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  1. hi can somebody supply atleast some tracks of this set? its Sangeet@Spirit Zone Recordings Official Goa Night - Japan 3.15.2013 also on soundcloud thanks alot in advance !
  2. I Know but most of it doesnt emphasize that sweep sounds like that track im lookin 4
  3. Hello friends, I am looking for a progressive psy trance track which has loud and repeating downward sweep sound (Sssshhhhsss..) That is also like cut in 4 parts like SSSS - shShShSh - hhhhh - sss... .. but never stopping. It is starting almost from beginning of the track and every 8 seconds or more it is repeating again, and always going down. Tracks bpm is somewhere from 130 to 140 I guess. Thats probably all I can say and remember right now about it. Please help me find this.. Just give me names, youtube links, sound or mixcloud, whatever you can, with songs or mixes that has atleast a similiar sound. Thanks guys !
  4. I found a third track already with this sound. Kinetic Intelligence Chris Rich & Loose Connection
  5. So what no one else here likes dark psy or hi tech ? Because I found another track which has the same sound. Atleast help me identify the origins of this sound and how should I call it, Im talking about the animal screaming.
  6. Hello, all, good day to You. I am searching for tracks with the similiar kind of sound from track Atriohm - Rings of Fairy, it sounds like Hiena (dont know exactly for sure what that sound is). It can be any style even goa trance, tho I suspect that most of the tracks that have this sound are dark, forest or hi tech. I actually heard this sound many times, while playing all my tracks on shuffle, and forgot to check which tracks was it. You can hear this sound at about 4:30 , 4:42 , 4:55 , 5:08 in this youtube video. Please help me find this !!!
  7. thanks so much brother! you saved me! its this track !! OM
  8. hi, maybe u can help me out, im in search of one track where its sampled these words: "earth is visited by intelligently controlled extra terrestrial spacecraft" .... "flying saucers are real" I know I have it on my pc but forgot whats the name of the artist or song lol! havent heard it in ages wanna listen again so much
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