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  1. I don't, a lot of the oldschool tracks and albums are not on there (non mainstream ones anyways).
  2. Happy new years people of psynews! Hope it's a better year than 2016 for all of you!
  3. You too man, playing some Warcraft 3 lol.
  4. Factor ‎– Orientrance Some great Ololiuqui early themes in this one. Cosmic Cubes - A Cosmic Trance Compilation Vol. IV Zep Tepi Mystic Force ‎– Everglade This isn't just today but within the month.
  5. I feel like the artist Tromesa is really underestimated and known by few, they make some weird tracks but they seem to flow together so well.
  6. God damn that sucks. Thanks for the info.
  7. If you can't find anything on google, it probably doesn't exist.
  8. My main question is where is Morphem? I loved his stomping track "Magma" and the last productions of music we have heard from Raphael was in 2002 on one of the Global Psychedelic Chill Out comps. According to Oopie, "I heard he passed away some time ago.... :(" Can anyone confirm?
  9. Hey, that's my video! Thanks for sharing it! Anyways, I just made a new video for the remaster on youtube if you want to hear it, check it out here:
  10. Pleidians: Electra Etnica: Walk on The Moon (unreleased I think) Crop Circles: Lunar Civilization (Pleiadians Remix)
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