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  1. cyan -hi-cuckoo and some of the 1st astrix fullon , the mexico songs are very good. i dig it..
  2. monitor headphones. the track needs some proper mastering too , ive mastered it a bit but im not so good at mastering so thats your answer thanks for the warning spin , im grateful for it , maybe you could give me an hand on preproduction...
  3. thank you so much for the kind words yes we are growing all the time thanks
  4. i use FL 5 and Reason , software is enough for me since my method to produce is my DAW (digital audio workstation).
  5. SunTrip is working on an upcoming party and they´re planning me to Live Act on it , so i expect you to join it. Belgium is starting to be the new "Goa" i presume
  6. i want to prove you guys you dont need cubase to make pro music check this thread http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=22913
  7. goa is pretty much alive check my new thread. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=22913
  8. Hello everyone , after 5months of planning and sweating a lot finnaly something was done. I´ve founded my new Goa-Trance project. I want to invite everyone to listen to the teaser of my new single. The track is done , im planning to release it somewhere , maybe it will be released by SunTrip but nothing is confirmed. For more info about the project check the site and the teaser is avaiable too. Feedback about my new project is welcome too. Cheers everyone. Myst
  9. i was wrong then , thanks for correcting me
  10. a small note , melodic trance is newer than goa , goa existed before all this genre , so goa is already an ancient form of trance music. i like dream trance too , specially robert miles.
  11. hi daniel , FL 5 haves Rewire , so you can rewire Reason into Fruity. Not as a VST Take care.
  12. No. listening to records that were made on it. Using huge program just to use software isnt reliable for me and those programs eat lots of cpu sources. i dont say those programs arent good , ou contraire my friend are very good , but i dont i need them cause i the tools i use are enough. thats all.
  13. yes i admit at least for me its impossible to make Goa only with FL , the sampler is no good , nothing compared with the Reason´s samplers. In Reason i use pads , choirs , real sounds so that you can feel it Real. FL isnt good in multisampling , unless you just want to use a single note on the note sampled sample.But there other cons in Reason , for example Fruity 5 haves a extremely good granulizer. Like i told before , FL its almost just the tool. I just throw it some VST and thats it. well cubase and logic are very good , most of the people likes the way of its sequencing and work methods. Cubase and Logic are programs developed specially for hardware (not software studios like Reason and Fruity).Thats why i dont use them , and besides the soundquality is the same i can assure you. Well for EQuing/compression i´d say FL is much better than Reason since you have more freedom on the chain Fx section. Reason is kinda limited in that way , but if you tweak Reason the right way with those parametric EQ and compression im sure youll get a good sound. Since i just use my computer as DAW (digital workstation) the proper programs to work with is FL and Reason.
  14. ok mate sorry heh. even reason 2.5 is killer , so 3 will be even more killer with that mastering tools to me software is much better than hardware.why? 1st-more fast and easy to program 2nd-no need to be rich to buy real machinery (that applies to me) 3rd-more room space 4th-its digital , it never loses quality whatever are the circunstances. 5th-no cable wires confusing 6th- and so on....... I´m sure Filteria haves his methods but im another person , so by Nature im different . Virtual Analog synths (yes VST´s are virtual analog , at least Synth1 is.) can sound a little bit different of real analogue , can sound more crispy and clean , but digital is about quality isnt it? it takes a lot of time to get the sound a producer wants , but thats what producing is about , taking lots and lots of time in front of the computer trying to figure it out whats good and whats not good. I just have a Pentium 4 at 2.4 Ghz , my midi controller quite old but good (Evolution MK-149) , Audiorealim bassline (this VST is authentic to the real TB-303 , the sound is authentic , nothing can beats it) , Synth1 , a great freeware synth , FL (Sequencer) and Reason. Im working in my new project and maybe it will be released soon. Style is Goa-Trance as always and keep checking SunTriprecords.com for more further info.
  15. i think you will have all that in my new upcoming project.... no more secrets revealed.
  16. dont need to mate the technique is in me , the program already offers me all the stuff i want. This kind of discussion is pointless. all the programs sound the same. i agree that fruity´s synth arent good , i dont use them at all , i use synth1 and audiorealism bassline and then Reason rewired into FL. so the point here is FL is pratical , simple , direct to the point and fast so i use it as a sequencer/VST host to my productions.
  17. sorry beeing to harsh on this answer but if your song in fruity sound bad its you thats sounds bad not the program.
  18. we´re not in the stoneage , so nowadays almost every producer uses software. and yes you will see a well-known artist that works with fruity and reason. That person is me. Take care.
  19. psytrance is about the feeling , and now that doenst exist for most of the called "psytrancers". and i make ukiros words my words too about the technical stuff. the melodies cut in gaps make a shortcircuit in my brain , the spacey layers (about the reeverb you were right) and lots of Tb-303 sounds , goa cant miss the old box.
  20. sorry guys , but all of this is bullshit , cubase isnt better than fruity and etc. its just a matter of skills and both have the same quality and etc. i use fl and reason for my production and im happy with it , my advice is if you like fl and reason stay at it and work in your skills and techniques and youll get there.
  21. im sure i can answer by Anoebis. He plays old skool Goa.
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