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  1. You are just so right dude.Is it just so inevitable to make it? Boys?Girls?Mr Har-El?Mr Miko? Anyone here?
  2. I would agree with the experts of mechanics here.
  3. w_lizzard

    Pleiadians - IFO

    Here is another story of this great album I feel obligated to mention! It was after Max Lanfranconi Dj set in the same underground place (which blowed us away with so much psychedelic trance floating all over the place). I went to a record shop some other day and wanted to buy something special that this dj master played. I found there, two guys that changed my life also. -One of the guy I remember his face at that above party I mentioned. He saw me and in a friendly way asked me?What are you looking for? I am looking for an album that Dj Max inspired from. He just grab the two records I had in my hands and brought me the I.F.O. album. This will blow you away he said and there is no point asking or listening to anything! You have to buy it! -The other mysterious guy there if I am not mistaken is one member of the Wizzy Noise greek act. I saw him a couple of times in that ACID place and in this record shop. He was very inspired and so much adrenaline sounded in his voice about making music and evolving the scene. Thank you once again you both guys!
  4. Ok here is the time again boys and girls, I guess I have to be honest, just for not a misunderstanding will happend again. Cybernetika please follow this link www.lotus.gr for the guy to send your demo. LOTUS RECORDS SHOP a big respect from me Mr. PROK I really owe you so much of this SIR. e-mail: lotus@lotus.gr PEACE TO EVERYONE
  5. California Sunshine act please would you ever consider to make one of the hits in 2007? Tears In My Eyes (2007 Goa Mix) Thank you CS you are a dream to enternity.
  6. Goazzz....(with the 3 z's) You rock guy! Respect! Thank you so much dudes, should we say it in mathemitcs Thank You? #84265 968? Is it seems better now?
  7. Thank you Lost Buddha good work and all the best to you Metapsychic Records! Respect.
  8. thank you abasio for your so much useful information
  9. Fractal Glider where are you? I am looking for your new CD! So long you've been missed in the Full-On Psychedelic Trance Scene!
  10. Mr Nick Taylor we would be very pleased hearing a new prana track! If you have something new to the new-era of goa trance how can I please contact you? Thank you.
  11. cybernetika_-_fading_signal demo. Cybernetika make the dream come true.
  12. I don't like so much VA's - Compilations as this guy at the so much underground record shop I buy cds, teached me to respect an artist by his album. This is the best ever Compilation for my point of view being released this great year. Words here as meaningless! All the artists being in this gem are the super heroes for me. Highlights? Arturus - 1000 Planets. Total Eclipse - Aliens. The (so much respected) Infinty Project - Superbooster. Slinky Wizard - Wizard (sorry guys I didn't mean to appear that I was inspired from your name) Hallucinogen - LSD (So much respect Simon!) Prana - Voyager III (Voodoo Remix) (So much respect Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Nick Taylor & Andy Guthrie!) Ayahuasca - New Moon (Just the best funky goa track! Oh there you are Dino,Joti & Steve!)
  13. Ok dear friends. Official Psynews's Best of 2006 01. Electric Universe - Silence In Action [Planet Ben Records] (You know why Boris!) 02. KoxBox - U-Turn [Twisted Records] (You too Guys!) 03. Vibrasphere - Archipelago [Digital Structures] (I wouldn't say a word about your contribution in progressive scene, you did that!) 04. O.O.O.D - Free Range [Organic Records] (Thank so much guys for being a true psychedelic goa project) 05. Filteria - Heliopolis [suntrip Records] (Jannis? What's up dude? You are a star here! Suntrip Records so much respect!) Thank you artists,labels for doing this! Peace everywhere!
  14. Jean this is my respect to you guy for just make me love to be in my first ever party event that took place in the underground ACID place. That party was the one of the best ever as I danced to so many groovy psychedelic goa mixed by this talent Jean Borelli! Avatar Records thank you for keeping the goa spirit alive. All the album is just a gem for a true goa fan.
  15. Great news guys! Let us keep the spirit alive. Nurbs you are just a teaser dude! Thank you.
  16. We need your contribution here please. We want to see your goa psychedelia artistic design for the upcoming release of Cybernetika's 12'' inches first official Record. Thank you.
  17. Hello boys and girls. I am here to proudly announce that yesterday Cybernetika and I have talked about something good. His new 12''inch ONE SIDE EXCLUSIVE release of the so promised in my ears Fading Signal. The record company will be LOTUS RECORDS somewhere being underground spoted in Greece. Lotus Records keep the spirit Underground! So much respect to all of you, Let us see the goa scene re-born again. Peace everywhere guys!
  18. Yes Mr Shamanix / LSD Simon Posford you are a genius! All the best for your Twisted Event!
  19. I am writing this one here and I thought it just happened yesterday. It was 1999 right and things where changing. I went to the usual record shop and the guy was recommended me something special to listen. I tried it but I didn't like it at the beginning. I was so fool.Two days later I get back and buy it because this was one of the best psytrance album of this year. You want some highlights? Release Me (Damn I don't know if this creature talking here I wanted it to be released!) The Gathering (Come on guys let's have a gathering!) Blue Muppet (Oh yes keep it dark and funky please. Let's Rock Guys!) Psycho the 'smash you', unbelievable funky psytrance track with so much distorted hihats, who even listening it's bassline you want to dance like nobody's watching! You.....PSYCHO! Thank you guys for 'opening my mind'! RESPECT!
  20. Me too! I liked the title also of this one!Excellent idea. Also I liked Nemo_-_Tekktrance_Vol_2-Demo-2007-NEO.zip and I wish you best of luck with this new release! Dj Nemo! Edit: And it is an ambient one, thanks.
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