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  1. Dear All, After a long time in silence, here we go again with something special. We bring you a brand new digital compilation of 6 unreleased tracks in Djane's Nem typical style - atmospheric progressive trance. We are aiming to encourage the feeling that intelligent hypnotic progressive trance still exists and move the oxygen sound to its next phase. These rare jewels are from Sound Field, Zyce&Flegma, Lone Ranger , I- Drop rmx of Ritmo, Nasa rmx of Kalimax and E-Clip. Make sure you don't miss this one and sample the exquisite musical taste of Djane Nem. As many did from all world did during her spectacular set in Boom festival 2008. Check out Nem's next appearance at the upcoming Universo Paralello on the beautiful shores of Bahia, in Brazil! See you all there! Tracklist: Sound Field - Spring City Rush Zyce & FLegma - Drive Active Lone Ranger - Undergroove Ritmo - Rapture (I-Drop rmx) Kalimax - Demons (NASA remix) E Clip - Ocean Light Cover: http://www.oxygenrecords.com/img/wallpapers/evoque/Va-Evoque_copia.jpg Samples: http://www.oxygenrecords.com/img/wallpapers/evoque/01_Sound_Field-Spring_City_Rush.mp3 http://www.oxygenrecords.com/img/wallpapers/evoque/02_Zyce_and_Flegma-Drive_Active.mp3 http://www.oxygenrecords.com/img/wallpapers/evoque/03_Lone_Ranger-Undergroove.mp3 http://www.oxygenrecords.com/img/wallpapers/evoque/04_Ritmo-Rapture_(I%20Drop%20remix).mp3 http://www.oxygenrecords.com/img/wallpapers/evoque/05_Kalimax-Demons_(NASA%20remix).mp3 http://www.oxygenrecords.com/img/wallpapers/evoque/06_E-Clip-Ocean_Light.mp3
  2. Absolutly agree with anything you mention here. And interesting is, that i made similar steps few years ago. And again, he answered that he is moving to different project (as far as i remember in the project name was the letter porn as well - but not 100%sure). But would be defintly great to persuade him somehow or least know what he is up to these days... I found his music very unique as well!
  3. D Oxygen Records presents its 1st Digital Release Sound Field - Ascension EP. Sound Field's digital EP is a first release of a brand new digital division of Oxygen Records. EP contains 2 previously unreleased works from sophisticated electronic music artist Andy Yakovlev alias Sound Field / ProSect / Sonify. After Andy's highly valued and apreciated debut album, Sound Field - Audio Surfin', we are glad that Andy is breaking his own standards and taking a further step into realms of his musical visions, and again assuring us that Progressive Trance still can be f**kin' Psychedelic. For the last years Andy released number tracks on labels such as Tribal Vision, Domo, Iono, Psybooty and others. For collectors we also offer an artwork with all necesary information. Tracklist: 01. Ascension (Feat. Treshold Productions) [130 BPM] Written & Produced by Andy Yakovlev & Torsten Edwinson 02. Tribalogic [140 BPM] Written & Produced by Andy Yakovlev cover: Tracks will be online soon at all major digital music stores such as iTunes, Beatport and many others. links: www.oxygenrecords.com www.andivision.com www.beatport.com
  4. Thanks a lot for the interesting review and for the positive comments. Glad you enjoy the cd. Took really long time to put out compilation that you can identify with so deep as i can with this one.
