presents the first EP from The Empty Project - Double Shift. The Empty Project is the progressive Psytrance project of Albin Appelqvist (AKA Empty Wheelchair). After two singles and a compilation under this project, he is now ready to unleash three mind blowing tracks with blasting vibes. The Empty Project is here to bring you psychedelic energy and progressive beats for all kinds of ravers and party people. The Empty Project on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theemptyprojectofficial The Empty Project on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/the-empty-project
  14. HI All, here's my latest mix and entry to the Noisily 2015 DJ Competition to win a warm up set on one of their three stages, hope you enjoy. https://www.mixcloud.com/EqUiLibRriuM/noisily-festival-2015-dj-competition-equilibrrium/ Please like, share and favorite to help me be in with a chance. Look forward to receiving your comments/feedback. Full track list; 1.Intent by Trilingo 2.Mountain Mist by Flunxturion 2.0 3.True To Nature (Shik Stylko RM)by Astronivo 4.It Says by Comithex 5.Close To Me by Biolab & Vertex 6.Surprise, So nice by gaudium 7.Earth - Original Mix by Aerosspace 8.Straight Forward by Dropkick 9.Feels Like Acid by Aviation 10.Ant Sobriety Society by One Tasty Morsel
  15. Mystic Sound Records is happy to present the first full-length album of a talented producer from Italy, Ioon-Cosmic Downtempo – 93’14 O’Clock. Tracklist: 01. Born Underwater 02. Aquamarine Horses 03. 93’14CeeBee – The Mind Expanding Experience 04. Alien Dopamine Friendly 05. La Yaguita 06. The Sun 07. Daniel Suelo Il Senzasoldi Release info: Ioon-Cosmic Downtempo is a musical form of expression of Jonny Galluccio – a very free and barefooted soul landed on the planet heart from outer space in 1984. Ioon’s music is a slow-paced progression to the inner peaceful dimension. It’s all about a combination of strong dance beats along with smooth, deep, evocative ambient textures, ethnic elements, and soulful warm melodies. The album is a gradual transformation where ethereal atmospheres, luscious pads, huge beats and floor smashing kicks are bent into the shape together. Ranging from 100 to 125 bpm with a big dancefloor drive, this release is meant to be particularly suitable for the main stage openings and energetic, upward flowing downtempo sets. Preview with tracks tags on Soundcloud. Download the release. More info.
  16. Mystic Sound Records is proud to present a new mini-album of one of the label founders, Maiia303 – Sleepless Nights In Anjuna! Tracklist: 01. Electric Particles 02. Sleepless Nights In Anjuna 03. Sunset Glitter Release info: Mystic Sound Records is proud to present a new mini-album of one of the label founders, Maiia303 – Sleepless Nights In Anjuna. Maiia303 is a side project of Alla Vagner who has released 4 full-length albums on such labels as Altar Records and Ovnimoon Records. Her project Maiia303 is music clearly focused on the dancefloor full of hypnotic melodies. This music is an unexpected mix of such it seems different styles of music – from Breakbeat to old school Acid House, from already classic Goa Trance to atmospheric Psy Progressive. With this mini-album Mystic Sound Records opens a secret door to one more style which it releases – Goa Trance. Sleepless Nights In Anjuna is three wonderful stories dedicated to the time when we discovered India and Goa. The exciting atmosphere of magic and spirituality with sacral mysteries, freedom and love in all its manifestations, dances under the stars till sunrise, unforgettable sunsets – all these is reflected in the music of the mini-album. Powerful beats, rich basslines, bright melodies and of course sounds of the legendary TB303 carry away on an exciting journey to the shores of the Arabic Sea in the most famous place for all fans of psychedelic sounding. Preview with tracks tags: https://soundcloud.com/mystic-sound-records/maiia303-sleepless-nights-in-anjuna-preview Available worldwide: Bandcamp http://bit.ly/m303band Juno http://bit.ly/m303jun Amazon http://bit.ly/m303ama Google Play http://bit.ly/m303goo iTunes http://bit.ly/m303itu
  17. 142min. Download / Listen http://www.bluffphonica.at Playlist: 01 Invisible reality - moon drops 02 Ksen - Signal from Mars 03 Fluctorion 2.0 - Rain cover (Bonus Track) 04 Morten Granau & Emok - 3rd Eye 05 Expect - On A Journey 06 Suntree- The Big Bang (Ritmo Remix) 07 Critical Choice - Out of orbit 08 Invisible Reality - Alice Dream (Haldolium Remix) 09 Ritmo - Follow Me 10 Talpa - violently happy 11 Royal flush - definition of insanity (original mix) 12 Ascent - Insomnia 13 Daniel lesden - shadow of collisions 14 Norma project - feelings 15 Side effects - thunder in paradise 16 Static movement and pragmatix - astral world 17 Ovnimoon - sat nam for me sat nam for you (atmeba remix) 18 Relativ - hyperspace 19 Relativ - rise of the garuda 20 Ovnimoon vs Spirit Architect - La Danza Espiritual 21 Ovnimoon - quiet my mind (ascent remix) 22 Savage Circuit - Feedback Memory 23 Sonic entity - lcf(original mix) 24 Elgiva - arabian cry
