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  1. Yes Dj Nemo. Give us some Electro Heaven From The MasteR!
  2. Pleiadians - Taygeta is rocking on the place here! Good choice Dj Nemo! And The Antidote (the finest French artist Serge) will magnetize us with Dr Magneto Zeta Reticuli?I think you have lost your mind!Dance dance dance!
  3. One of the best goa anthems playing right now on Dj Nemo's Radio Server. Astral Projection - Kabalah. Respect!
  4. Let the kids discover what Music is first Rezwalker! Don't give attention to someone who doesn't deserve it!
  5. Ok guys enough is enough! The cd is the best ever mastered cd for me! The ORIGINAL cover doesn't mention anything about who did the mastering. It says the following Producer, Programmed By, Written-By - Andrea Rizzo , Carlo Paternò , Maurizio Begotti , Max Lanfranconi. And also if you didin't noticed?Here we don't talk about the guy that did the mastering.The topic is Best mastering ever. If you have any problem go somewhere else.
  6. You wish....It was just an expression....Never with you baby! LOL!
  7. Keep the spirit alive dude!
  8. You can check this out.... in the credits section! http://www.discogs.com/release/9388
  9. One of the best album also in mastering from my point of view is the most wanted I.F.O. And when?1997. Respect to the Italians Alchemistas! Max you are an unreachable myth!
  10. Yes I have heard Cryptic Crounch and it is absolutely nice!The Division By Zero has more full on elements and it is 2003 right? I think their first album ROCKS! I have been in a dj set from one part of Hux Flux!The guy was playing the best ever psychedelic trance I have ever heard that period!I think it was 2003-2004?
  11. This will be blaster.Extazya is a twisted psychedelic trance lover! If I am home I will tune in to trip with you guys. Nice work Radio Schizoid!Keep it up!
  12. Good start. Maybe you need some bassline somewhere there? It is a little empty there. Have in your mind Xenomorph's - Necroid Millenium. Eventully some nice kick and deep bassline coming up. Try to 'dirty' a little bit these good and crystal hi-hats. Ok guys we are going twisted at 06:00.Very nice work! But keep that psycho spirit.Yes you do at 07:00! Maybe you could build a terror atmoshpere around this twisted sequencer. The production was good!I know you can level all the elements in the final mix! Some hints?Try to volume up a bit of the kick so that we can feel it!And a little decrase of the hi-hats. As you said this is the Part 1 of your Creepy Cranial Concept so I bet Part 2 will be very energetic! Nice attempt of you. Final Verdict: 7/10. Keep on going you doing well. Thanks for sharing your track with us!
  13. Secret Lifes starts nice techno elements playing in the speakers. Soon trance is taking place here! Nice repetative-hypno keys there. Eventually at 2:50 approximately goa elements and melodies are flowing in your ears. Yes play with that, it's nice.I hope you will build it. There is a bridge there and yes here we go again. Fly there.Change the bassline a little bit.Give a dramatic feeling.Let the audience cry and be free! This is a nice track which in my opinion needs some more work. Invest on production.It is average through this player but if you have it nice and clean then you don't have to fear anything. Also try to build some more landscapes. Final Verdict: 6.5/10 Thanks for sharing it with us!
  14. The artists has nothing to do about it as an individual is selling an item to an individual. If you think you can buy any release with 10 euros I think you live in a dreamworld and have to wake up. You can be reasonable and if you don't like the prices then...ok dude let us see what prices you can get for these release. And please let a moderator say something because it is going to go out of control here!
  15. I don't understand how people can be so nasty. If you see something good you have to DEFEND it and SUPPORT and not declare a war to it! Open your mind and don't be so aggressive and immature!
  16. Once again Mr.Patrick is offering high quality cds at great price!You can check the discogs prices if you don't believe So pity I am OUT of money.
  17. LOL! Even better nemo I agree with you! Respect to HIS Majesty!
  18. Sven Vath is one of the best electro djs in the world right now. I agree Tatsu, I asked in a record shop how much is the price of this gem and I had a beautiful answer: 25Euros!
  19. 01. Trickster Trickster starts with some "mmmm" chick's sexy vocals (I wonder what's the movie title you get that sample! ). The bassline is very good and almost ordering your subconscious to follow its needs. The psychedelic effects and trance pads do very nice work in your head. Approximately at 04:24 bassline coming down and up again giving you a nice trip. (I hope you could do that again).And yes you do! We are at 05:40 the journey is about to begin I am sure. Approximately at 06:52 a nice trancy melody is taking place in the track. (Would it be better if you continue it and build it?) Rating: 7/10 02. Microchip Yes I remember this track from the Cosmic Flower's Christmas Compilation! ( http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/xmas2006.html ) The bassline is very nice, weird effects spinning in your mind and dark atmosphere takes you to "another world". Perfect track to open a dark psy set! Rating: 7/10 03. Medical-Science-Complex (System Shock Remix) I like the beginning of the track. Has to be a full-on psychedelic track I guess. Very nice hypno-trancy-thriller feeling strings are coming at 01:40. Oops the track is getting a bit weird and dark, definately it's not a full-on psychedelic one. Hmmm it is changing giving more energy at the middle of it. Excellent, this string is defining the character of the track. A very nice dark psychedelic melancholic trip. Rating: 8/10 04. 2653 Oh guys we are in the dark psychedelic area for sure. Aggressive bassline, effects and kick makes you to have a fight with your fellow dancer on the dancefloor! The pads gives you a great atmoshpere as Cybernetika knows better. And finally some dirty guitar at (06:00) is rocking on.Fight-Dance-Fight Rating: 8/10 05. First Contact A very good dark beggining! This track has a lot of energy. Nasty kick drum and effects playing with your mind here. You want to burn the dancefloor absolutely Lars. Yes play with the bassline there.Back and forth - Back and forth. I think it's the best dark track of the album till now. Rating: 9/10 06. Nebula Decay Let us hearing this decay of nebula. Dirty bassline is taking place very early.Maybe because we are in nebula? This is a more aggressive dark/cyber trance track than the previous. Rating: 7.5/10 07. No Communication Great beginning.You can feel a nice atmosphere. No Communication is energetic.Subconscious I order you to wake up now! Hmm nice trancy pads at 03:20!!! (Wondering if you make an ambient version of this one?). Rating 8.5/10 08. Valkyrie Lars is finishing his album with Valkyrie. A track with a lot of bmps, nasty up-your head kick drums, cyber vocals samples and swirling psycho effects and snare drums. Cybernetika here makes an experimental fine attempt to show us how dark melacholic atmospheric trance could be evolved. I like the underground feeling of Valkyrie. Sounds not for any ear. Great one!One of my favorites. Rating: 9/10 So here we are guys, Cybernetika is back for good with a mature dark atmospheric trance album "Neural Network Expansion". The production and compression is very good. The trip was absolutely very good and angry! Favorite tracks? 02. Microchip , 03. Medical-Science-Complex (System Shock Remix), 05 First Contact, 07. No Communication and 08. Valkyrie. Wish you all the best with your new album and thank you once again for sharing your music with us.
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