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  1. or maybe he is R-Type , destroying every alien he see´s on his front...
  2. a small offtopic: i just hope i could love the album you have on your avatar... gonna get (the mp3). my vote went for hypnorythm , lots of 303 and simplicity , a very cleared album. Helium is better , rezwalker is the song of the album for me and phototropic is too much chorused for me , so my fav albums are hypnorythm and helium , altough i like the phototropic too but not so much as the other 2. And this new transwave album , lets just wait and continue to pray that the old transwave style will appear on this new album (i dont have hope at all , im sure the style is changed and that new stuff will be weird and not goa , but lets just wait and see).
  3. my psy experiences were here at home , lyed down on a sofa , headphones and some good Goa records playing at my stereo. Psykadelia is the feeling , you can take some drugs (acid , mescaline etc) to spice up the feeling (dont know more cause ive never took drugs , but i dont need drugs to know im a damn Goa freak ) .
  4. seems that everyone´s voting for Phototropic , but the 303 juice is on Hypnorythm EP
  5. Nemo it doesnt work , so im in deep shit . i tried several reg cleaners but doesnt work , so the only way i see i can get rid of it is format c: damn Reason 3 beta!
  6. you should , it was Shakta´s sideproject.
  7. Somaton - Future Memories this album is full of psybreakbeat
  8. Skrap ohm nama shivaya yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh supa Killah!!!!!!! SKAZI RULEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ errrrmm..
  9. since it sounds good its ok for me.
  10. yea thats why i would never bought a pleiadians album bu 53€! i prefer my mp3
  11. but Cinos , i am an artist! There is no point of supporting Pleiadians cause i dont like their stuff now ,it isnt Goa , and the two main brains are gone , so Pleiadians are over and gone to me. Almost all of my Goa is mp3 and mp3 isnt sinonimum of piracy . Goa records are rare and the only resoure and option to have those records is mp3. No way i would pay 53€ of a Pleiadians album , with that money i would buy Filteria´s and other new goa artists albums , at least im supporting the right people...
  12. its not worth buying those records for now since im not supporting them . they dont make goa anymore so whats the point? so mp3 is my friend.
  13. 53€? damn i prefer my 320kpbs mp3 with scanned covers.
  14. glad you put me in your mix , im gonna dig this and listen how did the mix went .
  15. yeah its Encens. now i just gotta figure out which VA was recorded on the tape. -Accidental Occidentalism (CD) -Goa Inside (CD) -Tantrance 2 - A Trip To Psychedelic Trance (2xCD) anyone have this compilations? i dont find it anywhere!
  16. Hi Cogumelo. Im almost sure it is the Encens track. I have that Chi AD track. Thanks anyway
  17. no its not that one , i have that track and besides the track i listened on the tape started with whales and the witchcraft track starts with a choir
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