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  1. The Kumba Mela Experiment - East of the River Ganges Track List: 1. East Of The River Ganges (Mango In My Flute Mix) 2. Elephant Trax (Hammer To The Nail Dub) 3. Cleaning Fluid (Druids, Dreads And Sadhus Mix) 4. Spiritual Journey (Mothers Milk Edit) 5. The Kumba Mela (Himalayan Dub) 6. Life After Death (Glass Key Dub) 7. That Which I Could Only Sense (Phoenix Dub) 8. Interstellar Hiss (Sky Is On Fire Dub) 9. Be Conscious (Om Namai And Shiveye Mix) 10. Outro (Don't Want To Lose Your Love Dub Edit) Let’s take a trip to the East of The River Ganges… The Kumba Mela Experiment is striking at the first encounter. This spiritual and melodic piece of art is a unique collection of timeless sounds that manifest and commemorate the holiness of the Kumba Mela gathering, the biggest human gathering on earth. The Mela takes place every four years. Every twelve years is the Maha Kumba Mela, with millions of Sadus and Naga Babas that come to give Puja and bathe in the sacred waters, awaiting The Akara. The samples here were well chosen, some authentic and part from Jamaican reggae, ensuring that this is an unforgettable “all senses” journey. The album manages to project a peaceful vibe of love and unity. A creation imbedded with a handful of moments where those tensions become achieved widespread. Youth, who is in charge of this project, has chosen Alex Paterson (The Orb), as well as an impressive lineup of participating guest artists, to create this 'one of a kind' project. A collaboration between the credible members of Dub Trees, Suns Of Arqa, Tangerine Dream, Dreadzone and the international psychic Uri Geller. Each one comes with his background and musical direction, each is heard and has a role that thickens and adds an extra dimension to the production. Without any attempt to be flattering, this project is a reliable one. This respectable assembly is guided by Youth, who is responsible for the production and most of the tracks. The services of the mega sound engineer and studio man Yoad Nevo were used on The Kumba Mela (Himalayan Dub) and Interstellar Hiss (Sky Is On Fire Dub). A perfect mix of rolling sequences, electronic percussions and ethnic vocals. The album is enthralling and in many ways invigorating. The Dichotomy of the chapters in the album has a guided chronicle that deliver the principal of the theme. ‘East of the River Ganges’ is a millstone in the genre. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ava/ava1cd802.html Celtic Cross - Hicksville Track list 1. Hicksville (Feat. Green Nuns Of The Revolution) 2. Stargate Avalon 3. Jade Garden 4. Shwazz 5. Fifth Level 6. Khatmandu 7. Mundis Imaginalus 8. Louden 9. Darshannon Celtic Cross is a saga created by Simon Posford of Hallucinogen together with Saul Davis and Martin Glover. Saul Davis is known from James, and his work with Mark Hunter on Watershed. Martin Glover from The Orb arrives this project after previous work with Blue Pearl, Adam Ant and Ben Watkins. This collaboration was produced by Youth and Simon Posford. ‘Hicksville’ is a wonderful journey through electronic music. If you like Shpongle, you ought to listen to this album as well. The album gets its grip with its ethnic direction and Celtic ambiance. The mysterious atmosphere plays a role here, like on the fantastic ‘Jade Garden’ and ‘Khatmandu’, one of the peaks of the album. The wand of Simon Posford is felt throughout the production. I stumbled upon the philosopher's stone. I had the veil of illusion pulled back & was confronted by the many levels of energy & many realms of consciousness which are available to men. I opened a pandora box of multiple realities. This is one of the quotes here by Timothy Leary and the American avant-garde novelist William S. Burroughs. Celtic Cross was defined as “distinctly atmospehric, a journey of enlightenmeant, the definitive navigational map for inner and outer cosmic exploration…” In order to appreciate this CD, you ought to listen in a high quality sound system - maximum pleasure guaranteed..! 'Oh my god, are we EVER in Hicksville' …….. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ava/ava1cd801.html Avatar Records official website http://www.avatar-music.com
