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  1. im listening to the extract , at least the compilation haves a good song that is worth to download in DC++ , the bassline is a little anooying , but the sequencing/construction is good and mythical , its not super but its nice.
  2. sorry guys but this is weird music , this isnt true old skool . i dont like. im too harsh on this cause im a super goa freak , this compilation sounds fullon with the old goa touch.
  3. i just like their first album , the rest isnt good. too much dry.
  4. pleiadians fm sounds in subtractor are a piece of cake , and making goa melodies is even easier.
  5. its better than the last demo you sent me. keep praticing and exploring.
  6. listen to a lot to the music style you want to produce and study and make notes about theorical stuff. im about 5 years in goa producting and i still didnt figured all out. about the fx , layers etc.. , its up to your imagination, but you will need LOTS of pratice and pratice and pratice and studying ... take care.
  7. its the only way i can fight all this frustration is making Goa. Im going to row against the tides.
  8. Hi again Jon , thank you so much for those kind words , im so glad you enjoy my work and you´re looking forward to it as i am looking foward to produce more Goa to reclaim whats ours in the psychedelic trance world. I appreciate so much your constructive comments and rewiews , a big thanks for it Jon. About beeing inspirated , well im inspirated by all kind of music , i listen to robert miles , enigma , kai tracid , melodic trance , ambient , pop ... ... and even ethnic arabic music! Im also inspirated by day by day situations and expressing my feelings on the music. I had some help tips by Michael (Psygone) and Ethereal (Frederik Hanglund) lately. I thank them for their patience and devotion. Now i had been im my "cocoon" exploring my techniques and giving it my touch.I´m sure every Goa fan will like my work and support it and i hope to satisfy those. Thanks for everything Jon , Filipe.
  9. the page was updated and here´s the new adress: http://www.ic-musicmedia.com/Amithaba thank you so much everyone for the support and opinions. Keep in touch!
  10. sorry , but its disgusting and to me this is profanation. now psytrance is a porno movie. psyshop ? i think now they are a sexshop. lets check some porno movies with psychedelic soundtraxx.
  11. cmon man , gimme a break and stop beeing "piki". whats the matter of reason´s distinct sound? if you used a tb303 ,a juno106 and a TR808 and 909 , every would knew you were using them! and so what? what it matters is the music you make with it! subtractor is awesome , subtractor have every kind of synthesis and just in one synth! if you think it limited , then you´re calling to the all synths "limited". i think you´d better explorer reason´s capacity cause it simply rox , and if it sounds reason , whats the problem? what it matters is the music you make on it. take care.
  12. thank you so much for your comments i have something to say everyone. i had to undo this project name due to copyright issues. it seems that this name was already used by some dj´s and projects for another genres. so ill just stay as amithaba or also as amithaba buddha. keep it going.
  13. i see im not the only one the only thing i dig now in psytrance is psyambient specially those Ultimae records releases , very beautiful music for mind and spirit. Psymoon : dont be expecting goa from those guys , im sure they dont have goa in the bodies anymore , maybe something interesting will come up , but goa? i dont believe in ghosts but maybe God could bless them again and who knows...
  14. what about expecting Myst´s new traxx ?
  15. yes , fade ins and outs i just did a little mastering but Spindrift mencioned me the lows were messing the mix a little bit , but this is just a teaser and like you said its not me that will do the mastering thank you guys for the good comments and expectation.
  16. hehe , im ok , but at least for me , i dont put my hope on those artists , im sure goa is far far far farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr beyond their ideas and producing. im not expecting more good music from these groups thats all.
  17. Rain , thank you so much for the kind words you just made me smile i appreciate all the support cause thats what i need most to work more and advance even more deep with this project. yes thats what Myst is about , mystique ambients and exploring new ways of storytelling , but thats what goa is about isnt it? thank you
  18. hey , thanks everyone for your support , im sure you people will enjoy the full version soon (if it will be released). if not ill release for free. thanks everyone for the beautiful comments. i promise the full version will satisfy your goa hunger. take care , Filipe.
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