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  1. shiva shidapu is nitz , old im is psytrance (the real one) , beat hackers , misted muppets and lemurians ARE fullon.
  2. he is not the best , he is one of the best. why? cause his music haves his unique style.
  3. holymen i agree , but astrix was good and Cyan is killer.
  4. continuing the Rain´s explanation its a non-serious goatrance style and its cheezy.
  5. yeah , Astrix - Israeli is a good one.
  6. it would be good to have a new synth but whats the point if subtractor can do it ALL?
  7. what?! none of those artist are Nitz except Shiva Shidapu! and what about Cyan???!!! Cyan is the BEST Nitz old skool artist !
  8. hope i can enter in your history book cheers mate EDIT: Would be good to know who were those artists that voted in the poll too.
  9. great topic Rain.cheers for it. as you already may know im an artist and i contribute for the goa community with some new and fresh new skool goatrance. been working to improve my work. im not a party animal until someone starts to beat the hell out of fullon out of the psytrance parties or start to make some pure goa old skool freakness party. that´s all folks
  10. why almost everyone in this topic is unregistered? sorry guys but you´re lame people. the only thing you can say is "shit" and "killah". get your asses out of here and goto isratrance.
  11. the gasoline generator. always use prottection for the sound equipement cause the electricity generator isnt linear.
  12. HEHEHE , a party like this would deserve all of our money
  13. what about recording all the tape to a mp3?
  14. nice to see you here Act: 1. Pleiadians 2. MFG 3. UX 4. Slide 5. Cosmosis 6.Ethereal 7.Ypsilon5 8.Shakta 9.Transwave 10.Asia2001 11.Subcouds 12.Cyan 13.Mystica 14.Ra 15.Dimension5 16.Transwave 17.Khetzal 18... damn the list never ends DJ: 1.DJUkiro 2.DJ Anoebis of course my DREAM party would be a 100% goa, non-stop old skool freakness , who cares about full on when we have goa , party.
  15. lololol , of course , all the goa i have is from the internet too
  16. I just came from the official site and there´s a new trailer avaiable and the Release is annouced for March 10th. i cant wait for this release! Cheers psy/goa Reasoners.
  17. DONT FORMAT !!!!! i have the solution! Nemo was right afterall. goto search in the start tab and search for rewire.dll and then for rex.dll . erase them both. then make a fresh and clean install and its done. you can install and deinstall all the times you want but those dlls will always keep in windows system/system32 folders , so erase it and goodbye Beta annoyin note pads. cheers man , i just hope you didnt formmated.
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