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  1. Full On Psychedelic Trance set created on 06/06/2006. "Tonight you're gonna kiss the sun and taste the m*f* raindow!" SUPPORT THE ARTISTS AND LABELS, BUY ORIGINAL COPIES! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tracklist: 01. Wrecked Machines vs Bansi - Accustix [sPUN RECORDS] 02. Sharigrama - Magic Land [AP RECORDS] 03. Fractal Glider - Skandas Tail [bOOM! RECORDS] 04. Altom - The Code [NEUROBIOTICS RECORDS] 05. Melicia - Illusion Quest [PHONOKOL RECORDS] 06. Space Monkey - Mind Locator [AGITATO RECORDS] 07. X-Wave - F*cking Rainbow [DRUGLESS RECORDS] 08. Ananda Shake - Break Dance [uTOPIA RECORDS] 09. Protoculture - High Octane [MIND CONTROL RECORDS] 10. Talamasca & Friends - Time Hunter [MIND CONTROL RECORDS] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total Running Time: 00:59:57. Mp3 Info: 96-112 VBRKbps. Filesize: 45.5 MB. All tracks normalized @ 95db. Recorded with Behringer Dj Computer Console using B-DJ software in WLiZzarD's Solid Area. This is a promotional dj set! Commercial use is prohibited! All rights reserved by the owners, artists, labels. Respect. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit. Download it here: Oops No Download.
  2. 16/02/007 MIDITOWN PRESENT KOXBOX LIVE AT NERAIDA Live KOXBOX DJs FRANK E DOC NEXON COSMIK SPIRIT Chill AFTER THE END OF THE PARTY 1 HOUR AMBIENT MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!! Deco SPESIAL VISUAL AND LIGHT SHOW FROM CYBERELVES PROJ.. Location NERAIDA MUSIC STAGE Entry fee 20 ÔéČURO Organizer MIDITOWN Infos CHAISHOP AFTER 04:00 SMART SHOP http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/29930 http://www.psychedelic.gr/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1080 Flyer taken from http://www.bassline.gr
  3. Eventually Cybernetika is back with his new album N.N.E! I am so eager to listen to "deutscher" (did I spell it right?) Lar's tracks. Review is cooming soon Thanks for sharing your artistic point of you with us!
  4. 1,13 Gbs of high quality sets from the fine english psychedelic act OOOD took me 2 days to download I have been trippin' only to 4 sets until now. A must for any soul who likes MUSIC! If there are more sets Mr.Colin please post! Thanks again.
  5. Excellent! Thanks for prividing this useful source.
  6. Unfortunately this is the time where psytrance bands get too commercial, although they don't play psytrance anymore From my point of view Converting Vegeterians album was the best ever album from Infected Mushroom. Sorry guys I don't follow you anymore
  7. 01 track This is a very good psychedelic opening trance for a set! 02 track The next track is also good and keeps telling the story of the first track.Sorry but I didn't like this one 03 track This is a descent track. "let's go" roboto sample is marvelous. Funky percussions & psychedelic swirling effects all over the place. 04 track "electro fun", nice electro bassline. Twisted track I liked it. 05 track Mmm we are going to full on style guys. Flip the vinyl backwards effects and nice bassline makes you move your as* on the dancefloor!Uplifting and funky!Very nice break at the middle of the track!Great work Rama this is what I was waiting for! 06 track Hear this track!Nice transition so that i didn't realise the track changed! Very nice bassline and synth melody spinning in your head. Reminds me Electric Universe!Great! 07 track Yes I love long transitions!The next track is going to rock the place I'm sure from the beginning as we are in the full on area.Nice breaks and vocals melted in effects do nice work.Wow nice goa feelings in those keyboard notes!I hope you give it a chance to hear it again full Pity we didn't hear it again.This was the best track for me so far. 08 track Hmmmm "electrify me" bassline!Hear this sequencer guys!It will burn us! "Shhhhh I heard a noise!" Yes dude someone is coming....is the energy of the track Samples from Aliens Movie? Great!Also the break was awesome. 09 track Let's get more weirdo...This track has a very promising uplifting bassline!The track is psychedelic and full on, but psychedelic elements is the winner here.Not so many melodies, keeps it underground and groovy.I like that.Nice chick's sexy vocals.What?Let's go funky style with the Saxophone?Great idea 10 track This track sounds a lit bit heavy, hard and dirty.Sorry didn't like the guitar even though there are nice leads. 11 track The set is closing with a full on/psychedelic twisted track. The sound quality of the mix is very good. The set is really smooth! Favorite track?Track 7! I really enjoyed this new style full on vs psychedelic trance.Maybe is the future of the scene?I hope so In other words guys, Mr Rama here is offering us 11 super dooper psychedelic and full on ingredients to make a delicious and yummy psy soup! I tried it and I'm full now....Maybe you should try it out! I hope tracklist will be posted soon? Thanks for sharing with us Rama and opening our minds
