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  1. Yeah will download it right now! Let's burn some more brain cells Oh I can't download it right now.Can you provide any link that works better?
  2. Yes this is interesting! Thanks for providing this source!
  3. Definately it needs cleaning if you want something professional! You can do that! Let the labels see what you are capable of.Experiment! I love the track and if it is clear I assure you I will put it in my next Mix series!
  4. Pleiadians for ever! Max you are the best
  5. Opps sorry I forgot and this one VA - Trance Mix 7.
  6. I agree with you plus: Hallucinogen - Twisted Aminate FX - Alfalfa EP Etnica - Alien Protein Xerox & Illumination - XI Man With No Name - Earth moving the sun Astral Projection - Astral Files MFG - New Kind Of World S.U.N. Project - Macrophage Xenomorph - Cassandra's Nightmare Technossomy - Synthetic Flesh X-Dream - We create our own happiness Doof - Let's turn on If I left some other gems I'm sorry this is my favorites.
  7. Different Moons is absolutely funky! Love this snare drum hitting anywhere like there's no tomorrow! The production is good but I think you can achieve better quality and you know that. The structure of the track is very nice. Stay funky dude! Just remind me the Electric's Universe - Stardiver album dude!So sweet memories! Thank you for sharing your music with us!
  8. Pzyko rules in dark forest psychedelic. I wanted to add your track in my set from Cosmic Flower christmas compilation but couldn't download it! The Sad Feelingz track here is absolutely madness! Strong basslines and fast bpm's will burn any human brain cell! The fight and nightmare on dancefloor is absolutely reached with this track. Nice production! Recommended for dark psychedelic freaks as the artist mentioned! Thank you for sharing your music with us!
  9. Nice vocals at the beggining! (I wonder from which movie is it taken from?) The bpm's doing fine there!Just a little fight on the dancefloor! Besides the production is very good!Not distorted sounds nowhere! And yes there is a break string trip to eternity at 4:30 approximatelly!Heaven is calling! I really want to hear the whole track eventually even though it's 6:10 minutes lenght!.Please finish it! Thank you for sharing your music with us!
  10. I'll give it a try. I remember a nice track of you included in Cosmic Flower christmas compilation!
  11. Eleven Progressive House Fruits putting in my music blender and ready for you. Can be served only with ice and only to pure energetic and funky people! Cheers! SUPPORT THE ARTISTS AND LABELS!BUY THEIR RECORDS! Tracklist 01 Marin H feat Nikitas - Fusion (Original Mix) [invent Records] 02 Chab - Five (Andrea Introvigne Zero 8 Remix) [saw Recordings] 03 Bush II Bush - Jungle Love (Hanging On Mix) [saw Recordings] 04 D-Formation - From Tokyo To L.A. (Original Mix) [beat Freak Records] 05 Starkillers - Scream (Kobbe and Austin Leeds Remix) [spinnin Records] 06 John Morley - Naughty (Monoloop Remix) [Kingdom Kome Cuts] 07 Nick Terranova - Elektro Fuck (Tribal Fuck Mix) [Tweekd Records USA] 08 Austin Leeds and Nick Terranova - Silhouette (Original Sobe Mix) [spica Records] 09 Daniel Gregory - Paradise (Jerome Isma ae Remix) [Curvve Records] 10 Max Graham - Crank (Original Mix) [Yoshitoshi Recordings] 11 Andrea Britton & Sunfreakz - Counting Down The Days (Original Extended Vocal Mix) [Oxyd Records] Total Running Time: 53:55 Mp3 Info: VBR 128-192KBps My sweet heaven eleven. Download it here: http://rapidshare.com/files/19148756/WLiZz...aven_Eleven.mp3
  12. Joske Anoebis is one the best european goa dj. I have downloaded all the mixes I could find from you dude, and all I have to say is PERFECT! More more sets! I have tried vinyls and cds but I am right now on a Behringer computer mixer.The futere is near! Keep Goa Spirit Alive!
  13. Excellent lounge collection guys! I have listened to blueOrb - Blue Star Tattoos and I have to say give it a listen even you hard dark psytrancers! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Goa Lovers Be Quick Or Be Dead! (Is it from Iron Maiden? I don't care!) Mr. Patrick here have lost his mind! Buy anything you can as soon as posiible......!!!!!
