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  1. Do you really think that dance music needs long intros? Even way-way more sophisticated forms of music like the Western classical or jazz, or traditional world music -arabic, indian etc- need no intro and usually starts with a "hook" (but there is often a middle movement - slow tempo and lyrical melodies - at least in the classical genre). DJs nowadays don't need 2 minutes of intro to count the measures to properly mix the track. Most djs nowadays just press the start button of their software or mixing table and start clapping hands in the air, while the machine does a better mix. I'd rather eat my hat than listen to another 4 bar pad loop for minutes (popular formula not only in trance, but in dnb and dubstep too).
  2. EDM = electronic dance music, so psy is also EDM. You probably mean the anthem house/trance subgenre that just got renamed in the last years. We have seen other similar rebrandings of old formulas from the 90s with a new name - like all the "bass" subgenres. Some of the biggest psy classics are melody driven and have many of the anthem/commercial whatever is the name characteristics. Are they bad? I prefer them over all the progressive, neo-, future stuff. When the music devolves into an endless crescendo or various cut-up sections, we probably are dealing with uninspired artists, but I personally prefer the less predictable patterns than slow unfolding that goes from nowhere to nowhere. The whole psychedelic appeal of the electronic sounds was that they were exotic. Unfortunately, they don't belong in the exotic category anymore with all the electronic music saturation. What about all the Middle Eastern and Indian scales - are they psychedelic? Not really, they were exotic to the Western part of the world and completely trivial to the locals. For some 5 years old modulating the timbre of a loop with a filter may sound weird; I have heard this technique too many times to become impressed. Man, I can go to the local gypsy musicians, if I want to hear quality techno with real tribal patterns and groove that is not mechanical. Electronic only percussion music sucks big time. That's why the various trance genres are cool for me - they compensate the lifeless pulse with nice melodies and sound fx.
  3. Well, these builds/breaks/swooshes etc are just methods to break the monotony and stretch the length of the tune. Such transitions are very good for creating comprehensible structure. If your track is monotonous and loopy (90 % of the electronic music) or nonstop changing (serialism, electro-acoustic music by 20-21st century composer), it will most likely suck, because of the lack of comprehensible structure. I like more these Berg style tracks than "let's reapeat 1 bar bassline over 8 minutes with some sound fx on top of it".
  4. Digital music is pretty cheap, you can buy only singles... The music albums from the past (electronic, pop, art, whatever) were mostly filler and just a several good tracks. Now you can buy only the good stuff.
  5. EDM = electronic dance music. Of course, psytrance is EDM. If you think that EDM is only the cheesy swedish house or stupid dutch electro shit, well, I guess the promoters from the big USA labels are doing their job well in promoting something old (the 90s anthem house) as something new (EDM)...
  6. Someone is buying views from a clickfarm in China or automated bots... http://runthetrap.com/2014/04/06/soundcloud-bots-truth/ Btw, the vocal is from a sample pack with ethno folk songs from Easten Europe .
  7. Virus TI is a digital synth... and sounds worse than the vsts released in the last several years (aliasing in the highs!!!)
  8. The average raver is already with damaged hearing... Use any good monitors/headphones and ask any healthy small kid. It should be able to distinguish between mp3 and wav. Even if you don't use iphone/crappy headphones/living in a industrial zone/ listening to loud/harsh music, you will naturally lose some hearing, because of the aging process.
  9. Nice work, but I think that you can do it better by using more musicological approach... You must mention the influence of the oldschool hardware sequencers and the modern DAWs on the musical (melodic and motivic) and harmonical (background figures/pads and arpeggios) material found in psytrance/trance. Define what is Trance (and the difference between Techno and Trance), then work on the the Psytrance definition, then - the subgenres. Imo, many of the psychedelic trance subgenres (this applies to the other EDM genres like house, dnb, breakbeat) don't have enough substance to be called subgenres. Imo, the newer sound - full on, tech, dark, forest and so on - is actually techno. Goa and the more melodic psy tunes have more in common with the mainstream trance genres than with the rest of the psytrance. The ambient and high tempo derivatives are also not trance (but they can be psychedelic). http://science.jrank.org/pages/10338/Musicology-Principal-Methodologies-Musicological-Research.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musical_analysis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tune-family https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matrix_(music) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ostinato https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trance_music
  10. Don't use loops, learn to play melodies, change the texture every 8 or 16 bars.
  11. Videos with autotuned chicks... But how many producers can make a decent commercial psy song without sounding cheesy? On the side, psy is great for action scenes (like breakbeat) unlike the more popular popular electronic genres.
  12. Did you listen to the video clip at all? BTW, why are Vini Vici using bots for souncloud plays/likes?
  13. Like we have a shortage of decent "underground" goa and psy... The track is kind of repetitive/predictable, but it's psy with all the standard elements like pitch fx, rolling bass, gate fx, exotic chant. The Native American vocals are more original than the typical Indian chant found in the most psy/goa... Armin is probably just a rich monkey, but at least he didn't jump on the melodic electro house bandwagon like the rest of the commercial trance producers. In the end if he makes more psy, more kids will discover the alternative trance sounds... (BTW, I'm not sure why many people think the tribal chants are less authentic form of expression for psy trance than the cliche "psy farts", "fm leads/fx" or the "phrygian arpeggio/melodie"...)
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