  2. Hommega Records is keep surprise, this time with a new format for the psy-trance fans. "One Step Ahead" is a 2 giga CompactStick including combination of music, video clips and digital press kit. It's start with "I Scream" track (which taken from Astrix forthcoming album – Red Means Distortion), here you have chance to taste Astrix upgraded style, powerful and professional than ever. One of the biggest hits of the last album is Sex Style track, which played on every possible dance floor around the globe. In this CompactStick this track is remixed no less than six (!!) varied versions by top projects such as XI, Krunch and Analyzer. Beside all this, there are also three lovely video clips of Astrix acts over the world. All the audio materials are available in MP3 and WAV. "One Step Ahead" is a revolutionary project and definitely recommended for each psychedelic ears. Track List : 1. I scream 2. Lost inside 3. Control me (XI Remix) 4. Future music and 3rd time lucky (Live Remix) 5. Just in time 6. Touched 7. Sex style (Krunch Remix) 8. Sex style (XSI Remix) 9. Sex style (Analyzer Remix) 10. Sex style (Rewind Evolution Remix) 11. Sex style (4-Play Remix) 12. Sex style (Vogue Remix) 13. Video Coolio (Infected Mushroom and Astrix live rmx) 14. Video Future Music (Live at Brazils Rio E-Music festival) 15. Video Poison
  3. Black & White are 'back on track'! The new album features 10 tracks rich with full on baselines and industrial loops (including collaborations with Dynamic, Timelock and PTX). DJ magazine titled it "Album of the month" and DJ John 00 Fleming wrote: "Very few bands can pull off an artist album as well as these guys, expressing themselves as professionals with a whole range of tracks and styles". TRACK LIST: 1. Intro 2. 20 for 7 remix 3. Machine against the rage (with Dynamic) 4. Back on track 5. Bullseye (with PTX) 6. Monosodium 7. Emotion pulse remix (for Dynamic) 8. Sharp 9. Resonator chaser (with Timelock) 10. Special flowers 11. Hyper tribute Black & White Booking: http://www.hommega.com/artist.php?curSubj=...amp;artistID=46 Rami Shapira has certainly come up with the goods and yes, the wait is well worth it! Chakra is a true veteran at his game, proving himself as one of the best producers on the planet. The special mixture of tracks on this album has killed every dancefloor it's been tried on. The journey ranges from the true work of emotional art titled 'Opacity' (130 bpm) to the exploding energy of the dance floor stompers, some created with leading names of the global scene such as John '00' Fleming, Yahel, Xerox & Illumination, Black & White, Krunch, Insomnia and Audio Junkies. Watch out for a new mixed compilation by Chakra coming out on WAKYO early 2009. TRACK LIST: 1. Opacity (Chakra & Audio Junkies remix) 2. Montezuma's revenge 3. X-files (Chakra vs. XI remix) 4. Heaven's tears (with Insomnia) 5. On the ground remix (for Sub6) 6. The pretenders 7. Created for control (In control mix - with Black & White) 8. Resurrection (Chakra & Krunch & Guy Salama remix) 9. Conceived of the rhythm (with John 00 Fleming) 10. Do U believe (with Yahel) Chakra bookings - http://www.hommega.com/artist.php?curSubj=...amp;artistID=47