  15. Dude I just checked your site.Definately you are a professional. I downloaded your Ataraxia EP.And here is a review from my point of view. Ataraxia The track starts with some intro melodies that tells you everything will be energetic here! The effects swirls everywhere.And yes here comes the Universal Goa Spirit building even more as time passes. Low pass filters do excellent work there too. The bass change in a mystical way and some chants (I guess?) flows at 6:15 approximately. Top notch production! Southern Oracle Mmm I like the hihats effects as old goa tracks from Orion and Miranda! Effects and weird pads are swirling over the place! Yes at 1:50 approximately you introduce the first part of the melody.Which is very nice! Hmm the melody keeps developing.Excellent reminds me some of the best tracks of MFG but with no way of copying them.UPLIFTING! The climax is very critical coming before the epilogue. This is my favorite track of the ep. Top notch production! Final Verdict: VG+ 8/10 Production: 9/10 I hope you could release some of your music soon.Maybe on Suntrip Records? You got your original style. All the best.
  16. Thanks I downloaded it. This is a great chill techno stuff.Reminds me the early days of techno where artists made first steps to use computers in music.Your interpretation is more modern I guess.Maybe you are influenced from Kraftwerk? Very nice style dude I hope you will share with us some more tracks like Fresh Cut.I'm looking forward to hear your next track! Rating: 7.5/10. Thanks for sharing!
  17. Creepy Twisted ZaikadeliX! I am convienced guys.I think I am going to buy that album too when I have the money
  18. Yes dude break tha house down! Very nice remix full of energy of this excellent house gem! Rating: 7/10 Thanks for sharing.
  19. The final mix sounds SO clear! Why not finished yet? A little bit of increasing bmp's would do even better I think. Hope I can hear all the track someday. Thanks for sharing. And ppl if you dislike someone please ignore him.
  20. Yes it is definety twisted! Nice bassline!I feel the energy flowing! Invest on production dude!You need to let the people hear your track as clear as river flowing! I hear the effect so nice and smooth. All you have to do from my point of you is to do some professional production. You can reach your goal. Thanks for sharing!
  21. Travelling Without Moving. Very nice title.The track is very nice dude. I like the melody coming and fading away just a nice relaxing tune or an opening track for a dj! Tijuana Sunrise (Jordstomp Edit) Yes!We are going deeper now!Nasty snare drums keep hitting you when u don't expect! Nice vocals too. Nice production!(Here this track you new producers!) Excellent! Still relaxing for me! Liquid Morning (Nemomix) Yes feel the bassline guys!Nice progressive trance mix with great pads and strings! You will be hypnotized! Excellent track wish I could used it for one of my future SETS! Great!Progressive Lovers will love it! Hmmm I think I am dancing a bit! Acidtestr We're going to a full-on journey I think! YES the bmp is faster! Ready to rock on the dancefloor guys. Excellent Goa Spirit flows all over at the end of the track! I think I will dance! Deep Grounds Nice production!Sorry I am not impressed! Not my cup of tea. Yello I thought it was the legendary Yello group from the 80's!I love them. Hmm a very nice full on trance with many GOA infuencies. Perfect track!I think this the best so far I heard! I will definately dance! Tribe of Frog (Lost in Bristol Mix) Has to do with the English party organisers? Sorry didn't like the track!This frog reminds me X-DREAM! The Holy Crunch (if Not Remix) Perfect beginning guys!Turn up the volume and feel this TRANCY BASS in your face! The kick is awesome!And it keeps changing! Nice track! I will now better chill Final Verdict: Nice one 6.5/10. Favorite Tracks: Liquid Morning (Nemomix),Acidtestr and Yello. Thanks for sharing!
  22. Nice hypnotic bassline! But don't be so repeatitive, you need a break point and change a lit bit of the track development. Thanks for sharing. Damn when we could see again Tsuyoshi live???? Cheers!
  23. Sorry couldn't download it from these webservers! Your traffic capacity is full.
  24. This track "Oops Love" has a weird start I liked. The effects sounds perfect and the delay works great. Your bassline needs a power up?A more alive bass full that will kick u far away from the woofer! Thanks for sharing!
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