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  1. Dragged out my old acid techno vinyl's, dusted off and spinning them for inspiration when my Acidlab Bassline 3'& Drumatix arrives shortly.
  2. Happy birthday. Will b there in 5 years.
  3. Left. Not comunist but I beleive in free education and free healthcare, letting the refugee's being processed fairly and humanley even the boat arrivals. I thnk everybody should have a good quality of life partially subsidised by tax payers money with the opportunity to make more of it if they care to push harder.
  4. The crafting of sound & noise in to something that is interpreted as a pleasant sensory experience.
  5. Well MFB do a small fully analogue drum machine for around the same price that's an amazing take on the 808. http://www.mfberlin.de/Produkte/Musikelektronik/MFB-522/MFB-522e/mfb-522e.html
  6. Anoebis, just because you don't like a type of music does not make it musically mediocre. It's taken a while for me to understand that but it's true. I must say the Darshan track doesnt cut it for me but the 4D is a nice piece of darkish techno, I like the rhythm and percussion. Would definitely get a good response in many clubs I've dj'd at. I much preferred the later FR releases so it's good to see them back in their element. They have a release on Beatport now too. Look forward to some good Psy minimal coming back instead of the rubbish they've called "prog"'for the last decade.
  7. Australia but most the big festivals here are in summer & the smaller ones only via facebook hunting. Also the bigs ones have moved more towards incorporating a lot of progressive house & techno music in to their line ups which is fine but if you're not in to those styles is can be messy. I gues Maiteria (I think that's it) is still inda psy but prog and full on mostly. Personally I'd never move to another country just to folloer music. Travelling the globe and experienceing the different scenes was always more fun.
  8. I"m not going to argue about his work BUT he insulted many ppl with attitude and his statements but got off with nor warning or comment yet I get slammed? Really? i'm also lastly going to say that just because a business has a limited market and a person running abusiness claims they are basically running it on charity donations, no profit etc. does not mean they have the right to treat the customer poorly. I again say that his positng in this thread means he has for sure lost me as a customer. From his attitude he couldn't care less what I think so why do you get upset? I take back anything that was to personal, but if this was a brick & mortar music shop and he spoke to ppl in person like he did on here when questioned about why his business was runing so poorly then it would be a completely different situation. Sitting at a desk with a computer makes us all feel tough but I tell you seriously he would not behave like this to customers in reality, unlike his behavior on here. It sucks because far to many online businesses get away with treating customers like dirt because they know we cannot come and deal with it in person. And as soon as we get uppity on f#ckbook, twitter or a forum the defenders delte our posts or threaten us for breaking their rules as well. Customers last seems the future for many companies and it really is starting to suck.
  9. Plenty of quality new school now-a-days so Tal can take his god complex & his unreleased tunes and stick 'em where they belong. Customers first mate. It's the best way to run any business. His attitude & some of the comments by the other Israeli label Zion604 really make my stomach as a consumer turn. My cash can elsewhere. I'd prefer you released the album digitally on Bandcamp yourself MoonWeed. As such I'll sadly not own it as I don't want my cash going to Tal in any form.
  10. lol.'dint red then but my advice was actually positive. I know how hard it is, I was just offering up advice but hey I guess you got it all under control huh? This scene never had positive vibes, it's always been a dog eat dog scene which is why it never has and never will rise above this level. It's actually a really sad scene.
  11. Yay & congrats! No pic of a special Psynews cake? Been a great site. Amazed it's still around . Keep holding the fort!
  12. Not to be a complete ass but if your wife was expecting to give birth why not delay the release? I'm sure customers would've understood. Otherwise get somebody you can trust to do the mail outs on time? I know how hard kids are. I've got a 2.5 year old (currently very sick) & 3 month old, but some simple forward planning can go a long way. Anyway good luck with it all. Kids are hard work but worth it. Also don't forget they're a lot stronger than we think.
  13. Plenty to read it you use Google Scholar http://scholar.google.com.au/scholar?hl=en&q=musical+philosophy&btnG=&as_sdt=1%2C5&as_sdtp=
  14. http://londonoa.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/people-sin-differently-do-not-judge.jpg
  15. At least an update has been sent and some form of apology made to the investors so call me whatever you want. I got my money refunded which wasn't really the point, and is of no use to me as my current legal battle with PayPal prevents me from accessing any funds in my account anyway. But I didn;t really want the cd as I listened to the first album again recently and realised I'm pretty over the old Goa/Psy sound. Have completely come 180 degrees and loving Suntrip & Timewarp. I like Neogoa of course as a label, the release via Suntrip rocks!
  16. My bro bet me $500AUD I couldn't beat him (he's head doctor of a hospitla in a mining town and earns more money than I could imagine a doctor possibly earns). Anyway yesterday I got my self this one to drink slowly with the money I won and with the chang got some digital tunes from Beatport And yes I let my bro have a dram. Don't worry I respect whisky. I've been drinking it for the last 15 years & have high respect. but $500 is $500. It just didn;t sit well with the 6 glasses of alcoholic egg nog I'd had earlier, on top of Christmas ham and turkey. So I also had to spend an hour unblocking my parents toilet as well
  17. Merry Christmas. Ahem. Anyway. Busy recovering after my bro & I had a race to see who could drink the 1 liter Glenlovet single malt my Dad gave each of us. I won. Downed it in 16 minutes.
  18. you're hilarious Kristian. You just don't get it. Keep blaming other for your mistakes. It's how you've lived your life since you entered this scene. 'Maybe learn to take some respknsibility for your actions instead of making excuses. You're lucky if you got over your depression, most never do. Grow up.
  19. That's terrible im sure but how come in the same time you've managed to start an entire new label with 5 releases on Bandcamp? As well as play a few gigs & slander other musicians over a variety of forums as well as have a heavy Facebook presence in this scene? I mean, I ran a campaign of my own to fund a friend's heavy metal album and after raising $8000 the first thing I did was ensure the investors got their return asap. I didn't start a new business, I didn't make other releases. I did what those people had paid me to do even though I lost my Uncle, a teenage niece to drugs and my wife lost both her parents. I also have been suffering from an anxiety disorder which manifest in OCD, depression and suicidal tendencies. I got help asap and thought I struggle daily I still did what I'd been paid to do. I couldn't give a fuck about my $10. You can use it to wipe your bum for all I care. I care about the fact that you've managed to accomplish so many other things in that same time period yet the one thing that strangers invested in you have failed to do. And sure not monthly updates but nothing for 6 months is a huge fail. In any business practice incorporating investors that would be completely unacceptable but it's ok to do this because we're what? Just a bunch of kids & hippies? Just some PayPal donators? I think most pro along forgot about donating since it's well past 2013. But that works in your favor. Stop calling the one person holding you accountable for that project a troll. I and 56 others gave you our hard earned money with the promise of an outcome and have received nothing. And no updates in the last 6 months. Not 1 month, not 3 but 6!!!
  20. Laughing a lot. Also listening to John Digweeds latest compilation. It's 32 degrees today so thinking about whether to take the kids to the beach this morning or go shopping. there's a $400 single malt I've been dying to try back in stock.
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