  4. Retrodelic Vibes 4 Title: Retrodelic Vibes 4 Label: Avatar Catalogue No.: AVA049 Format: CD Duration: 70 min. Bar code: 7290011928056 File under: trance Retrodelic Vibes 4 is here. A wakeup call back to the roots. Party hymns and unforgettable cuts from some of the favorite names. All tracks have been lovingly collected and carefully selected. This CD will fit nicely in you classics section and for sure will star in your car CD player. Retrodelic intoxication crammed into this edition of RV, a rich spectrum of sounds from the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Kick starting the album are Slinky Wizard, one of the most important acts from the 90’s, a collaboration of George Barker, Dominic Lamb, Simon Posford and Ronnie Biggs, with their self titled debut track (AKA ‘Wizard’) from the first EP of Flying Rhino. Spectral with their all time classic ‘Kundalini’. No party was a party without this one… A remix of The Pleiadians to BPC’s ‘Antidote’. Total Eclipse, who need no introduction with ‘Tenskwa Tawa’, originally produced in 93 as a tribute to the Shawnee Indians of North America. This is a rare one that very few are familiar with … The legendary collaboration between Boris Blenn (Electric Universe) and DJ Sangeet with ‘Joy’. Hux Flux with their break through track ‘Calculus’. S-Range and KYM, no doubt this is one of his best tracks up to date. Sheyba (Orion & Elysium) seal the album with their most popular one ‘Ancient Lands’, known by many as ‘’The wolfs track’’. All tracks have been digitally remastered and sound improved to ensure maximum quality and pleasure. Track list: 01. Slinky Wizard – Slinky Wizard 02. Spectral – Kundalini 03. Blue Planet Corporation – Antidote (Pleiadians RMX) 04. Total Eclipse – Tenskwa Tawa (edit) 05. Endora – Joy 06. Hux Flux – Calculus 07. S-Range – Kym 08. Sheyba – Ancient Lands Psyshop Arabesque Dis. Avatar Records WEBSITE The Riddle of Isla de Pascua Title: The Riddle of Isla de Pascua Label: Avatar Catalogue No.: AVA048 Format: CD Duration: 66 min. Bar code: 7290011928049 File under: Chillout Easter Island, an island at the end of the world. Probably the least visited place on the face of the earth, a place with a great riddle. ‘The Riddle of Isla de Pascua’ tells the story of this remote location know as Rapa Nui. A once striving community that gave birth to the mysterious gigantic stone Moai statues that surround the island by the hundreds. This album, in ‘The Riddle’ sequel, is an aural adventure hosting Smiley Pixie with his exciting ‘Easter People’ that opens the album. A fantastic one from Hands Upon Black Earth feat. Irina Mikhailova. Astropilot contributes two new tracks written for this project. Overdream and the lovely Rapa Nui, Becoming.Intense with his atmospheric ‘Rano Raraku’. oCeLoT and his multi dimensional ‘Lucky Fungus’. The last three have just completed their new albums to be released on Avatar this summer. Total Eclipse with the tribal and mysterious ‘Banyan’ and Nimba, who seals the album and completes the puzzle with her ‘Orongo’. All artists have contributed from their talent and imagination and will help to unlock The Riddle… ‘The Riddle of Isla de Pascua’ is a far out experience into the mystique. Track list: 01. Smiley Pixie - Easter People 02. HUBE & Irina Mikhailova - Ashes 03. Astropilot - Dream of the Moai part II 04. Overdream - Rapa Nui 05. Becoming.Intense - Rano Raraku 06. oCeLoT - Lucky Fungus (Dream of the Moai part I) 07. Total Eclipse - Banyan 08. Astropilot - The Rose of Realities 09. Nimba - Orongo Psyshop Arabesque Dis. Avatar Records WEBSITE
  5. Hi All ! The first release of Noya Records was the "Eruption" comp. which was really good one and on this CD I found the "Terra Soul" by PTX and fall in love with it. Two months later we get the full album of Patrick Hen a.k.a PTX - "Color Your Ears". Track list : 1. All in (Vs. Onyx) 142-BPM 2. Visionary 142-BPM 3. Black & White - Blade (PTX RMX) 145-BPM 4. Off the record 145-BPM 5. Terra soul 145-BPM 6. The edge (Vs. X&I) 145-BPM 7. Unbelievable 145-BPM 8. Etnica - Automatic (PTX RMX) 144-BPM 9. Test me (Vs. Rocky) 140-BPM 10. Alufa (Vs. Ofir Leibovich) 128-BPM I must say that PTX was since always as standard full on artist for me without any remarkable points or something, so I come and listens this album without special expectations. Patrick is improving his music all the time and now after debut album and several releases on compilations, I can finally say - this guy is one of my favorites acts nowadays. As you can see at the track list, inside the album there is few co-operations, which paints the