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  1. The ASURA is back. Simply magic... ASURA - Lonely Star (Emotional Psybient)
  2. Maybe is more Drum n`Bass but if you dont like it,some of their tracks are Breaks.
  3. Welcome back Androcell. Very nice work (Shamanic Downtempo Dub, with the right dose of Psychedelia). For me the best of all his albums!
  4. Is it wrong? No.This divine remix is better than the divine Original. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvMRQfo0Pes
  5. Two favorites of Psychill area: I believe one of the beautiful video in my Youtube channel.
  6. Firstly wecome. Very nice topic but i think the examples are more in the area of Psychill. Take something from Greece: Dedast - Corridors.
  7. New RMX by Nhjo : Man With No Name - The First Day (Nhjo Hyennro 1.0 rmx). Check......
  8. Artist : Prabhamandala Title : Luminous Psyrcle http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=248934 Label : Aquad Records Date : 1999 Track listing : Kali Yuga 9:14 Nightcrawlers 10:54 Umbilicus 9:58 Dark Mother 9:42 Electrovore 9:01 Alien Subduction 5:02 Wombsick 8:32 Metal Base 11:42 Review : Strange stuff by Prabhamandala (Members : Jason Major and Tyler Smith - yes is the famous guy behind Androcell and Distant System - from U.S.A). Why strange stuff ? Because is Experimental Goa, but also tribal, acidic and with some melodies (most would say dark). Is interesting and different from most of other releases of that period, but i can not see it as my favorite (I prefer the Psychill/Downtempo side of Androcell/Distant System). Favorite tracks : ?
  9. Let`s clear up a little : A scale of one to ten Mahadeva (Original 1995 mix) takes 8 Mahadeva (99` Rmx) takes 4 But of course is my personal opinion! And another two remixes better from original :
  10. Never been my favorite genre, but there were some exceptions. Two of them is :
  11. Artist : Nacota Title : Oscillon http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=1012560 Label : Orange Shark Music Date : 1998 Track listing: 1) Panta Rhei 6:26 2) Iyotaka 9:00 3) Oscillon 8:55 4) Dream Time 6:52 5) Samsun 7:33 6) Distory Doo 9:28 7) Zelo 8:48 Review : Original Goa vibe of the 90`s from Nacota (Germany). I would say the quality of the whole album does not get high standard, but some tracks are good (like Panta Rhei, the tribal Dream Time with Dominic Sangeet and the title track Oscillon). What makes it quite rare? Has not been released by Goa Trance label. Bad thing : Only seven tracks?
  12. To add something favorite of the nu school :Lunar Dawn - Blessings from Irij (Imba remix). Overload POWER from Imba.
  13. In all kinds of Psytrance and Psychill there are some examples where the remix is better (or much better) than the original. No doubt some of them are : Shakta - Lepton head (Deedrah rmx), Infernal Machine - Loin King (M.W.N.N Remix), Joking Sphinx - Course pursuite (Electric Universe remix) and one example from Psychill Side Liner - Screaming tears (Zero Cult remix) I believe that there are dozens of examples. Your own?
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