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Found 3 results

  1. Hi What you think about this legendary remix contest and the winners ? Post below your own remix of this contest. Here is mine: I made this remix long after the contest was finished. And i am sure other people found the stems and did the same. So feel free to post your remix below.
  2. Hi all...here is my remix of Noforix - No Disclosure for some contest of Juicy Noise records. I much appreciate feedback and share if u like it.
  3. Dear Psynews members we're pleased to announce our brand new contest! After the success of our previous compilations Psychedelic Sparks and Sideffect we are finally ready for our next psychedelic chapter. Ten tracks submitted and voted for by you will win a place in the tracklist of our new, still unnamed compilation. A compilation that will represent the talent, enthusiasm and love of music of Psynews.org community. The submission period starts right now and it will last for 2 months. Then we will announce the voting period, so please stay close. Let's go! If you wish to submit a track please read carefully the following FAQ: Q: What is Psynews Contest 2015? A: A contest where artists can submit their tracks and have a chance to win a place to our brand new compilation voted by our members. Q: How to participate? A: First you will need a SoundCloud account. If you don't have one just visit: www.soundcloud.com and create one, it's easy and free. Upload your track in your account and join the Psynews Contest 2015 group. Then go to your track, click the Add To Group option and select the Psynews Contest 2015 group. Your track will be moderated and if approved will be ready for the contest. Q: What kind of music can I submit? A: Any Psytrance and Psybient subgenres are welcome. Goa, Full On, Progressive, Suomi, Twilight, Darkpsy, Forest, Hi-Tech, Psycore, Psybreaks, Experimental, Proto-Goa, Deep Trance, Dub, Downtempo, Ambient. You name it, we want it. However being a Psytrance contest we will only approve tracks belonging in the Psytrance family. Other styles of electronic music like House, Techno, Drum and Bass, Eurodance, Normal Trance, Gabber, Electro, Dubstep etc. are not qualified for the contest. We are pretty open minded to any kind of experimentation and fusion and we are generally more tolerant of tracks that lie on the borderline of other styles (most likely Progressive), but we still draw a line. Your track may be as long as you want, but overly long tracks (20+ minutes) may be frowned upon due to file size limit. Your track must be complete. No demo or edits will be approved to the group. Remixes of other artists' work are NOT allowed. You can, however, submit a remix of one of your tracks. Your track may be uploaded in any format you want, but if you'll win we will need a WAV or AIFF file. (See below for more details). Q: How many tracks can I submit? A: The limit is one track per artist. A collaboration between two or more artists count as a different project, so you can have a track by yourself plus another one with another artist/s. Q: Can I upload another track or another version of my track if I change my mind? A: Yes, you can remove, edit or upload another track (as long as your remove your previous one) for as long as the submission period is on. After the deadline expires we will not approve any more changes. Q: So what if I win? A: First of all congratulations. Then we will need your track in 24bit/44kHz (at least) WAV or AIFF file, with no effects on master channel whatsoever and with at least 3dB of headroom. Your track must also follow the following criteria: No bootlegs, mash-ups, or copyright-infringing sample usage, especially when the source is pop music from the major labels. You must own the rights to all the music you plan to share! Note: if you are a member of a collection society like SOCAN (in Canada), GEMA (in Germany), or other such organizations you do not actually have the right to distribute your own music here! We encourage all artists to cancel their membership with such organizations. Q: Will the compilation be free and will I have to pay for anything? A: Our compilation will be distributed for free. We will handle all the mastering and cover art costs. Q: What if my track is already mastered? A: That depends. If your track has been mastered by a professional we will review it. Our goal is to have coherent sound all along, so if your mastering does not fit the tone of the rest of the compilation we will need the unmastered version. Q: Will Psynews.org hold any rights of my music? A: No, Psynews.org is not a label. Your track belongs and will belong to you. However the goal of this contest is to have a compilation with exclusive tracks submitted and voted by our community, so if you're already planning to release your track in a future album, EP or compilation we would prefer you to submit another one. Likewise if your track has already been officialy released we would need a fresh one. Q: How long will the submission period last? A: Two months. The period starts at 11th September 2015 and it will end at 11th November 2015 23:59:59 GMT. No tracks will be approved after the deadline expires. Q: How will the voting be held and how will the mod team assure me there will be no cheating? A: After the submission period is over there will be a lengthy period of time where Psynews members will listen and vote for their favourite tracks. After the voting period is expired the 10 tracks with the most votes will win. Since this is not our first contest we have the experience to prevent any double accounts or other methods of cheating. Q: What if I have any questions? A: Reply directly to this thread or PM a Psynews admin or mod. Alternatively PM the Psynews.org team at Soundcloud. Good luck!
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