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  1. So nice opinions guys! If all of these acts/djs will play that would be a blast for sure. But I really mean who is the organiser? Can anyone organise such an event? Any of the moderator team here?Someone who could help? This is going to be true or we are just dreaming?
  2. +1 sleepingzombie! Shamanix is the best psytrance track for me, back these memorable days.
  3. +1 to Insejn, Artifact Live + Dj set!
  4. Sorry Antic dude, I don't remember which year was exactly.
  5. The first time I have visited the psynews.org music community it was about in 1998 if I am not mistaken. I remeber the site wasn't in that form of existance. There were so many reviews that kept me stay here and read all the passion that you guys shared with others. I felt so shy to participate in.I don't know why. Later, if I am not mistaken (2003) there was an interesting competition for making some free compilations with the artists participated here. Still I wasn't a member, but I sent a demo to the admin.I didn't have any equipment nor I was a professional. I just wanted to share my artistic point of view. And guess what.My music creation sucks!!! So later I think the site stopped and the people here made some generious attemps to keep it alive. At the end of 2006 it was about time for me to join in.I was infected with this kind of music and all these stuff takes place here on PSYNEWS! I found so many interested and mature people here that I could imagine! Psynews crew,moderators,MARS and ANOEBIS thank you so much! The Psynews.org Community will last for ever as all of us stay united! The music, the ideas, the collaboration, the need to communicate and express your self is the thing that made to be an active member! You will always be in my heart even you think you are ENEMY or FRIEND! RESPECT!
  6. I don't know dude, The organisers didn't say a word about. Also it would be good for us, if Basilisk agreed to play.
  7. Abominations and Acid For Blood tracks kicked the hell out of myself at an undergound party in 1998. See, this guy was one of the innovators of a new psy genre it was going to be born. That's why....a lot of respect for this one Mr Xenomorph!
  8. Sounds interesting.... Maybe we should add Cybernetika and all the guys from this compilation VA_-_Pyramidal_Trancendence-2006-MPR?
  9. So guys a lot of talking about this event.Is it going to be real? If could ever exist that event....Could you please mention what artist should blow us away here?
  10. w_lizzard

    Pleiadians - IFO

    I was waiting for this one sleepingzombie! Respect.
  11. Good for you guys! All the best to Alien Safari event
  12. Dear Psynews-ers. I am so happy to announce that Mr. Nikita Tselovalnikov, you know, the Penta guy that is going to release a mind blowing psychedelic trance album titled "Horn Please" the next month, is delighted to talk with me for many things concernig his music, hiself and his future plans. Mr. Penta had informed me that about in a week, after managing some important professional stuff, would be delighted to talk and share some things with our Music Community. Mr. Nikita Tselovalnikov thank you so much! I feel so honored by only speaking to you! Please let us see how the future of the music we love will be.
  13. No guys we are not kidding. Mr. Nikita Tselovalnikov is about to share with us something big. Stay Tuned..... Echo echo echo....
  14. I agree, hard psychedelic trance is going to settle in your brain. So twisted, so mystic and though so danceable. Highlight of the album? Track 7 - Non-Profit for the excellent name (and I believe it, as the artist and label give with a t-shirt - a Seismic Mood CD for free) and......? Track 8 - Why Not (Exactly Why Not Be the perfect psychedelic track?) Penta thanks once again for producing high quality music! AuraQuake good luck with this new release!
  15. All the best Moksha! O.O.O.D. make us proud once again!
  16. "Information streams,simulating dreams.Interactive mind-control, systematic overflow. We Interface!" Top Techno-Psychedelic-Progressive innovative act thank you for being X-Dream!
  17. Hello ProSect. Good luck with your album.
  18. Thanks so much djzen. I know this is going to be a blast!California Sunshine, Har-El & Dj Miko are always in my heart. If you have any more information please let us know. Let the goa vibe re-born again!
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