album with varied colors. PTX current style is depend mostly on POWER & MELODIES, so one thing is sure - the boring factor is not playing here at all. The album starts strong by combination with Onyx and than going deep a bit with hypnotist tune (T2) of Patrick him self. All the way until the end, the listener can enjoy the jumping beats and many lovely melodies with emotionally touch. The highlight track in my opinion is the fantastic tune (T6) with Xerox & Illumination - this one has no mercy at all, just madness from the first second to the last one. The last track (T10) is lovely ambient piece with warming vibes and atmosphere of freedom. To sum it up, "Color Your Ears" is much better and present a BIG transformation on compare to the first album, which released three years ago. I can't say it's a revolutionary release, but is surely a refreshing wind storm, especially when the full on market is full with average music and many listeners (including my self) just get exhaustion from the non-stop music recycling. So check the samples of this one and maybe you will like it as much as I do. Last thing is - way to go Patrick for the serious improvement with your materials. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/noy/noy1cd002.html http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=7294
  6. The brand new project from Raja Ram (The Infinity Project/1200Mics/Shpongle) and Benji Vaughan (Prometheus/Younger Brother) has finally arrived…… Something for everyone with Psytrance, Techno, and Electro ranging from 120 to 150 bpm. This is what Psychedelic music is supposed to sound like. Every track is different and unique, stories told with sound. Set for release on the 16th June 2008 The Zap!'s debut single is an electronic powerhouse of genre defying audio. The intensity of 'I Can See Rainbows' balanced with the audio therapy of '360 Volts' make this a must have release! Beyond normal dance music.......hard to define but easy to enjoy! 01. I Can See Rainbows 02. 360 Volts Available from the download stores : http://www.beatport.com http://www.trackitdown.net/genre/psy_tranc...ack/601380.html Visit The Zap MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/thezaptipworld
  7. V/A ''Still Fresh'' Compiled by Vaishiyas & Dj Intellifex Title: Still Fresh Artist: Various Artists Label: Spin Twist.Records Catalogue: SPN1CD020 Format: CD + Digital Release date : May 2008 - OUT NOW !!! Tracklist: 1.Sonic Cube - Backstage Girls 2.Kaempfer & Dietze - Stage Clear 3.Dj Fabio & NOK - Airport 4.Feuerhake - Mystery 5.Day.Din - Picadilly Line 6.Vaishiyas - 2nd Fynn (Midimal Rmx) 7.Motion Drive - Payload 8.NOK - In Heaven With you (Day.Din Rmx) 9.Magnetrixx - Warm Rain Spin Twist Records presents their latest offering "Still Fresh", compiled by Vaishiyas & DJ Intellifex. DJ Intelliflex is one of Germany’s most talented progessive DJ’s, with regular bookings at festivals like Indian Spirit. Together they’ve compiled 9 progressive bombs from the Spintwist’s stable of artists such as; Day.Din & Fabio, Sonic Cube,Midimal including well established German pioneers such as Feuerhake & Magnetrixx to mention a few... Last but not least two very exciting sideprojects: the Swiss based Motion Drive, who many might know as one half of the full on act Rumble Pack, and Germany’s Kaempfer & Dietze, the more groovy and progressive side of the rocking duo Protonica... One of Spintwist’s freshest releases, with a guaranteed long shelflife! http://www.spintwist.de http://www.myspace.com/vaishiyassync http://www.myspace.com/intellifex http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/spn/spn1cd020.html
