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  1. Hello fellow Psytrance producers. We're running a new compo and this time it's "Cosmic Rain" who needs some remixes of his upcoming single "Approaching Pluto". There's some different prizes for the remixers, like a free plugin of choice from SKnote just by submitting a remix (a serious remix that is!), a release on Euroforix for the winner or 100 if the winner already is releasing stuff else where. Please read more about of compo here: http://www.euroforix.com/remix-contests/ Hope to hear some cool remixes
  2. Hello everybody, hope you all are feeling super We, here at Euroforix, have been working super hard to get this release out to the people, and we finally made it. The release is scheduled to the 7th January 2016 on all digital media (Beatport, Spotify, Itunes etc.) but decided to pre-release it on Psyshop ASAP. Because we just love the Psyshop as it has always been a good friend both before and after the creation of Euroforix. This is the link to our release on Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/Downloads/eur/eur1dw003.html And here's a little info about the release:
  3. Red Eye Syndrome – Advanced Civilization - The Remix Contest Read this on our site here Remix the upcoming single “Advanced Civilization” by “Red Eye Syndrome” and score great prices, even just by submitting a track for the competition. All serious contributers for the competition gets a plugin free of choice made by SKnote. SKnote is a top notch music hardware and software manufacturer, which produce high end and critics acclaimed devices for music professionals, and now you can join the pro club yourself by remixing “Advanced Civilization”. SKnote recently got a perfect score 10/10 for th
  4. The mastering is totally overdone, i've never heard a limiter working that hard before. I like your effort thou, but i really have hard time listening to it when it's that distorted!
  5. Very nice! i really like it, love your energy and warm sound.
  6. You are so right, but it's really not because i'm being lazy, it's just that i founded the texts i wrote good enough, but i can see that yours are truly better and more catchy. Thanks for the advice. I should get you to write lines for out upcoming stuff
  7. Download links on: http://www.euroforix.com/releases/organic-formular/ This is the Organic Formula for Cosmic adventure and euphoria. This EP contains six tracks which all are inspired by the universal mind of trance, all from the far out space elements to deep core organic and psychedelic roots. The style is Goa and Psytrance with Trance and Progressive sub tones. Enjoy this Cosmic Rain release, and let the universe be your friend. 1. Organic Formula 2. Flux byte 3. Space avionics 4. Andromeda 5. Psyence 6. Utopia
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