  18. Finest psy-progressive trance from Corfu.Here is the long awaited second Ep of Dolby Caramel!We at Infinity-Tunes feeling extremely proud to present you the new work from Alexander Skembris,one of the finest progressive and upcoming trance producers of Greece today.His new Ep comes with two previously unreleased tracks and it's called 'Endless'!Each track will tell a story to your cosmic spirit while you could wonder: "is it an 'anomaly in your brain' or just 'something useful' for your mind"?Alexander manage to take the listener on a journey of his very personal world,delivering this fresh,strong package of hi-swinging progressive grooves,deep bass driven psychodelic rhythms and sounds while we can assure you that both tunes are perfect for your unrestricted entertainment and ear pleasure!'Endless' Ep is an irresistibly slick piece of spiritual trance as it will conclude your night visions and bring you the psychedelic side of the morning sun! We won't say it's a killer release yet. Experience it yourself! Grab your copy here: Beatport:http://btprt.dj/1H4ZI26 Amazon:http://amzn.to/1Q759Ap Junodownload:http://bit.ly/1DZiLIP © Copyright by Infinity-Tunes 2015
  19. Hi All ! Here is my latest track : "Another Planet" (Progressive/Psy) https://soundcloud.com/distohm/distohm-another-planet Hope you'll like it ! Bye
  20. Download links on: http://www.euroforix.com/releases/organic-formular/ This is the Organic Formula for Cosmic adventure and euphoria. This EP contains six tracks which all are inspired by the universal mind of trance, all from the far out space elements to deep core organic and psychedelic roots. The style is Goa and Psytrance with Trance and Progressive sub tones. Enjoy this Cosmic Rain release, and let the universe be your friend. 1. Organic Formula 2. Flux byte 3. Space avionics 4. Andromeda 5. Psyence 6. Utopia
  21. New track i made. All feedback welcome
  22. Hedflux & Grouch Collaborations Luminus Music Tracklist: 1. Lumination (Original Mix) 2. Mehndi Moller (Hedflux Remix) 3. Catharsis (Grouch Remix) 4. Lumination (Nanosphere Remix) 5. Luminatiion (Brujo's Bowl Remix) 6. Reverse Entropy (Hedflux Remix) Now, I'll give a listen to anything from Grouch. Ninety percent of the time the guy is a fantastic producer, taking that sometimes sludgy Zenon sound and injecting it with funk, dub and sexy slow-grooving magic, adding a whole lot of life and energy to the style. I'll also give Brujo's Bowl my undivided attention. While not a fan of his Zenon approach - often times it's too slow and heavy in mood - I'm a big fan of his Healing With Sound album and where I don't expect to get that same sort of dub loveliness I'll tune in just out of respect. On this six-track EP, for those two producers who usually bristle with creativity, their offerings are very unexpected. If this were lousy work Collaborations could be forgiven but for the artistic talent involved the worst judgement that can be passed upon it, the most dreadful thing you can say to an artist about their work, is that it is common. Even worse, this EP is common by design. The main focus here is the original Hedflux & Grouch collaboration (previously released in 2012) on "Lumination" and the two remixes offered up by Nanosphere & Brujo's Bowl. File each of these away under generic clubby psytrance progressive, the kind of tracks that do just enough to sound good for the first minute or two and then spend the rest of their time in existence going around the same circle of mediocrity. No depth, no attempts at creativity and no amount of mind-altering is going to make these duds sound satisfying no matter how loud you turn them up. In fairness, Nanosphere comes closest to quality with a mid-track creative explosion that brings a whole of interesting movement to a very unsatisfying song structure. Then, of course, lest we forget the club kids can't keep up if things get too complex (at least I'm assuming that's the mindset here) the track settles back in to the original preset structures and dull progressive sound effects of the original. Where Grouch remixes Hedflux' "Catharsis" and Hedflux remixes Grouch's "Mehndi Moller" it is just the same sort of forgettable blandness. Things get interesting on the last track of the EP, where Hedflux remixes "Reverse Entropy" (from Grouch's excellent Further album) and the moment is quite nice for a bit. Of course, it's nice because it is pretty much exactly the Grouch original and where things go wrong is where Hedflux ups the tempo and breaks the hypnotic spell, shunning creative genius for progressive neutering. As with most progressive club parties, the best thing about this one is the art - absolutely captivating, highly imaginative, UV reactive beauty. You can stop, take it in for a while, bask in its mystery, there's a whole lot of nice depth in there. But then the music starts and you may just end up wondering how art so deliciously psychedelic ends up dressing music that is nowhere near psychedelic enough. Luminus Music
  23. Whats up guys thought id post some new stuff, check it out! https://soundcloud.com/ufo-lights/in-the-dark
