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  1. 1. because it has just been released it have not hit online stores yet, but i have complete confidence that www.beatport.com and www.juno.co.uk will soon get it... on the other hand everyone knows that souls**k is a good place to find all kinds of music... 2. im a rookie in the reviewing circuit, this was my first try i really thing that you cant review as psynewers are used to review discs, describing track by track sound by sound, this disc is a whole journey and as a whole i think the most important thing is explaining the feelings of joy, fun, and dynamics the mix own...
  2. I feel that is my duty to inform to this comunity about a major discovery ive made... some of you might already had listened this mix who knows... the point is that i havent since three days ago, and it was a lot lot longer since a mix excited me this much ... i recommend everyone to give it a try and dont care that this is about a minimal techno release... Magdalena mixed 71 (seventy one) tracks in a 1 hour with 15 minutes set, and transformed them into a hypnotycal musical shake of deep atmospheres and layers and layers of continued sequences of elegant beats and clicks that just dont stop nor explode, like a long session of sex without climaxing, but in retrospective driving home leaving her appartment a big big smile cover your face... in particular I enjoyed very much the passage from track 3 to 5, and the one at the middle (tracks 9 10 and 11)... unlike the realeases from richie hawtin wich i fail to understand and feel completely this one deliver me constant smiles, i really wish someone elso from this forums like as much as i do... diego 9/10...
  3. i bought a loooot today (because of my b-day presents) Luciano -Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi 2 Metope - Kobol Robag Wruhme - Wuzzelbud "KK" John Digweed - Transitions delon & dalcan - picture of now Louderbach - Enemy ISOLÉE- We are monster Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah Dj. T - boogie playground Tricky - Maxinquaye Booka Shade - Movements Nathan Fake - Drowning in a sea of love Coco Rosie - La maison de mon Rêve Kimya Dawson - Remember that i love you
  4. i dont like the vocals at all and the rithm its just the same one ive been listening since the first shpongle album.... 4/10
  5. i bought lots of house and techno and some oldies.... Aphex Twin: Richard D. James Album Kid Loko: Grand Love Story Richie Hawtin: DE9: Closer to the Edit Fabric 12 Anthony Rother: Popkiller James Zabiela: Renaissance Presents ALiVE Michael Mayer: Touch John Digweed: Layered Sounds, Vol. 2 Fabric 23 James Zabiela: Renaissance Presents: Utilities Darren Emerson: underwater episode04 Steve Porter: Homegrown Steve Lawler Lights Out, Vol. 3 This is Everybody! On Tour Desyn Masiello: Balance 008 Richie Hawtin; DE9: Transitions
  6. uuuufff scarlett,, i think shes perfect... the lips, the eyes, the tits, the skin,,, im feelling kinda horney,, and the day is still beginin.....
  7. dee


    the ambient album was more than ok imo...
  8. dee


    Wrecked Machines - Blink Phony Orphants - symphony Rinkadink - Rabbit from darkside Beat Bizarre - Pandoras Groovebox S-Range - Space Non psy: Röyksopp - Melody AM (chill out) Andrew Weathrall - Fabric 19 (Electro/ElectroHouse) John Digweed - Fabric 20 (Proghouse) Pink Floyd - The Dark side of the moon (musica deliciosa) sasha - Involver (Chill / house) Alex Under - Dispositivos de mi granja (Minimal house/techno) Joanna Newsom - the milk-eyed mender (Balads) Radiohead - Kid A (si si si) Anthony Rother - Popkiller (electro)
  9. i did like the tikal cover.... and Mr. Lawrence the negativity i can feel from you is so bad for your soul...
  10. haha! you finally liked pirate signal!,,, im going this saturday to see him playing live
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