  8. I think I am hungry. I will taste this Psysoup Thanks for sharing!
  9. 01 :: Ninja - Showtime [Oxygen] Very energetic and uplifting.Perfect start track for a set. 02 :: Mr. Peculiar - Alien Mushrooms [spirit Zone] The second track comes from one of the finest psychedelic trance labels in the world. The transition is smooth, good work there! The track is also good with uplifting bassline and psycho effects filling the place. This is uplifting trance guys! 03 :: Lemurians - Phrygian [shiva Space Technology] Hmmm this track is groovy!Not so many melodies and very fresh. The effects do nice work building a groovy atmosphere in your head. I think we are about to leave the uplifting area and try more progressive things here. 04 :: Orion - Rolling Stone [solstice] I've been waiting for this track to come up! The transition was very good. Psychedelic uplifting trance at its best from the Master Jean Borelli who knows how to make people go crazy!! 05 :: Dark Soho - Away [Alchemy] The next track comes from a nice alternative psychedelic act Dark Soho. Things getting a little bit spooky here! Transistion was good. The track is very good, at the middle of it weird melodies playing. 06 :: Psysex & Infected Mushroom - Dirty 80s (Wrecked Machines Remix) [Hom-Mega] Mmmmm the Israliens are here! Getting ready to rock! Nice "feel my kick drum" transition Basilisk! At aproximatelly 30:47 the track is so emotional. Yeah one of the best track in the set. 07 :: Logic Bomb - Marauder 2 [TIP World] The next track comes from the legendary swedish act Logic Bomb. Things turn to be hard and psychedelic. Excellent choice!!! 08 :: Sesto Sento - Primi TB [Compact] The feel my funky full on trance band is here Primi TB is very energetic.Watch out your dance shoes cause there gonna burn! 09 :: Menog - Emotions [spectral] The truth is that I am not fond of Menog. But this track is very good and psychedelic. Nice work Dj Basilisk! 10 :: Infected Mushroom - Facing [Vision Quest] We are in the psychedelic area so Infected Mushroom couldn't miss this! The track is psychedelic as expected to be and burns many brain cells 11 :: Meller - Valhalla [Tribal Vision] Let's go progressive people. Valhalla is a must release to turn your style into progressive. Excellent work! 12 :: Wizzy Noise - Majestic Wisdom [spun] The greek wizzards are here guys! Majestic Wisdom has a nice energy-bassline and psychedelic effects. 13 :: The Higher Human Form - I Hear Them Call [Z.M.A.] What a track to finish your set dude from Zillion Mental Anarchy Records and people go home with a smile on their face! This is a great uplifting-psychedelic-progressive trance mix guys.Even thought it is recorded in 2005 is so fresh you can hear it nowdays! I really like the style diversity. The sound quality is very good and the transitions of the tracks are so smooth. Dj Basilisk did great job and I suppose you can give it a try if you already haven't. Thank you for sharing it with us!
  10. Downloading right NOW! I like the diversity style in music... And yes one of the Djs who provides the tracklist first! Thanks for sharing!
  11. I agree with you Trolsk.Why did he left one of the best psychedelic and dub records in the world? Rezwalker showed me the links to hear the samples! It's awesome especially the track Terrordactyl!
  12. thanx dude, i'm going to tune in.
  13. Thanks for providing this source! Digital Diamonds EPs 001 & 002 are very good with nice production. I still have on my mind Nuclear's Ramjet - iBrator 1.21 Good work guys!
  14. Uprising I love those twisted vocals! The bassline is nice and hypnotic. The production sounds good ... I don't know at how many Kbps MySpace broadcast..... The trip starts at 04:30 approximatelly. Nice prog opening track. 7/10 Joker Now Joker sounds more spooky! The bassline at 01:30 change to so funky you couldn't believe.Yes! Brings same funky jazz-house elements that take you to higher level. Production also good I guess MySpace mp3's broadcast isn't so good Nice track I think I like this more. 7.5/10 Up'n'Down I think this track confuse me.It has a strange intro but then it turns to be nice. I like this distorted lfo'ed synth there! The bassline does its work so nice and funky. Production good. 6.5/10 Thanks for sharing your artistic ideas with us!
  15. It's true Dimension's 5 Transdimentional album is one of the most wanted CDs.From my point of view Etnica's The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light is even more most wanted and underground cd.
  16. Excellent review Rino! The album is a must have for any Etnica fan out there! It's an ethnic-psytrance album that put us to the next level and when?In 1999! Respect to the Italian Alchemists as you mentioned!
  17. I had my first deal with Patrick! The Aussie Flying Rhino psychedelic goa trance Freak and one of the gentlest soul in Psynews! Transwave - Phototropic CD is sealed!In EXCELLENT condition! The communication was : EXCELLENT! The price of the CD was VERY FAIR! And not only that....He just added some more CD GEMS inside that left me BREATHLESS! Recommended: 102% Patrick you rock! Thank you very much!
  18. Sorry I thought you received it. New PM sent again. Thank you.
  19. It is true there are rough transitions between the tracks and smothness could be better achieved! This is why we can experiment and try more! Thanks for your nice review Trance2MoveU!
  20. *Full Edit* Come with me to a goa journey... 10 selected RELEASED GOA tracks I like. SUPPORT THE ARTISTS AND LABELS!BUY THEIR RECORDS! Tracklist: 01. Kaaya - Circular Sanctuary [Dragonfly Records] 02. Ololiuqui - Stay Tuned [spirit Zone Records] 03. Shakta - Silicon Trip [Dragonfly Records] 04. Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins Part2 [Twisted Records] 05. Nemesis - Snake Dance [Transient Records] 06. Evolution - Warriors Of Light [Gaia Tontrager] 07. Rhythmystec - Cathexis [Matsuri Productions] 08. Pleiadians - Zeta Reticuli (Lazy Spiral Remix) [Flying Rhino Records] 09. Astral Projection - People Can Fly (Phonokol Records) 10. California Sunshine - Tears In My Eyes (Unnatural Recordings) Total Running Time: 00:59:08 Mp3 Info: VBR 128-192Kbps Download it here : http://rapidshare.com/files/19168466/WLiZz...ories_Part2.mp3
  21. The 3rd album was the most mature Shpongle album ever from my point of view! It's so pity to cancel that event in a SUCH place! Both sides have lost. I also thought (as Shpongle has named their 3rd album) that would be the last one I read here that maybe they will release a 4th album?This is great news then! Anyway, next time lads
  22. Will give it a try!Now downloading... Thanks for sharing!
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