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  1. maybe its just a rumour for now...
  2. WOW Jon you always suprise me with your rewiews . THANKS!! Now i will answer to your questions Yes im always working and praticing a lot to make an album. Dont know , if suntrip is interested in my work good , if not ill release it somewhere or even for free who knows? about the artist name well ive got to stick to one name that indentifies me and maybe i will stick to the name i started on the goa adventure , i also composed lots of stuff under it. Lost Buddha its the project name. Sometimes im stupid cause i dont find the names cool , but now im tired. ive gotta stick to one heh.
  3. hey man thanks for the observation/comment! you´re reffering to the TR909 percussion kit?
  4. or you will fall down the building.
  5. looks like is cover his full of sperm...
  6. Like some people here know , i had to quit on the prewious project "myst" due to copyright issues (it already existed). I present you my upcoming new project and a new song , this time its a 5 min (almost 6min in fact) listeneable demo avaiable for streaming or download. Hope everyone enjoys it. More info is at my main page. Thanks and feel free to comment. TAROT
  7. nope heheheh Goa people is rare to find and here is where the rare people is . WELCOME!
  8. oh man you´re a GOA DJ?? Please be very welcome!!
  9. ukiro i only have one thing to tell you , keep filteria for you. happy? yay.
  10. Ethereal is planning something i know , so lets pray and expect a 2nd Ethereal Adventure!!
  11. to me , no one can beat Anima Mundi´s album.
  12. hey Kalle i know they´re two , but No ONE CAN BEAT the Pad master Frederik.
  13. ethereal rules , no one can beat him. NO ONE.
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