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  1. Does anyone happend to have some more information or rumours about the new Har-El Prussky's album? So eager to be informed about what the goa master is cooking for us.
  2. So eager to get my hands on that, I know it burns!
  3. This is the first part of my Goa Memories djset series and I'd like to share it with all of you psynews-ers! Let us dance to the infinity. SUPPORT THE ARTISTS AND LABELS, BUY ORIGINAL COPIES! Tracklist 01. Planet B.E.N. - Ant Invasion [POLYTOX RECORDS] 02. Juno Reactor - Feel The Universe [bLUE ROOM RELEASED] 03. Man With No Name - Lunar Cycle [DRAGONFLY RECORDS] 04. Kox Box - Electronic Brainwash [bLUE ROOM RELEASED] 05. Chakra & Edi Mis - X-Files (Monkey Mix) [KREMBO RECORDS] 06. Asia 2001 - Rakshas [AVATAR RECORDS] 07. S.U.N. Project - Dance Of The Witches [sPIRIT ZONE RECORDINGS] 08. Xenomorph - Abominations [KOYOTE RECORDS] Total Running Time: 00:57:58 Mp3 Info: 128 CBRKbps. Filesize: 53 MB. All tracks normalized @ 95db. Recorded with Behringer Dj Computer Console using B-DJ software in WLiZzarD's Solid Area. This is a promotional dj set! Commercial use is prohibited! All rights reserved by the owners, artists, labels. You guys make me love this style of music! Psynews Community you rock. Respect! Listen it exclusively here: http://psytunes.info/index.php?action=hotselect&artist=w
  4. Colin OOOD - OOOD-Voice of Cod-Unconscious Collective etc Releases Mix.mp3
  5. I feel so lucky to have a live set from the progressive masters Tegma. Thank you moni so much!
  6. Let's get more aggressive. Valkyrie, you are beautiful
  7. Agree with Lost Buddha, Cyan and Holymen nitzho-crazy stuff.
  8. I want to hear it again and again!Press play button...
  9. Agree with JackCheese we need some recommendations. Lots of stuff there!
  10. Once again Boris shows us how psychedelic trance should be these difficult days!
  11. Very nice sets. The first one just a good warm up. The second part keeps your mind stimulating. Thanks for sharing Dj Nemo.
  12. Great Electro-Tech sounds are playing here guys. Tatsu is right, this minimalistic set Dj Nemo is nice.
  13. It sounds flawless till now. Nice basslines.
  14. Nice progressive trance set Dj Nemo!
  15. Nice prog start.I am listening. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Is the EsknetRADiO will play some descent music to blow us away once again?
  17. This dude FREq must be a Spectrum Computer Freak! Excellent idea to name your album with a spectrum 64k/128k procedure! Also Byte Me track is one of my favorites!
  18. Excellent work guys. Every track has something to give you. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Agoria.....Funk the place here! Damn it stopped....
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