  24. Turner – The Slave Ship England. A new movement is arising. It is called « New Underground Trance ». It is led by John 00 Fleming, and counts many talentuous artists, such as Christopher Lawrence, The Digital Blonde, Lisa Lashes and Casey Rasch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEMqdaFixGA It is an attempt to bring back the original spirit of Trance music, and to synthetize the old with the newshcool spirit, and trance with psytrance. It is characterized by a pulsing progressive beat, dark melancholic tones, and heavy atmospheric layers. It contains dreamy moods, and a Gothic spirit. Personnally, my understanding of Trance music is that it is the tribal music of the modern, Western world. In Goa, it has embraced the Indian Classical Music. In Israel, it has absorbed the vividness of Middle Eastern traditionnal instruments. In Croatia, it has merged with the pagan spirit of the Slavic era. In Sweden, it pulses with the vibration of the Scandinavian forests. Now, the time have come when the pagan soul of England – Gothic spirit – is being expressed through Trance music. Gothic spirit. It echoed throughout the artistic history of Albion. It resonates through many obras that has become major texts in worldwide litterature : Shakespeare – The Tempest ; Marlowe – Doctor Faustus ; Milton – Paradise Lost ; Lewis – The Monk ; Tolkien – Lord of the Rings. Within Gothic spirit spread the skies of the Northern Atlantic, filled with heavy rains of cloud carried by cold wings. Within Gothic spirit abides a mystical connection to an old Earth, expressed by cathedrals and ruins of abbeys. Within Gothic spirit there is a tragic sense of destiny inherited from the never-forgotten lore of the Norse mythology, surving within the people of Albion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSWryyjAyYM These past few months, the English produced have produced many tracks translating this spirit in sounds. The New Underground Trance is filled with solemn melodies, cloudy layers, and psychedelic moments of hope and anguish. Henceforth, these tracks belong either to the realm of Dark Fantasy or Dark Science-Fiction. Now, if you're reading this, it's because of the catchy title of my topic. The first time I've come accrosse Healing, by John 00 Fleming, it was through this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RuXYY_-TGM The first time I've come accross this video, I have been shaken as I rarely have been by a trance track. It was so deep, so mysterious. I think that in my whole trancer life, only Vibrasphere delivered me a comparable feeling. Beyond the fact that the track combines some of the best aspects of progressive, upliting and psychedelic trance, and that it added Goa hints to the formula, I was amazed by how perfectly the video fitted the sounds. Within the torments of a stormy cloud , floats around a flying cathedral, describing chaotic movements in the sky. Rain is pouring hard over its walls, adorned with Gothic motives. But as a Turner-like sunlight pierces through darkness, petrified gargoils start to awaken. As they start to move back to life, they seek revenge over the master of the place, affected by an acient curse. The unreality of the melodies, the perfect harmony of every sound, the deep story-telling of it quickly led it to become one of my favourite track. But a few days ago, I came accross of a remix of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIdlmbcXmF0 And oh, God. The feeling... The feeling of it was even more intense. My heart bet faster. My arms were covered with goosebumps. And as I couldn't stop listening to it, my breath became more intense, and my mind drifted away. And in my imgaination, I realized the true nature of the track. Healing. It is not about the healing of a person or a creature. It describes a large, desolate wasteland. A cursed desert, plunged into darkness, and covered with dust, looking like the remnants of an acient battlefield. A scar at the surface of the Earth, bearing the witness of a titanomachia. Long ago, this place was filled with life and nature. It was a palace for glorious stones and overworldly forests. It gathered mighty creatures, and everyday of it was a legend. But one day, demons from the Earth engaged a war. The magical cairns and the guardian trees couldn't resists the everlasting assault. And after long battles, when the mighty warriors were poisoned to death, and when the monoliths started to collapse, a decision was made. The remaining inhabitants decided to destroy the land, rather than to surrender. In a final blow, they destroyed all life in this land, and took their ennemies away with them. The intro of the track begins many millenaries after those events. It describes the stillness of a land plunged in darkness, and cursed for eternity, afflicted with a post-apocalyptic silence. But suddenly, the chiming of a bell is heard. An angel from Heaven, wrapped in Light, is to be seen in this place (02:54). Slowly enough, he proceeds to the ruins of a sanctuary, lying over black stones. As his paces tread over the dusty soil, he engages the process of healing (03:43). He chants, and a faint light start to glow over the rocks. The painful rocks, like ghosts of the past, seem to remember an unreal past. Earth is to be healed. Powerful telluric forces are in motion. And as light keeps growing, the darkness of the skies dissipate (05:20). An extasy of joy enwraps the sanctuary, as heavenly light descends upon it. Ghostly smiles seem to appear over the ruins. 07:17 : The camera moves away, and reveals the immensity of the wastelands. This track is like the kiss of an angel. The storytelling, the originality, and the musical techniques of it make it appear, without the shadow of the doubt, as the best trance track of the decade 2010. Long live Gothic Trance.
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