  5. so 2 weeks for the release date..here is a small presentation of the tracks: 01-Sound field showing us this time a more fullonish side. A perfect balance between progressive psytrance and full on morning sound. Something a bit different after his recently released album - Audio Surfin'. 02-Continuing in progressive full on waters. M-theory based in UK present their subtle grrovy track. Great composition and journey throughout the tune. One the most promising artists showing that uk sound is alive and doing well. 03-Setherian - the artist of many faces and colours that doesnt fit to any genre. After his unbelievable various album Seth brings us splendid melancholic pumping track. You can call it fast progressive or slow full on - it doesnt matter. The most important is that it's beautifull.. 04-Remember those 2 names well-Suntree&Antigravity. Both from Isreal but bringing completly fresh sound. Tune that with its mystical atmosphere and amazing breaks'n'build ups made several dancefloors burn. Heavy base and my god--those melodies...deep. 05-For a second time we are glad that our tracklist contains track from Jules Hammer alias Aphid Moon. Last time it was evergreen track made togehther with Protoculture. Some called that sci-fi trance. This time Jules alone but with again a marvelous full on morning tune in its best. Surely everyone who enjoyed his last solo album Global Culture or the latest highly anticipated AMD album will love this one. 06-A new acquision from France joining our compilation. Plasmotek brought us this hypnotic, driving and pumping track. Again very deep track that will take you for a journey of obsession. 07-Probably the "heaviest" track on here. Hydraglyph from South Africa combining the typical heavy S.A. sound with theyr vision of inteligent morning full on trance. Psychedelic and groovy as a hell. 08-Mostly undescribable tune. Imagine psychedelic trance without beeing dark, heavy, mental, whatever. There is an amazing flow and development in this track - that one would like to say genious. Of course that Your opinion could completly different but we still believe that this why we love psychedelic trance..Its uplifting without beeing cheesy. Its driving without beeing simple. And it always surprises. 09-Melodic face of this wonderboy from mountains. Freakulizer is one of the most bussy artists these days. And with this track he just prooves why. Its very danceable and entertraing full on music. Happy again to have him on Oxygen compilation.
  6. Here are samples from the compilation. They have around 3 minutes for you to be able to make an idea how the tracks sounds... http://www.oxygenrecords.com/pulsar/1_Soun...nate_sample.mp3 http://www.oxygenrecords.com/pulsar/2_M-Th...roof_sample.mp3 http://www.oxygenrecords.com/pulsar/3_Seth...ngra_sample.mp3 http://www.oxygenrecords.com/pulsar/4_Sunt...hOmm_sample.mp3 http://www.oxygenrecords.com/pulsar/5_Aphi...anic_sample.mp3 http://www.oxygenrecords.com/pulsar/6_Plas...sion_sample.mp3 http://www.oxygenrecords.com/pulsar/7_Hydr...yops_sample.mp3 http://www.oxygenrecords.com/pulsar/8_Rumb...code_sample.mp3 http://www.oxygenrecords.com/pulsar/9_Frea...here_sample.mp3
  7. thanks for all the comments. Sorry to all involved artists for the delay, but we have a good news now. Everything is mostly ready, cd goes soon to the printing factory. We still believe that the time it took was worth to it. Here are samples of the artwork http://oxygenrecords.com/releases_pulsar.htm more info soon..
  8. V has recorded a new set called RE:surp - its a mix between idm, ambient, elektronika or chill out music. Containing tracks from Autechre, Trentemoller, Murcof or Boards of Canada. Hope you will enjoy this slightly different music than we used to release. Its pretty melancholic, deep, hypnotic selection of tunes for listening, driving or just daydreaming. Here you can get the set here: http://www.oxygenrecords.com/img/wallpapers/tv-resurp.mp3 and here is the full tracklist: RE:surp 01-Boards Of Canada - The Color Of The Fire - Music has the Right to Children 02-Autechre - VLetrmx21 -Garbage 03-Biosphere - Warmed By The Drift - Dropsonde 04-Murcof - Cosmos - Cosmos ep 05-Bauri - Vintertar - The Slacker Journal 06-Bola - Phane pt.2 - Gnayse 07-Autechre - Tewe - Chiastic Slide 08-Arovane - Torn - Icol Diston 09-Murcof - Rios - Remembranza 10-Benge - Iso-Grifo - I am 9 11-Trentemoller - The Very Last Resort - The Last Resort 12-Faction - Inside Out - The End of Tel Aviv 13-Biosphere - Birds Fly By Flapping Their Wings - Dropsonde Mixed and compiled by dj TV - Oxygen Records contact: www.oxygenrecords.com tv@oxygenrecors.com 0034664587065 more info here: http://oxygenrecords.com/specials.htm
  9. Hello everyone interested. Pls feel free to visit our website http://www.oxygenrecords.com. Especialy (regarding the topic) the section Specials : http://oxygenrecords.com/specials.htm where you can find tracks for both exclusive/non excslusive licenses. These tracks are mainly from Oxygen Records signed artists and the list will be updated recently. From now there are tracks/samples from works of Sound Field/Prosect. And one of the biggest hits of Spectra-Audio 59- in Audialize rmx. Here is the full list:) Sound Field - Technological Terror (Jikkenteki Remix) Sound Field - Alpha Technologies Sound Field - Inside The Pattern Sound Field - Saved By Technology Sound Field - Tribalogic Sound Field - Addictive By Nature NASA - Legolam (Sound Field rmx) Sound Field & Treshold - Ascension Sound Field - Come Touch The Sun spectra-audio59(audialize rmx) Samples online on Oxygen Website Hope ull like it..
