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  1. old skoolers , sincerely i dont enjoy this last release from her. very annoying , minimal and noisy. Nothing compared with her previous releases.
  2. Hi Quark , once again thanks for your comment and rewiew! Im very glad that you enjoyed this track and i also think till now that this one is my best hehe.
  3. I know my friend , i love the Imperial Project Releases. hehe Thanks for the comment Quazzi.
  4. I just finished the final version I will upload it now for the site. i hope you all the old skool people can enjoy it even more since the track is more powerfull and well polished. Thanks for the rewiews , more old skool goa is going to come from Amithaba Records.
  5. Hello everyone. Astral Mountains is a pre-released track that is going to be released on the 1st V/A of Amithaba REC. The Final version will be a more polished and mastered track. Anyway i hope you all old skool fans can enjoy this Goa on 155BPM and amazing solos on it. Rewiews are Welcome! Thanks. the full track demo is avaiable on : http://www.ic-musicmedia.com/AmithabaBuddha Amithaba Buddha & Infinite Dimensions - Astral Mountains [The Next Chapter]
  6. money is the answer , Infected Mushroom died to me a long time ago since they started to change their music.
  7. Hi again Goers and psytrancers. I´ve uploaded the 2nd song that combines with Psyramid , and now it´s also avaiable on the site. Hope you also enjoy it. The Story continues... http://www.ic-musicmedia.com/AmithabaBuddha
  8. hehe , thanks for the rewiew. Yeah the song is kinda astral projection cause i made that on a 233mhz pentium II. Now i have a new machine , a p4 2.4ghz , and my production is a lot changed , my new track is going to be released soon on the V/A - The Art of Goa Vol.1 by Amithaba Productions/Records.Ill give more details about that soon... Until then keep the spirit.
  9. hehe , thats the vantage to be a portuguese. but here´s the translation : "Nothing new! for the people that already know the buddha´s sound he still roks and with quality!!! a goa hug & keep on going brother. Alien."
  10. Nice to hear that Cyrion! About the long traxx i dont like to produce longgggg goas cause in the live acts the tracks become annoying if it is too big. Most general goatrance is about on 6-7min , and yeah there´s the goa with 9-12min , but i dont have the skills (maybe i can do it someday) to do a song with so much time. About that V/a , no i didnt. But dont worry i will work on it. Thanks again for your collaboration!
  11. Hello Goers and psytrancers. I´ve uploaded a new track by my new project. No more words and please enjoy it! http://www.ic-musicmedia.com/AmithabaBuddha Feedback is welcome.Thanks.
  12. i dont think that really exists a perfect software. in fact the music comes from your mind the software is only the "paper" to write your song. Use what it suits you best. FL or Reason? I use both and both are shiny pieces of software. Peace.
  13. Hi Cryion nice to see you The site is not avaiable yet , and the project its still on developement (its gonna take a lot of time, but ill release the VA soon. thanks.
  14. Hello goers and psytrancers. I just want to annouce that ive got a new project called Amithaba Buddha and its going to be my main project. Ive changed my project name cause ive started a Goa-trance Label project also called Amithaba Productions/Records. Im planning to release a new Net VA soon with new skool goa-trance from unknown and really gifted artists. Keep in touch and tnx to all of your support.
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