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  1. Suntrip Records I think you are going very well. Otherwise you wouldn't receive so 'nice competitive' e-mails! Congrats! Does it hurt so much you competitors of Suntrip Records! You are underestimate new Labels? Suntrip Records show us the way to uplifting/experimental trance! Respect GUYS!
  2. I don't think this is a serious question here? What's wrong being distributing all over the world and only at Twisted Records Site?You tell us?
  3. Yes, me too, I am so eager to see the results depending on the votes.
  4. Mr Penta if feel so sorry about all of this. I wanted us to see how would the music could be in the future. My position about all these dreamy interview is the same with Mr. Xenomorph. I want to have thought this interview of yours just for me. Thank you so much sir for giving me the chance to talk to you.
  5. Trying to relax with a Barramundi Sampler Compilation.
  6. Me too, I see a lot of elite progressive in here Thanks Dj Nemo.
  7. My vote for Psynews's Best 5 albums of 2006 if ballot-box is still open... 01. Electric Universe - Silence In Action [Planet Ben Records] 02. KoxBox - U-Turn [Twisted Records] 03. Vibrasphere - Archipelago [Digital Structures] 04. Symphonix - Music Prostitute [blue Tunes Records] 05. O.O.O.D - Free Range [Organic Records] Thanks.
  8. Psyko Disko? Oopie once again you are teasing me!
  9. Hello Radio Schizoid! Dj Option Zer0 can you share with us some of the tracks of your Electronic Shamanic Psychedelic mix playin' live now? Thanks. Edit: Hmm want to keep it underground.
  10. Here is THE album of the pioneers Transwave back in 1996. What an album guys!What a label? The whole album has something special to offer to the fans of pure psychedelic trance experience. I can't peak any favorite track here. Highlights from my point of view: My Dear Medical Assurance just to smash your brain. Trashish to rock on in your dancing adventure. The Rezwalker to show us excellent technics of goa trance. Helium to show us that collaboration is one of the best characteristic behaviour in human nature! and the unforgettable hypnotic trance gem Biolab (Epilogue). RESPECT!
  11. Thank you www.schizoid.in It's an honor for me guys! Shall we dance to this crap Full On Mix? Respect guys!
  12. So to see that I don't lie Mr Cybernetika I have just talked to the guy I was telling you about (I thanked him so much for just giving me the opportunity to talk about it!). I told him about your new album. He is very pleased to get some of your unreleased trax. So any time you think you can send me something I am here for you!
  13. The grandfather of goa trance! So much respect Goa Gil!
  14. You..... Psycho! Infected Mushroom - The Gathering [bNE - 1999]
  15. So sorry to stop sharing this.
  16. I was hoping someone here could ever host some kind of radio? This is a dream.Sorry
  17. Hara Gobi - Don't Panic [Psy-Tekk, Nova Tekk 2000] Be ware of the vocals!They are burning as hell!
  18. So it is a new remixed 'compilation' then and not a new 'album'. Thanks for your info IFO's! RESPECT!
  19. A new site will come up for this guys. Just wait a bit and you'll see the blast.
  20. Yes I am wondering about the gear. Please post some of these gear with picture to thread that exists in the forum. Thanks.
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