  8. Label - Blue Tunes Recordings Cat Number - BTRCD018 Release date - 23. May 2008 Style - Progressive Trance Tshitraka Project is a one of a kind 7 days festival full of freaky and memorable moments. Dj Zosma collected the freshest progressive sound for this open air compilation bringing back the lovely sunday morning vibe to your speakers. The pure deep magic of an open air dancefloor with the groove and the power of smiling people dancing in the sun, enjoying intelligent, ingenious dance music. A highlight for this festival season for every Dancer as well as for every progressive Dj. Festival date 3.-9.July 2008 http://www.tshitraka.com VA Tshitraka Project Vol. 5 1. Sun Control Species – come around 2. Rocky - Largetto (Nok Rmx) 3. High & Mighty - Open Air 4. Dualism vs Meeloo - Rest in Panic(Symphonix Rmx) 5. Quantize feat. Buttersonic - Think Different 6. Vaishiyas – Who you are 7. Visua - Nano Technology 8. Day.Din & Dj Fabio - Rising Love (Martin Rmx) 9. Johnson – Sexy Birds You can listen the samples here : http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/btr/btr1cd018.html
  9. VA Progressive Movement Vol.2 Label: Blue Tunes Recordings Format: CD Release date: May 2008 Style: Progress Trance Montagu & Goplkonda are moving on, showcasing one step ahead progressive vibes. Progressive Movement Vol.2 rounds up catchy grooves and extraordinary sound constuctions on the highest production level with pure creative progression, reflecting the motion of todays progressive trance genre. This will force the crowd to move. VA Progressive Movement Vol.2 1. True Lies – lemon & ice 2. SQL - arangements 3. La Baaz & Kara Mehl vs Duca - arrival at pluto 4. Alter Breed - on the move 5. Khainz - noizy 6. Tapwatr - clipped 7. Duca - bubble Gum (Human Traffic rmx) 8. Peter Gun vs Taucher - dampfmaschine 9. True Lies - whisper (Fiord rmx) http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/btr/btr1cd017.html
  10. A.K.D - Progressing is OUT NOW !!! http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sec/sec1cd002.html Run and get it.
  11. Artist: Various Artists Title: Avatar 10 Label: Avatar Format: CD Release date : April 2008 Avatar is marking its 10 years anniversary with a souvenir compilation containing some of the names that made Avatar. Avatar started off in the middle of the 90s, when the party scene has exploded in Goa, Europe and Israel. The foundations were layed in late 1995 initially as the party organization "Habrit", with a massive lineup of artists and DJs, and in spring of 1997 it has formed its present shape as Avatar. The people of Avatar are Peter Eibenschutz, Israeli trance veteran, and Avichay Avigal. Both their records speak for itself. Avatar stands tall behind its commitment, and for the last ten years have been releasing impressive albums from some of the finest names in trance and chill, with over 45 albums released, and another 37 albums and compilations licenced and released by other labels worldwide. From the towers of Tokyo to the casbahs of Bangladesh, with an effort to bring quality music to as many people as possible, slowly and steadily, Avatar has secured itself as one of the dominating electronic labels today. Avatar 10 includes ten postcards that we have gathered here for you from some of the moments that left a mark. We hope you enjoy this album as much as we do… Track list: 01. Jupiter 8000 – Inside 02. Cosmosis – The Cave Of Medusa 03. Toi Doi – Up Days 04. ManMadeMan –- Radar 05. The Nommos – Iboga 06. Parasense – Ritual Of Drugs 07. Kindzadza – Kamakazi 08. Synchro – Born In California 09. Avatar – Sanghi Jetti (Nagombo remix) 10. Asia 2001 – Dreamland (Spacecat remix) Avatar Records Psyshop Title: Yoga Mantra Label: Avatar Spirit Format: CD Duration: 75 min. Release date : April 2008 For centuries, man and earth have been connecting through Yoga. It is believed that Yoga came into existence at the beginning of human history, when Patanjali, a legendary Indian sage described the process of self actualization that lies embedded in all human beings. He called it self-realization, since in this state of 'Yoga Dhyaan' he underwent an absolute awareness of his inner self. Yoga is primarily a process of self-culture that enables one to turn inwards and concentrate on their inner self. The process of Yoga pertains to the control of the mind, and the thought in the physical organs, the breath and senses. It is an intensely personal and a spiritual exercise that aims at attainment of spiritual perfection or self- realization. It enables one to attain a deeper understanding of one's unconscious thoughts through the use of concentration techniques. This album consists of these silent Yoga mantras that channel one's awareness into a more positive direction by totally transforming one's state of mind. Yoga Mantra is soothing and relaxing and is perfect for Yoga, meditation and relaxation. Psyshop
