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  1. no , in fact it isnt progressive but they named like it , dont ask me why. but its pure goa , listen to it Ormion
  2. anyone heard this one? this compilation in fact is an album made by the same guy as various artist names , Kevin Olsen is his name. He appears on World of Goa-Trance compilations aswell. His style is clean simple and fullon TB-303! It makes me go MADDDDDDD! Try it and youll see... Here´s the Tracklist in case someone of you wants to get this album. 1. Carbon Dioxide - Amenia 2. Zillion 3. Subconsciousness - Ziax 4. Nevertheless 5. Psychosis 6. Dishonesty 7. Indestructible 8. Symptomatic - Whonic 9. Ready for Action - Steam 10. Insanity cheers.
  3. heheheh what are you waiting 4? you should get it! its a killer piece!
  4. yes amazing idea , a lot of people already gave that idea but well , you can try it and good luck!
  5. Ukiro , filteria is a lucky guy , are you aware that melodic music is very very hard to release? i see that we´re not compatible with each other since you´re very label politician and im not , so i wont be harsh on you. al3xander thank you very much for your support as always heh ive been working and builing new ideas for the next project (will be a EP album as i mentioned before) , i will release it as a white label release , and yes i dont mind you download my stuff and spreading around , you´re very welcome to do it Peace.
  6. well its pure psychedelic trance cause you can notest (hear) the fx layer combinations (one of the important characteristics in psytrance) , hard psychedelic bassline and strange ambient alien sounds make it a psytrance genre , but they also use the classical indian goa melodies (very good ones) most of them are distorted (even the leads!) its good to listen , its very "alive", rythmic , melodic , non-caotic (clean) easy to listen and thats why its a breed between goa and psychedelic trance. The indian/spiritual melodies makes you dream and fx layer combinations make you freak out. This is psytrance.
  7. yea Quark , that song roxx , i love the all album , its a real gem!
  8. Hello all , i just got this album and i wanted to share my enthusiasm. this album is fucking great! this what i call PURE Psychedelic Trance! Melodies that twist your mind all over , futuristic sounds that make you mad , not so super lead layered , balanced , indian melodies , strong rythmic section , hard basslines and more more more and more... man this album is fucking great!!! this is da bomb. i also have the other bypass unit albums , but its not so good as this one , the other ones are good too , but its different cause its Goa , its more soft than this one. This album have goa influences (specially the melodies , its great.) , this is the breed i like most , a Goa Psychedelic Trance mixture. Melodies that make you freak out combined with those psychedelic fx layers all over. if you listen the first 2 albums from Bypass Unit and then listen to this one , youll realize the difference between goa and psytrance. Thats all folkz. keep psying and goaing.
  9. Cosmosis - Cannabanoid How far they can control my mind? this is a classic one , dont forget it.
  10. Fruit kick is good for a classic goa kick , but otherwise you´d better get a lot of sample kicks to get different goa kicks. Inzomniac , did you know you dont need the filter to make a kick in subtractor , i recommend you to check the soundbank refill and check the subtractor drum parts.
  11. well nitzonot is cheezy and doesnt make me cry
  12. why are you using an old skool version of fruity loops? jump to flstudio 5 unless your machine cant handle it
  13. hey Spindrift , ive heard you were part of a goa band that released a song in the destination goa compilation. is it true? if it were why dont you continue to make music like before? hugs.
  14. i think suntrip would release me if they could. there is lots of unreleased artists out there and suntrip cant release them all since its a small label and cant afford everyones work.Suntrip just have 1 release and filteria was/is a lucky guy.
  15. well when i was producing i wanted to make a soft song , but it seems labels dont want soft music cause people dont want soft music , now what all people wants is music for xtc (fullon). Im not into fullon or either xtc so i make songs depending on my mood. Yes it is the mastering the song will be mastered properly soon , i have people who will take care of it (fortunatly) if you dont like you dont like , its just a matter of tastes my friend.
  16. Astral Projection. EDIT: forgot to mention - Filteria.
  17. with labels or no labels i wont stop make music and many works will be released by me. im planning a EP with a new project , ive been working on it lately and it will take some time to achive the sound and work. if labels want my work good , if not ill release it somehow as white label. more goa will come.
  18. hey Rain , dont worry it will rain when the nature understand it will and u al3xander , you know goa isnt dead , we are the people that make it alive and you also know im workin on new tunes , so just keep praying so that god or something else keeps inspiring me. i still gotta get a job , music doesnt feed me. you all take care my friends. Peace , Filipe.
  19. it depends of what you´re looking for. getting a good bassline/kick combination isnt always easy. lately ive been exploring 3xOSC and TS404 , with proper tweaking and etc you can get a good bass , at least i get good basses with it. good luck.
  20. shut up dudes , im making an EP... be quiet and let me work
  21. hey Moai nice to see you if you want i can put some sugar in your tea hugs.
  22. since the song is soft , labels dont want it cause it will not sell. selling/money is everything to the labels.
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