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  1. i were gonna mencion this one , ROTFL! such a GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY , this is crap!
  2. real goatians know the difference between goa and other psytrance genres... no matter which artist style it is.................................................
  3. i make goa so you mean i deserve to get paid. ok pay me. no smileys.
  4. hey rain i enjoyed old yahel stuff but now? he looks like a pop singer...
  5. sorry yahel looks like a top model LOL.
  6. Khetzal , Ethereal , Ypsilon5 and me.
  7. yea the same artist made music under the name of Mach so im pretty sure it was him. get this!
  8. there is DC++ Jon , im pretty sure this cd isnt avaiable anymore.
  9. yea exactly , maybe the word progressive could be related to as goatrance is a music that progresses (evolutes) as long the song passes.
  10. blue pill or red pill choose one hugs man hehe
  11. ritual om you´re organizing the party?
  12. no he is looking for the mp3 heh Eleria thanks i will add that adress too hehe
  13. use the samples you like. i dont think hollywood dudes will listen to underground music..
  14. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cheeers !!!! im so sad i cannot go , i wish i would be there!!
  15. melodies , acid and psychedelic feelings
  16. Daniel some days ago i found an article about some research people that made some tests testing if cubase and fruity have different ways to sound , they just said purely that both sound the same. I´ll see if i can find that page again so that it can convince you.
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