  12. Its the video for "Proton Pusher" by The Zap! (the new collaboration between Raja Ram and Benji Vaughan) from the album "Big Bang" to be released on Tip World in May. Watch the video here : http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ymKA7eU1Nb0
  13. Label: Blue Tunes Recordings Cat Number: BTRCD016 Format: CD Release date: March 2008 Style: Progress Trance Compiled by Montagu and Golkonda. DJ Montagu and Golkonda formed a pumping pressure collection of todays progressive top tunes. Pressure Punks brings you the cream of the crop, the punk and the funk, only the best and most stylish productions you can get. Pure rebellious pressure - this will shake the crowd. VA Pressure Punks 1. Symphonix – People of the Dawn 2. Nok – Tricolore (Fabio & Day Din Rmx) 3. Human Traffic - Laughing Guys with Titts (Lish Rmx) 4. Digital Drop - Freeps & Creeps 5. ARW - Time is not free 6. Dualism vs Meeloo - i beg you (Symphonix Rmx) 7. Insane Creation - Funktion 8. Ocean – Underground Baby 9. True Lies – Lully Pop OUT NOW !!! http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/btr/btr1cd016.html http://www.myspace.com/bluetunesrecords
  14. MAD MAXX - AFTERWORLD RELEASED: MAY 2008 MAD MAXX is the solo project of Max Peterson who, with Davina Elmosnino as SIRIUS ISNESS has released 3 classic albums, contributed tracks to numerous compilations and played storming sets at countless parties and festivals in every corner of the world over the past few years. With the release of AFTERWORLD, his first solo album, Max sets the standard for others to follow with ten blistering new mindmelters… FEATURED TRACKS: 1) EDGE OF TIME 2) NIBIRU 3) AFTERWORLD 4) THE SHAMEN (vs XSI) 5) ACTIVE NOIZE CONTROL 6) END OF THE RAINBOW 7) NOBLE REBEL 8) BOOGIE WOOGIE (vs Voyager) 9) THEY SAY THIS IS COOL (vs Poli) 10) THE MONK** (DOWNLOAD ONLY) http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ptm/ptm1cd166.html http://arabesque.co.uk//index.php?option=c...Itemid=99999999
  15. Title: Action Flaxion Artist: Vaishiyas Label: SpinTwist.Records Catalogue: SPN1CD019 Format: CD + Digital Release: April. 2008 / Distributed exclusive by Psyshop.com It’s here! It’s two years later! It’s the much anticipated 3rd Studio album from Vaishiyas! "Action Flaxion" has landed! Hannes Klitta aka Vaishiyas / Sync needs no introduction as he has certainly become of the worlds most popular psy-progressive acts and active label owners... Everyone remembers his first album "Flaxid" back in 2002 which was such a worldwide success, followed by "Flaxible", his second studio in 2006, which saw him once again travel the globe playing at most of the biggest festivals such as Universal Paralello in Brazil, Boom in Portugal, Vuuv in Germany to mention a few... "Action Flaxion" contains 10 brand new, previously unreleased dancefloor gems, with the distinct Vaishiyas' sound, optimized for maximum impact wherever to be played! Expect a wide range of super fresh, uplifting, melodic and deep funky sounds... Without a doubt an album to be a favourite of every DJ & Dancers this summer! Tracklist: 1. Spacelord (134 Bpm) 2. Action Flaxion (135 Bpm) 3. King For A Day (134 Bpm) 4. Sub Oscs (134 Bpm) 5. Wheels (134 Bpm) 6. Glide (132 Bpm) 7. Subtractive (132 Bpm) 8. Type (130 Bpm) 9. Invert (128 Bpm) 10. Octaves (124 Bpm) http://www.spintwist.de http://www.myspace.com/vaishiyassync http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/spn/spn1cd019.html
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