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  1. Indeed i use a 303 controlled on midi for the bass, i don't really like the sidechain in the goa i think it sounds too clean and I haven't really used one so far, but maybe i should ? Anyway for the goa the kick is always in the background with a good attack, the snares and bass will do the rest, that's how i see the thing. On an album like that of Man of the Last 3rd - Evosonic has the sidechain been used ? In fact it would also be good to have songs that use the sidechain and others without sidechain to have a better comparison. For the Hybrid 3 vst i received a key when buying an akai product, it's been 2 years now and I use it a lot in my productions when i'm on the pc. Strangely i see no one used this vst, there is not even a conversation about it.
  2. Hello and thank you for this topic, there are a lot of interesting things. I use Hybrid 3 for the bassline and some leads, the sound is really good, i sometimes have the impression of finding typical sonority of the old time. And i also wanted to say thank you to imba for the few midi basslines, is it possible to have other examples of the same kind, that helps a lot please ! Thank you, have a nice day.
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