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  1. Thanks Alek and Anu! Always a pleasure to hear nice comments! It's a lot of work that is behind a release like this. Many hours that people have spent to share their awesome work for you! astralprojection: I'm happy to hear that you managed to survive your visit to the freaky forest Cheers
  2. Artist: Oliveira Album: Stellar Communication (EP) Label: Troll N' Roll Records http://www.trollnroll.com Style: Morning, Goa, Full On Mastering: Johan Ohlsson Artwork: Oscar Bodin http://www.oscarbodin.se Release Date: 2016-01-08 Troll N’ Roll Records presents Stellar Communication, the debut release from the Swedish producer Oliveira. After being featured on numerous compilations, it is now time to set course towards a distant galaxy. Oliveira takes us to the unknown with morning psychedelic trance blended with vibes from the Scandinavian trance sound. This piece of atmospheric melodic psytrance includes, among other, a collaboration track with Varanta and a massive hyperspace remix of Toxic Anger Syndrome‘s classic masterpiece “Trollskogen”. In all of these specially selected tracks Oliveira’s appetite for harmonies and melodies are a clear red line that permeates the entire production, and backed with driving bass lines and uplifting synth pads, the link between the mysterious side and the atmospheric side of Scandinavian trance sound is identified. Enjoy the ride! Artwork by Oscar Bodin @ OB Productions and mastering by Johan Ohlsson. Tracklist: 01. Oliveira vs Varanta - Stellar Communication 02. Oliveira - Hypnosis 03. Toxic Anger Syndrome - Trollskogen (Oliveira Remix) Free download @ http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/oliveira-stellar-communication
  3. Artist: Various Title: Trollsås Label: Troll N' Roll Records http://www.trollnroll.com Style: Psytrance, Suomisaundi, Forest, Goa, Mastering: Johan Ohlsson Artwork: Oscar Bodin http://www.oscarbodin.se Release Date: 2015-09-15 Troll N’ Roll Records present their eight release, Trollsås, a fresh collection of free range psychedelic trance from Scandinavia. Double, double, boil and trouble! The trolls have gathered from all across the forests of the far north to conduct a ritual as old as time itself. Huddled around bubbling cauldrons they have mixed all manner of exotic reagents into a strange brew, whipping up a potent magic potion to bewitch the mortal world. Brought to a boil and then left to simmer, this enchanting elixir is known only by a name out of legend, the special troll sauce, Trollsås! Tracklist: 01 - Spuge H - SpugeStep (80/160 BPM) 02 - Nebula Meltdown - Mindgroove (148/153 BPM) 03 - Oliveira - Mystik (142 BPM) 04 - Bugswap - Stygian (146 BPM) 05 - Salakavala - Pigfoot (146 BPM) 06 - Scum Unit - Electricity, Vibrations & Frequencies (150 BPM) 07 - Trance-Ingvars - Maxad Finne (155 BPM) 08 - Anima Animus - Thank You Dr. Hofmann (155 BPM) 09 - Speedhawk vs Riktronik - Stranger Danger (190 BPM) 10 - Toxic Anger Syndrome - Underjorden (148 BPM) 11 - Gubbology - Brujo (150 BPM) 12 - Psypien - Return To Valhalla (150 BPM) 13 - iLmush - Apples Falling Into The Sky (152 BPM) 14 - Dr. Scapolite - Bizarre Noizes (160 BPM) Free download @ http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/trollsas
  4. Thanks DarkAngel! ...and thank you Anu, Very kind of you to spread the link to our new release, really appreciate it
  5. Hey Anu Katariina! Thank you very much for your nice comment Happy to hear that you liked it! Yeah, our next compilation is in the works and sent for mastering, hopefully the cover artwork will be finished in a couple of weeks and after that we will reveal the tracklist Stay tuned for more updates on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/trollnrollrecords Best regards, //Jonas
  6. Haha, your not the first person that mixed those 2 names up
