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  1. VA - Dragon Tales 3 (2xLP) Sphere - Symbiont (12'' single)
  2. N.P. Filteria - Navigate Coming up next: Electric Universe - Future Excursions.
  3. Ok dear Aerosis, This is how I felt about your new promo track here. I think you got the vibe inside you. This promo is 'very' morning trance to me. (Let's say about 9:00 a.m.) It is true that about (5:30 mins) something 'special' was about to happend to my ears there. Something special would turn into a symmetric labyrinth music adventure. You know how to get to that target. The final mix I think it needs some more work to do.I think. So thanks for sharing it with us. And keep that feeling alive and evolving ok?
  4. I just got confused again I think 45 RPM is great for 12inches singles...You know why? Because the speed is faster and more challenging to grab and synchronize the monitor record with the other record playin' on-air. But I think also the are some other constraints about 45 RPM's vinyl copies?
  5. Thank you so much, you sweet TranceChick I wish him the best.
  6. It's so nice to see that you have the same undying love for this genre as I do!!

    Peace & respect to you friend!


  7. We don't know yet if Cybernetika is going to release this gem.
  8. Good work Mr Kiwa All the best.
  9. Dude NT, sorry to bring you in this position but maybe you misunderstood me. I am officially not a manager of any artist. Cybernetika was one of the artists that showed me respect and believe my words. Thank you Lars. I liked very much his demo he sent me the previous week. All the best dude. You deserve it and you will let the new goa ear to reborn
  10. I agree dudes! This kick is what I was talking about. Just not so deep but also not so high in frequencies. Just to feel it pumping good and nice from your speakers The title is so nice dude. That 'let's get take a ride on a horse' bassline is just excellent I'd say in that kind of music you make Mr Toza! Decent attempt of mixing trance styles. Maybe the final mix should need some bit of evolving there? Very good work toza! That's what I am talking about guys collaboration! Thank you universe.Thank you all. Peace!
  11. Any visual artist who is interested for this, please contact Cybernetika as he is the music artist. Thank you.
  12. Thank you for the info Aerosis Yes I will try that. Respect.
  13. NP: The system. I don't have the original now anymore. I gave it to friend of mine. Thank you so much dude where ever you are.
  14. So nice Mike A! Thanks for sharing dude!
  15. It starts strange for me. Very minimal.And a bit empty? I like the title Thanks for sharing.
  16. This time Brain Technology?Excellent! The production sounds so clear to me. The kick again is very nice.Deep but also you feel it pumping from your speaker! The bassline changes so good for me. The hihats give such a nice rhythm. Your sequencer is very good and minimal melodic. You keep it so good. At the middle of the track there was going to happend a music orgasm? And you build it so nice there. Damn, can you please transform this minimal melody now into a playground for us kids to dance? You didn't? I was really expecting some melodic orgasm after all. Very nice title! Thanks for sharing dude:)
  17. I like it. So relaxing...There you are an amazon warrior. And also your project name looks so advanced Dude this kick drum is so good. I felt like it was hitting right/left with a bit delay. Very good! Thanks for sharing.
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