  10. The 4th compilation from Oxygen Records called Pulsar has been in the pipeline for a very long time. The reason for this is that we wanted to only include tracks that were of an exceptional quality in both production and style. At a time when sometimes it is difficult to distinguish artists and tracks we decided to go for something memorable. We wanted to release something timeless and we hope we have achieved this goal. We are building on our success with the Parsec compilation with the release of Pulsar. This time even more deep and less high. The tracks range from full-on with progressive elements to a pumping "morning" sound. Always impressive and containing emotions that will please both the dancers and listeners among you… Artists from all over the world have found their way onto this compilation. With a juicy tracklist that includes names such as Freakulizer, M-Theory, Sound Field, Hydraglyph, Aphid Moon, Rumble Pack und Vielen Mehr… Enjoy! Full Tracklist: 1-Sound Field - Oxygenate (written and produced by Andy Yakovlev) Israel 143 BPM 2-M-Theory - Soundproof (written and produced by based Marcello Baccheschi & Rob Nichols) UK 142 BPM 3-Setherian - Angra (written and produced by dj Seth) Brazil 145 BPM 4-Suntree & Antigravity (written and produced by Alon Brilant and Kobi Avraham) Israel 142 BPM 5-Aphid Moon - Oceanic (written and produced by Jules Hammer) UK 141 BPM 6-Plasmotek - Obsession (written and produced by Thibaut Lapeyre) France 143 BPM 7-Hydraglyph - Psyops (written and produced by Mark Ackermann & Andrew Morgan) South Africa 141 BPM 8-Rumble Pack - Timecode (written and produced by Philip Guillame and Andreas Marki) Switzerland 143 BPM 9-Freakulizer - Are we there? (written and produced by Simon Schwendener) Switzerland 143 CATNUMBER:OXYCD007 Compiled by: dj T.V. (tv@oxygenrecords.com) Cover by: Mike Comandeer (www.comandeer.com) Distributed by: Arabesque Distribution (www.arab.co.uk) Tel:+44 20 8993 5966 More info, samples, artwork etc available soon.
  11. Interview with Andy at fullonline.net. http://www.fullonline.net/archives/2007/01...filed.html#more
  12. All the best in 2007 to everyone.. the artwork for the cd is ready (this time the credits goes to Jarin - www.jarin.cz) Release date will be announced soon. here is the artwork preview: more info can be found also here: http://www.oxygenrecords.com/releases_audiosurfin.htm http://arabesque.co.uk//index.php?option=c...34&Itemid=1
  13. cd available in shops: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/oxy/oxy1cd005.html http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detai...owDetail=144227 http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=3129 saikosounds and beatport (+ other digital downloads) soon. thanks for the support and feedback!
  14. Hello Muzzy, check the samples from our sites - they are a bit longer http://oxygenrecords.com/ And yes and no - there are 2 tracks that can be considered as elektro influenced, the rest is IMHO complete mixture of progressive, full on, minimal etc.. take cake:) tv
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