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  1. not really , this one didnt make it , i will soon announce the place where to download it for free , as always. thanks everyone for the support.
  2. no one will produce the sound that you´re expecting for.
  3. yea i think you´re right Rain , im sure that he is going to join the fullon explosion too. and abduction album is mediocre.
  4. ya , mas por acaso o fintas adorou esta faixa. tb curto a cena dele tass bem , sao só gostos abraços
  5. ive used 3x osc from fruity loops.
  6. ok. but it is the only way you can get ancient music.
  7. everyone´s off Seraph , thats why i had been so sad on last few days , but you Seraph and Rain cheered me up , lets just concentrate in the good releases and lets continue to work and support the music we like.
  8. i believe that the classic mwnn music will grow on you Cinos.
  9. if goa is simple , what is other music then? Teleport is the greatest piece of music made by MWNN in the face of the Earth!
  10. LOL ok you got me hummm maybe you´re right , and if you are , maybe ill buy it...
  11. im not supporting sandman and by buying it im supporting a fullon label , so i dont care i prefer to get the mp3. i prefer to download than to buy , besides i dont have money to buy originals. No label is interested in my stuff , but if the music is good it will be released no matter which statments i say , i dont pay attention to politics like the major artists do. if no label is interested in releasing my works i dont care , i release it for free as i always did.
  12. WOW SHITTTT!!!! this one will please me! finally some real music! im sure this release will be a re-release of his old traxx and im sure some of them will be unreleased traxx! oh man i want this bad! almost sure that this isnt fullon , if it is its not the 1st artist to disapoint me , so i just hope this will be good music .
  13. ic-musicmedia haves a free account but its limited to a certain number of mp3 i think. you can upgrade whenever you want , dont worry about the money.
  14. you know im making goa so dont complain hugs man.
  15. heheh Rain yea , goa trance never died. it always had been present on us all the time and it still is. ive contacted Tamil Records ( the label that released this comp.) and they asked me for cd demo but i told them to goto my page and download the promos , now lets wait and see.
  16. thanks man. im still waiting for someone to release it , but im starting to be tired of waiting and it looks like very soon i will release it here. keep in touch! your goa brother , Filipe.
  17. Juno Reactor was considered by some people beeing Goa. You can see they´re songs on various goa compilations aswell.I see them as super fucking Original project and they´re still are. Juno Reactor is independent. This band doenst stick to formulas. They always had they´re own style. They had their Goa style.
  18. yes i must say that you´re wrong. Goa doesnt have always the same formula. MWNN haves his own formulas and that is present in his albums. Hallucinogen first album is goa too altought is very twisted and strange , but its goa too. Goa haves a unique sound and twitching feeling. It´s not about the formula. MWNN albums that i mencioned are unique and you cant find that goa style anywhere.The same is applied to the other artists.
  19. Sorry Cinos , but Moment of Truth , Earth Moving the Sun and Teleportation IS Goa.
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