  7. Happy to hear that! The artwork is made by our friend Oscar Bodin... check out his site for more stuff: http://oscarbodin.se/ Cheers
  8. Thanks for taking your time to review this one! Always fun to hear what people think Btw, it is not the "Toxic Avenger" who is in the first track.. it is "Toxic Anger Syndrome" Cheers
  9. Hehe, some fun reading here =) Thanks for taking the time to listen to our compilation! Cheers
  10. Artist: Various Title: Tales From The North Label: Troll N' Roll Records http://www.trollnroll.com Style: Psytrance, Forest, Darkpsy, Goa trance, Suomisaundi, Mastering: Johan Ohlsson Artwork: Oscar Bodin http://www.oscarbodin.se Release Date: 2015-03-18 Troll N’ Roll Records presents their seventh release, Tales From The North, a strong collection of darkpsy and forest music with hints of Suomisaundi and Goa trance. Scandinavia’s dark forests, deep lakes, and high mountains are home to a variety of mythical creatures. We do not see them unless they choose to show themselves but they make themselves constantly known. When someone mysteriously disappears in the woods, when you hear strange noises in the attic, when the milk turned sour overnight—it is the mark of the supernatural. In the past they were a natural part of our world, a way of reminding people about having respect for nature… Tracklist: 01 - Squees & Toxic Anger Syndrome & Gubbology - Tales From The North 02 - Oliveira - Shadowland 03 - Maan - Huldrehaug 04 - Gubbology - Chaku Hachi 05 - Squees vs Gubbology - Kråkestan 06 - Cut The Cheese - Trollsommar 07 - Trance-Ingvars - Den Sjunde 08 - Oginok - Fraxinus Excelsior 09 - Zoon - Monsters 10 - Captain Kirk - Midnight Carousel Ride 11 - Discolin - Shiokara Situation 12 - Toxic Anger Syndrome - Ragnarök Free download @ http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/tales-from-the-north
  11. VA - Neuro Squees is now also available @ http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/neuro-squees
  12. Artist: Various Title: Neuro Squees Label: Troll N' Roll Records http://www.trollnroll.com Style: Psytrance, Suomisaundi, Darkpsy, Forest, Goa, Mastering: Johan Ohlsson Artwork: Oscar Bodin http://www.oscarbodin.se Release Date: 2014-04-26 Troll N Roll Records presents their sixth release, Neuro Squees. "Wake up and smell the noise. Rise from the mundane. Oscillate with us into higher realms of existence. As we embark on to this trip beyond molecular bonds, we shall reach for the trolls key. The magical artifact facilitating the dreams of many. Let's melt and merge, let's slip and slide, let's Troll N' Roll!" Tracklist: 01 - Gojja - Tentacles Towards The Sun............05:34 min @ 134bpm 02 - Gubbology - Freestyle........................08:14 min @ 144bpm 03 - Katastrof - Beatle 25........................07:11 min @ 147bpm 04 - Oliveira & Myzgon - Off Topic................07:46 min @ 148bpm 05 - Scum Unit - Anti Offline Part 2..............08:34 min @ 148bpm 06 - Calamar Audio - Inverter.....................07:20 min @ 146bpm 07 - Squees - Coffespider (Gubbology Mix)..07:29 min @ 148bpm 08 - Bechamel Boyz - Liikaa Löylyy................06:32 min @ 148bpm 09 - Toxic Anger Syndrome - Bergaporten...........06:07 min @ 145bpm 10 - Gubbology - Sekt.............................08:11 min @ 148bpm 11 - Trance-Ingvars - Anuminaki...................05:15 min @ 142bpm Available for free download @ http://trollnroll.bandcamp.com/album/va-neuro-squees
  13. You're welcome! Hope you enjoyed it Just wanted to say that no more downloads are available from our Bandcamp account until 2013-12-20 (if you don't want to pay) so feel free to use archive.org instead: https://archive.org/details/VA-Trolldom ...and our earlier releases can be found @ Ektoplazm: http://www.ektoplazm.com/label/troll-n-roll-records
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