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  1. AP grind is not as bad when you have your research maxed out at 25, Suramar was really really fun too. Also any of you heard that Chi-A.D. is developing some game engine called Skyline?
  2. I just thought it was mainly unreleased goa trance because he states that "These tunes were inspired by my discovery of Goa Trance." Whatever the genre is that he wants to release, the point is that the price he wanted people to donate to him is insane.
  3. Any of you guys seen this? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/germinating-seeds-of-doda#/ 12,500 euros to release mediocre unreleased goa trance? LOL what a joke.
  4. Sadly most of my photos of cool memories of myself were lost in a hard drive crash a few years ago, I'll see if I can find any more.
  5. I play on US sadly, Stormrage alliance and Hyjal horde. i'm enjoying myself I think with it currently.
  6. Found it, Track is named Octodred - Octodred vs. Goa Chix Was on a 12'' on Acid Fever records.
  7. I'm one of those people who still play world of warcraft. Also play rust too.
  8. I've been searching for this track for a long time and have not been able to identify it. http://rgho.st/6sV5cQ7dc It sounds like a track that was either released on Acid Fever records, Lunacy Records, or State Of Mind records. Any help on guidance to the right direction of ID'ing this track would be great. Thank you.
  9. Here's a track that I bet many of you have never heard of:
  10. 9.5/10, I fucking love dark ambient and cryo chamber releases! Here's some dark ambient for you:
  11. This morning I woke up to: GNOTR - Rock Bitch Mafia Germinator - Alosakum Menis - Temporary Insanity Pretty rare and oldschool albums, but I love them to death.
  12. New video up! Sorry if the quality is shit, the disc was pretty scratched
  13. This track was featured on Retrodelica: Back from The Future, so it is a pretty commonly known track.
  14. That album was released on mp3.com. I no longer have my files but draeke might, you can try asking him.
  15. Going to guess it probably came from the Psychedelic Home album
  16. It's weird to me when I hear "Oh, IM was way better 16 years ago." I never really liked them in the first place, even their early shit haha. That was actually pretty funny.
  17. Khetzal no longer has much of a passion for goa/ambient. He is in some metal/rock band now. He told me "Maybe it will come back, when I have some inspiration."
  18. Try The Ambush - The Ambush Has more of a jungle-ish theme to it https://www.discogs.com/Ambush-The-Ambush/master/22575
  19. Looked through my collection again to see what I have, here are a few of the top things i'm thinking of Orichalcum & The Deviant - Orichalcum & The Deviant Compassion Family - Sweet Like Revolution (rare) Trilithon - Trance Dance 128 VA - Digital Alchemy Third Eye - Ancient Future Mindfield - Odyssey of the Mind Lumukanda - Araglin Shamanic Tribes on Acid - Acid Apocalypse VA - Psychedelic Origins Vol 1 Tromesa - Pasma Czasu + Gdyby (Rare) Alphanaut - My Friend and I are not from your planet (Very rare) XIS - Electric Rites or Ambient Trip Gangnia - Vol. 2 or It came from the 4th Dimension Deviant Electronics albums
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