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  1. Xenomorph - Torrent of Insanity [Koyote Records 1998] Edit: NP Xenomorph - Acid for Blood Coming up next Xenomorph - Abominations
  2. You're absolutely right Mr Nemo! I thought no-one here post any comment because the tracklist doesn't include any Nano Records Release. How stupid am I? Protoculture is on Nano now? Anyway you all guys enjoy Full On Style. Thank you all 40 now downloaders! Peace!
  3. 38 downloads in 10 days. Not a single word mentioned. Thank you guys once again!
  4. Sorry dear Bigwigs but if someone doesn't follow they are damned? I want to buy a cd not because "I have to".
  5. Excellent work Dj Anoebis! Thank you for sharing dude.
  6. You're right ukiro. I thought maybe they would release some good material eventually after all these years.
  7. w_lizzard

    Logic Bomb

    Come on guys bring your music back again!
  8. I remember the good old days with the awesome track.....Psycho! What else? All the albums from my point of view since Converting Vegeterians was awesome and had something innovate to bring us. I know also the IM the supervisor was something like an experiment and I like so much to hear experimental sounds.But this one?I don't know really maybe as you said some samples would help? Infecting Mushroom please come back to your roots as we know you. Respect guys!
  9. So Vecordia I guess is your side name project. It gave me a sad feeling, maybe freeing my self and float to the distorted background as in the meantime this sweet piano notes are giving us hope! I told you, I like the style of your music!
  10. New etnica/pleiadians? Will be more coming after the 7even Sister7? Any info please about it?
  11. Ok then Lars, the only thing you have to do is.... just follow your musical instict which in my opinion is dark, aggressive, melancholic and innovative. I know you can find this path. I really trust this feeling of yours. Good luck! And let me download this stuff of yours and give a good listen!
  12. Ok you have to send me a demo with unreleased trax as soon as possible. I know the owner of a greek decent/honored experimental label that maybe would give it a try if I talk to him. And guess what?He was making some fine attemps with Krys Kilven from the legendary UX in the good old days! I had that info from the Rezwalker you know that guy I don't want to see anymore. Anyway, you decide dude. You have an alternative option I guess.Just wait here and it's about time for you my friend that a decent label with you grab you without any more asking! Thanks for just giving the chance to make your album review! Good Luck once again Lars!
  13. I agree with FTP, somewhere in central europe where there won't be chillin or so extremely hot weather conditions.
  14. I knew a brand something like "c cell" if i am not mistaken. I don't know if they still exist with that name anymore.
  15. All the best Dj Nemo!
  16. Your attempts dude will be payed off! I am sure you can win! Here is your chance!
  17. Yeah dude could please post some picture that noone could ever see here before? Do that please!
  18. Great site Oxygen Records! You show us that you love the music. Thank you for providing this source.
  19. + to santos NHJO (live act) The Quacken (Killarg set) are welcome. All the good friends of the site is welcome. But we don't hear any news from the organisers?
  20. The Alien Ship is on its way .... to randez-vous with History!
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