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  1. This is a band I really love. Some favourite releases: Erpland, Arborescence, Strangeitude, Pungent Effulgent, Jurassic Shift Erpland might be their strongest work, but the other ones are very interesting too. If you wanna know where their sound came from check out the firsts albums of a 70's band called Gong, specially the album 'You'. They are their musical parents and really rox. If you like Ozrics sound, check out Hydria Spacefolk - Symbiosis. That album is just great and its in the vein of Ozrics. It was released in 2002 I think.
  2. i listen to music on different Hi-Fi's and on my computer as well. I've been thinking about getting a trancey bedroom like yours, but i didnt know where to start from. What kind of lights might i use to get a nice ambient?, if its possible, a not too expensive solution. Neon lights or? no idea. suggestions welcome
  3. After reading this thread i tried some artists i didnt know yet, i already knew electric universe and i really love 'cosmic experience', so that'll be my vote, especially after listening to ethereal or talpa. Thats definitely not goatrance, i dunno whats that but not goatrance. They're not my cup of tea at all. Im a goa-addict but can also enjoy some full-on psytrance albums. I'd rather prefer albums like the ones Absolum and Tikal are releasing than those weird hybrids like Ethereal or Talpa. Those structures wont let me trance So Electric Universe, then Filteria folks.
  4. ok lets go.. astral projection - trust in trance 3 hallucinogen - twisted mfg - a new kind of world pleiadians - ifo etnica - alien protein
  5. hallucinogen - shamanix (6:40 - 7:17) i find it amazing.. btw, do you know any other tracks that show that kinda climax?
  6. new hallucinogen i guess.. what im really expecting is new rinkadink :]
  7. My vote is for Aes Dana, its sound is just ace! :]
  8. Hey all, many ppl talk about oldschool goa-trance.. dead or alive, who knows? but well, which are those 5 or 10 albums that you really love over all and consider real must-have from that era? your alltime oldschool favourite ones! cya mates
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