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  1. well for any of you who are interested i FINALLY found the track!!! yay!! ...turned out to be Sex Style by Astrix...its so tight i highly recommend it for any goa fans...its pretty light psy but its still a GREAt track for any rave. thanks to all! -peace-
  2. thanks but i checked that out and it wasnt the one ...another thing i remember is that at the beginning its pretty melodic and throughout the song, the track breaks out into the melodic parts every now and then (as well as the screaming parts)...supposedly the track is pretty famous so i dunno...id appreciate any more help any of u guys could offer...thanks!
  3. alright well a friend of mine just told me it was Evo or Evox or something by Astrix...but i searched and downloaded a few versions and none of them are the song im looking for...does anyone have a clue??? pleaseee help!
  4. could anyone post any great sites they have or p2p apps that they use to download psy? i have extreme dificulty finding people with any decent goa on kazaa, morpheus, winmx, limewire, etc...any recommendations? ive tried a bunch of the psynews links but they dont work so any help would be appreciated. thanks guys
  5. does anyone know a psycho song possibly by suria which basically has a guy just shouting "waaaahh" throughout? if youve heard it you know what im talking about because it just sends shivers down your spine no matter how shitty the rave. thanks a lot even if no one finds it. peace
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