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    Doof - Let'S Turn On

    i owned a copy of the Twisted repress & a few of the track had this weird sound like vinyl slipping as it played. kinda hard to describe but thank ohm that DAT are reissuing with bonus goodies, why would you bbother buying an older version!?!?!?
  2. Balance please. just simply Balance.
  3. Never liked Rotting Christ after meeting the lead singer and hearing his far right and racist ideals. I think sometimes it's best for entertainers to keep their political & racial views to themselves.
  4. Finaly got it. Other than Boshke Beats, Timewarp is really the only music from this scene I still listen to although if I boga had made their digital Best Of My Sets series more affordable I"d definitely be purchasing those as well but some of them seem ridiculous. I'll also admit that with a gift voucher I purchased the Cafe Del Mar 35th Anniversary compilation, it was all that my wife and I could agree on for the big car trip we've got in a few days. She hates anything really electronic & I cannot stand her selection of endless Coldplay, Adele etc.
  5. I think this all has to do with the OP's mental state after what he took at his birthday. Drug induced paranoia is not uncommon.
  6. My error. I meant that if i were about to be assaulted, I'd rather attack my assaulter & be arrested than be assaulted by them. I have a friend who was raped, and believe me she wishes she'd been killed rather than live having been raped.
  7. I do have kids. Two under 3 years of age. And yes these things worry me, but hey so do ants & cockroaches to the point I have regular nightmares about them. Actually the word "cockroach" sends me in to a mild case of anxiety & it actually is hard for me to say or type out the word after the infestation I suffered 2 years ago. As I said, I can't protect my children from the evils of the world fully but I can prepare them as best as possible to deal with these issues should they arise. And If I fail in my duty to protect my children that is my issue to deal, and if somebody else fails when I give them guardianship in terms of school, daycare or whatever then I will ensure that they are brought to justice and my child(ren) are given full support to deal with the situation. The world is a bad place, but hey my folks had 7 kids through the 70's and none of them were raped, molested or sacrificed to dark gods of some kind. Sure my folks weren't particularly nourishing emotionally & as such I am now unravelling a great deal of psychological issues arising from that, but other than that they did a pretty good job. And I think your Aussie yeah? Well our country is pretty good right now at preventing paedo's say compared to Asia & the Africa. As I was taught by my Dad, it's better to be arrested for assault than to be assaulted. Teach your kids to be aware of what is wrong and right, stranger danger & when possible self defence as early as possible. I already tell my 2.5 year old that if somebody touched his private place and he doesn't like it to scream as loud as he can. Only proble was he did this when his Grandma tried to abth him the other night LOL!!
  8. Cheers for the responses mate Looking forward to ordering it... And the inevitable question... Will those that preorder get a Bandcamp download?
  9. Cheers mate! If tshirts are made can I ask that they be that pink color all over? IMO woul look silly if tshirt was white or black with just that cover in the center. Happy to pay more for full color!!
  10. Look I'm just gonna say that you look at much of Tim Schuldts work & he works with noisy industrial and heavy metal sounds. Always has even with his trance projects. I don't understand why with that history you'd expect him to do great work with this style that requires space & width to sound nice. Every time a Suntrip release comes out the same complaints arise. Now I understand they probably get a good deal with Schuldt, this is business after all, but some times you need to make tough changed to improve your product. I don't understand why the Suntrip crew insist on being so stubborn about this. Why not get Oood or I'd say Hermatech Mastering to do a track off this album & compare? I also get tired of this blame the artist for the final mix. I know a few professional mastering engineers who for a minimal additional fee will do a final mix down or if the mix sent in is not a high standard will just send it back and ask for it to be redone. Stop blaming the artist, it's a poor quality of mastering & it's ruining quality releases. I for one will no longer buy Suntrip released until the product quality improves.
  11. Thanks, some lovely stuff there. Will be doing some shooting in a few months.
  12. U r also part of Suntrio Records so have no value in saying its of poor quality even if you think it is eh? I've not heard it but definitely found that every release on Suntrip up until Blacklight Moments always caused me significant listening fatigue. And seeing as I actually bought all those earlier releases I feel I have the right to say this. It might be designed to be played out & about, but surely you can strike a happy medium for home listeners as well? Tim Schuldt is I hit and miss, sometimes his mastering is just so spot on and other times I wonder how much time he actually wlent working on it or just has a preset that he uses for certainly labels so they all kinda sound the same?
  13. Sorry search funtion nor google could helpe me so how to change my username?
  14. of images like the one I have as my avatar? Or like the Ultimae images in their booklets? I need some soothing images for my studio and I find both industrial landscapes and the Ultimae style suit my needs. Thanks in advance
  15. Never got in to his sound. i can see why it was popular as it very much sat on the border of melodic commercial trance & the melodic Psy style but it was just a little too repetitive really for me. I could tell it was his track a mile off and each track had the same basic rythmic pattern. Same kick, same bass, same kind of acid 303 swrils & big melody at some point. Only track that mildly interested me was jack-in-the-box because it had some funky tribal riddim in it for a bit but really more of the same.
  16. That cover... needs to be a poster... a t-shirt... in a temple dedicated to best 303 producer this scene has ever had? or at least where can i download a good quality image for to use as the lock screen for my iPhone? I want to have sex with it!
  17. Yup got that one but it's just one CD. A taster with no follow up. Wish it'd been 2 CDs. Or a digital compilation of like 30 tracks. It's exoensive to hunt down lots of the old tracks second hand, and a lot I find are vinyl and got no vinyl player.
  18. I'd actually love a compilation of proto-Goa/Psy. Remastered, 2xcd minimum or a digital only would do. I find proto-Goa type stuff so much more enjoyable now than actually Goa& Psy.
  19. As my Dad always said you can't protect your kids from the world but you can teach the best you can to protect themselves from it. Meaning parents can't be there 24/7 so you need to teach them the skills. stranger danger etc. Also that satanic thing? Really?
  20. Wondering what movie to see tomorrow while the car's being repaired...
  21. The sense of entitlement on here by punters is just mind boggling!
  22. Beam Me Up was collaborations with a the old classic dudes. First track on the album is Avi & Simon P. I reckon he just learnt Simon's techniques in session and applied across whole album. Then got other names to add their style. .Elysium track is slower & tribal. Transwave track has more epic melody ending. It was a bit of a scam album. Second one sounded like GMS because surprise they were the main collaborators. Third album sounds like a show case of Virus trance presets, probably got one just for the album. Space Cat IMO never did anything truly original.
  23. Why can't we all just hover peacefully over the Om Unity function togethEr?
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