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Found 5 results

  1. I need help to identify this track > https://vocaroo.com/i/s10XHXavW7Ov from a set. I really like it so please can anyone identify it? Can anyone send me the original track? I appreciate your help, Thank You
  2. Hello friends, I am looking for a progressive psy trance track which has loud and repeating downward sweep sound (Sssshhhhsss..) That is also like cut in 4 parts like SSSS - shShShSh - hhhhh - sss... .. but never stopping. It is starting almost from beginning of the track and every 8 seconds or more it is repeating again, and always going down. Tracks bpm is somewhere from 130 to 140 I guess. Thats probably all I can say and remember right now about it. Please help me find this.. Just give me names, youtube links, sound or mixcloud, whatever you can, with songs or mixes that has atleast a similiar sound. Thanks guys !
  3. Im looking for some awesome tribal downtempo music... Any suggestions!??
  4. So first before you do anything, check this link: http://thedancemusicguide.com/ What is this site? Well since Ishkur hasn't updated his in some time (though I heard rumors that he is currently building a new updated site but whatever), a guy I know started this site for stuff that is after 2000. It's not meant to be an extremely extensive site with lots of description but more of a showcase of different styles and the songs from each style over the past 14-15 years. So the guy who is in charge of the site and he asked me (and a few others) to help him out. As you can already guess he is asking for help in the psy-trance portion. While for now he is planning to put it under the trance section, he said he might consider making its own section since it is a huge genre with diverse styles. So what am I asking? Well if you look at the site you will notice how it is split into different years such as 2000-2003, 2004-2007, 2008-2011, 2012-2014. My problem is that I have a lot more Goa and other stuff than other styles like dark psy (which I enjoy some but not as much as the other stuff). What are 14 tracks you guys think can best represent these time periods. I have my own list of stuff but I wanted to check out and see if there's more stuff out there that is good. I try to keep a balance between Goa, Full On, Dark, some Progressive, and just Psytrance that doesn't really fit under these styles. Thanks for your help (if you do help)!
  5. Hello, I've been wandering around a few psytrance forums today hoping to find some advice regarding the construction of groovy perc lines in the progressive/goa style (I've been looking at tracks by the likes of e-clip and ace ventura). I'm alright at melody writing but I'm constantly bashing my head against a wall when it comes to writing drums or creating kewl atonal synth patterns that support the 'visual' of the track if you get me. I'm using ableton live 8 atm but alot of it's functions are still pretty mysterious to me, at the moment I've just been loading drum rack, dragged in a bunch of samples and wrote random crap in the midi editor. Short of the 10-year journey of learing to play drums asnd getting good, are there any neat programming tricks to take the pain out of it in the meantime? Here's a rough track I'm hoping to fill with interesting and picturesque rhythms: https://soundcloud.com/myconica/watashiwamix2 My main focus is on getting better at writing perc at the moment but any other criticism ppl think is valid is welcome. I've still got a long way to go >.<
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