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  1. Nice ideas, nice arrangement! You could propably add a Pad for the Intro, the Arp sounds a bit 'raw'. I'd also try to add some mid-frequencies to the bassline, e.g. good plugin is IVGI. Keep it up :-)
  2. hey partypeople, it's long ago that i've posted something, but it happened again! I just uploaded a new track, which works out as a little preview for an upcoming 'EP' I hope that I could get some feedback, really looking forward to it. The samples are cutted out of a documentation about techno and raving in general from the 1980's If anyone is interested, i can look up the exact name. Here's the track: Richard
  3. Hey, just sampled parts of heart of thw world by arktika and made a psy trance track out of it. Enjoy it https://soundcloud.com/witchart/arktika-heart-of-the-world-psychedelic-remix-premasterpreview
  4. hey guys, i've uploaded a new track! enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/witchart/happy-hayat
  5. Hey friends, i've uploaded a new track on my soundcloud page "The Track contains samples of "Bhumi" by Ishita Sinha which was performed with the Berklee Indian Ensemble at Berklee Performing Center in May 2014." I hope you enjoy it! https://soundcloud.com/witchart/psychedelic-bhumi
  6. Hey, Wardruna describes itself as a a "Norwegian musical constellation set out to explore and evoke the depths of Norse wisdom and spirituality." For me, Psychedelic Trance also contains a kind of spirituality, thats why I combined both tracks. But i'm with you, the music itself is already beautiful.
  7. Hey! I've produced another track and uploaded it on soundcloud. Some of you may know the series 'Vikings'. I've sampled a track from the 3rd season and used it to make a psychedelic remix of the track. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/psyberart/wardruna-helvegen-psychedelic-remix
  8. Hey, i've uploaded a new Mix! Enjoy it https://soundcloud.com/psyberart/psyberart-promo-mix-premaster
  9. Hey I've just uploaded a new track! OT: Could someone explain me how to use the special BB-Code "Soundcloud"? I wanted to paste the <iframe.... />-Code into it and the frame appears when I'm at the editor. But when I post the topic the frame disappears and there is just a "[/sc]" left. Thanks !
  10. Hey guys, i've just uploaded a new track! Enjoy https://soundcloud.com/psyberart/psyberart-soundkeule-premaster-preview
  11. Hey, i've just published a new track ! https://soundcloud.com/psyberart/psyberart-power-of-perc-unmastered-preview
  12. Hey friends! I'm from Berlin and I want to show u my Soundcloud-Channel. In the next weeks and years I will upload some Psy Trance Tracks, so if u like the style u can follow me. If u don't like it please leave a comment out,because I want to improve my skills. The first track is already uploaded: https://soundcloud.com/psyberart/psyberart-short-preview-track Greetings from Berlin !
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