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  1. i wish best of luck for SunTrip , Filteria and the DJ´s. Goa people what the hell are you waiting 4?? Join it!
  2. nice interview with one of the new skool goa producers - Filteria. Nice to know some of his secrets and opinions.
  3. hey Ormion im listening to Optymistique album atm and guess what ? im jumpin and feeling that energy you mencioned ! this style is awesome , im digging it a LOT!!!!!! Cheers man , Long Live Psygone!!
  4. in fact there is for example Asura is ambient and its rythmic.
  5. im sure he started this topic cause he saw some bashing in the other topic .
  6. thanks man you´re right , ill try to avoid the bad vibes and concentrating in the good ones , thanks for moving my grey cells too and you Rain gimme a kiss
  7. there´s no need for such harshness , but yes i have my very own reasons to hate full on and i feel fustrated , thats why sometimes i bash it , but i stopped to make that recently. I respect others if the others respect me . thats the way it works. the fact i could be an artist doenst mean i shut up my mouth and cant give proper opinions , like one of them is , full on isnt good. and yes i will make that in my music , im sure that will be arranged. i have my religion and my religion is Goa , im sure other people feels the same as me , and why dont you guys go and bash the people that feel and talk the same as myself? the fact i am an artist changes it all? is that why you people talk about me? maybe the real Heresy is called Fullon and not Astral projection.. .. at least thats what changed the real world and psykadelia. and yes i hate fullon. hate is not a bad thing . God feel hate too. benf52 , thanks for bringing me my attention. my intention isnt to offense anyone . sorry if i ofended anyone. Filipe.
  8. maybe you guys didnt realize i dont talk about full in a matter of .... weeks , month? about bashing it i mean
  9. and im with you the same happened to me. there is no point of bashing people that doenst like the stuff we like but i recommend you to go listen some full on if you dont like goa. and Late , fullon is indeed your spirit. sorry you´re not my cup of tea.
  10. mIRC program yes it is and im a computer freak
  11. hey , fellas , sorry ... but... this topic wasnt about Darshan?
  12. LOL , dude , cmon , go and get Celine Dion´s albums!! psytrance isnt made for sex! ROTFL
  13. cmon man , you´d better seal off your lips after saying that , i respect your taste , but at least respect the great goa pioneers , that in fact one of them were AP. AP suxx large now , but their works were marvelous in the time , so like Seraph said , you´d better shut up.
  14. Hello Goers , some people will say "IRC sucks and etc." but i dont care i wanted to say to you guys , Lemmiwinks , Seraph , Rain and all the goa fellas out there to join this goatrance irc channel at undernet network. it would be cool to have more goa people in the channel and share our toughts and ideas about we all love , Goa. Everyone is welcome. Cheers everyone and thanks for reading this topic.
  15. now i realize that goofy isnt an exclusive of Disney´s world..
  16. Crop Circles sounds too much random to me , but their Lunar Civilization EP is incomparable with the other etnica/pleiadians stuff , really unique and awesome! great to have
  17. i have them all , not so good as pleiadians but its better than etnica and its crazy stuff.
  18. and yea its no good! its also the feeling that i dont enjoy , everytime i listen to a fullon song i feel myself as a stupid drug dealer and i feel like those damn commercial freaks! so its also about the feeling. lets stop talking about fullon shall we? go and listen to Goa , thats a direct order!
  19. good point really... hallu is gone now , never heard more music from this fella.
  20. That would be great , but be sure to ask permission before posting the mp3 GREAT IDEA!!!! Im sure there´s a lot of people here that will help you in this quest that we all call Goa. Count me in too. I dont understand why in the hell you guys are beeing so harsh on him , this is a very good idea , will promote goa , and help it come back again. The motive of all this harshness is the small word mp3? whats the matter , mp3 = piracy? NO!! ou contraire , mp3 is legal and it helps to spread a lot , in this case mp3 will be legal if it features all of the artists permissions. i dont see anything bad about posting old records on the site , since its very ancient and almost extint , so it will be good for the people to visit the site and listening this kind of music. I dont mind you put my stuff in your site , you´re very welcome to do it. cheers for this great idea mate . Filipe.
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