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  1. Hi guys, long time no see! As I've taken a semi-professional turn towards diving, I'm doing something I didn't think I would do. I'm actually SELLING part of my cd-collection, so I can buy some more diving gear, which is f*cking expensive. Thought it would be better to just hang on to the cds I actually listen to, rather than just keep them because they are rare. I'm hoping to make some money on this aswell, so please PM me your highest offer for the CD you'd like to have. Rather sell it you somebody who will actually enjoy it rather than through e-bay... Thnx in advance!! Electric Universe - One Love (Spirit Zone Recordings) ( MINT like NEW) Prana - Cyclone (Matsuri Productions) (MINT CONDITION: MATSURI 1!!) Various - Spaceships of the imagination (MINT TIP World) James Monro And Cass* - Re:Evolution (Flying Rhino Records) Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation (Substance) Saiko-Pod - Phutures And Options (Spiral Trax) Neelix - Resident (Mental Arts) (rare debut cd) Various - Order Odonata 4 (Dragonfly Records) Various - Order Odonata Vol 5 (Dragonfly Records) Various - Acid Test (Doof Records) Various - Psychoactive Scandosounds III (BooM! Records) NEW Eternal Basement - Magnet (Blue Room Released) Various - Blue Leprechaun (Phonokol, Com.Pact Records) Highpersonic Whomen - Alternative Energysource (Thirteen Productions) DJ Antaro - Sola Sonorum (Spirit Zone Recordings)
  2. Same here! At first glance this is pretty boring rattling bleepblop. But eventually it gets stuck in your head, making sure you keep coming back for more... Good stuff!!
  3. I met plenty of artists at festivals or parties, but that s not "really" meeting somebody right¿ I had the pleasure of having the following artists at my house or taking them out to diner: Gaudium, Jaïa & Liquid Soul. The main thing they all had in common zas that they didn t want any hard drugs, at allll And ppl still say we are a drug-scene¿ ***fucking Peruvian keyboards***
  4. In 2 weeks I leave for 6 months of South-America. Would be cool if we could get to party together somewhere. Buenos Aires is not on my list but plenty of action overthere, maybe you can try to make it to Universo Parallelo? I will
  5. Lack of time, motivation & new cd's Since I'm spending 8hrs/day behind a computer for my job, I'd rather get some exercise or visit some friends. Unfortunately this goes for a lot of my graphical work aswell... Doesn't look like this will change for the nex 7 months neither. BUT it was/is great fun to do & someday maybe I'll pick it back up again Maybe this should be a case of "leading by example" ?
  6. No time to waste man: get your coat, go to the hospital ask for the "full ear treatment" maybe it's not too late & we can still save you from going deaf Gaudium just played a live-set at VUUV with only 1 old track & all the rest was new stuff. Expect a lot of 303-acid lines, burries deep in the grooves. It's going to kick ass from Sweden to Sidney & back, trust me. More on that note, Ace Ventura played an absolute mindboggling live-set at Wonderland this weekend, so keep an eye open for that full album aswell. There could be a fantastic slow track with a galopping-goa-beat on there, aswell as your favourite black beauty: NightRider
  7. I like it too Finally some good progressive again
  8. Tox


    Happy Mars-Day, man! I still have 3 yrs to go before the big 3, well 2.5 actually. Damn, it's getting clooooooooooose!!
  9. Sorry man, but didn't you used to own like a whole chunck of their back-catalogue? Shoot me if I'm wrong
  10. So since you hated "Be real" & now REALLY hate the new album, if I loved "Be Real", would you think I would REALLY love "QNT" ???
  11. Hola hombré, will dwnld this once I get home from work. Any chance to you posting that Extrawelt-mix somewhere?
  12. I'm not thàt impressed neither. Maybe I need to hear this album more often until it really sinks in & grabs me but that hasn't happend yet... & I really LOVED all their previous work!
  13. You'll be surprised by how little music is actually made on hardware these days. Most kids from Israel just buy a "killa komputa" & download software for free of the internet that equals 10.000€'s worth of hardware...
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