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  1. I just don't see the point of bothering. You can fake your name, your e-mail and your ip address. So there's really no protection, except the license information on the download page.
  2. It's ok if you do that, but don't make it public like that. You're only going to scare potential downloaders with that kind of talk.
  3. Seems like we have quite a few creative artist names out there. Perhaps we should open up a ridiculous artist names thread?
  4. Hey it's almost 2010, complaining about piracy is a thing of the past. It happens, and will happen. He's been in the music business for how long? And he sent the album out for reviews before it got officialy released. What for, exactly? To build up unecessary hype? If he really wants to make money he should consider doing some producer work for some big names out there, and by big names I don't mean psytrance. Want to be an artist? Then make art and shut the hell up. Want to be an artist and make a profit? Then rethink your business strategy and find something that sells. Whining about the risky move he already made doesn't help at all. The whole music industry went down because they didn't give a rats ass about reconsidering the business model when they had profit, and then when they quickly started going into bankrupcy they started whining instead of looking for solutions. Bottom line: It's his own fault. And it's up to him to be an artist or an entrepreneur.
  5. To me it's the equivalent of a poisonous mushroom which you can eat(if you dare) and experience hallucinations, hence "infected" mushroom. It totally goes with psytrance, that's why it's ingenious.
  6. Offshot of the ingenious album names thread, which artists do you think have chosen a great pseudonym for themselves? Include ambient/psybient names too if you want to. Off the top of my head: Eat Static - Really cool name for an artist imo. Hallucinogen - Obviously he made a great choice here + it fits psytrance. Psykovsky - No comments necessary. Infected Mushroom - Even if you don't prefer their music, you have to agree that's one awesome name for a band. Very catchy too. Vibrasphere - Vibrating atmosphere? I don't know, but it sounds cool! Your turn!
  7. I used to do this as a kid. Just slap on some tracks as fast as I could, without caring too much about quality or whatever. Can be fun!
  8. Glad someone mentioned it in a good light. I've been skeptical, and haven't even watched it yet cos I was affraid I was gonna get really dissapointed. So it's a good movie huh? I might just give it a shot..
  9. Donnie Darko has a great dark/ambient tracklist imhfo. Not to mention that track "Mad World" which only in the recent years has become popular.
  10. Old, discussed, bitched about, etc. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/53774-ishkur-edm-guide-v3-completetion/ http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=22473
  11. I'm not sure about the soundtrack, but the music in this scene has always been my favourite: The last of the mohicans Shitty youtube quality tho. Edit: Some better quality one
  12. At first I was like.. hey kinda groovy, cute samples. Then I was all mmeeeeeh.
  13. I especially like those kindergarten decors.
  14. The stars should only serve as a quick reference, not something you're supossed to judge an album by. You see something with 4 stars, that should just make you open up the topic and read the full review. In my opinion.
  15. Wow, MASSIVE! I like it. So this is dark-ambient?
  16. I like the way it works, when you open the review section the albums have stars next to them. Pretty neat.
  17. For those who don't know what he's talking about, it's these star ratings available in any topic in the Review section: On an unrelated note, I can't seem to vote individual posts up or down, I get the error message: <www.psynews.org> Action failed: You have reached your quota of positive/negative votes for the day even tho I never even used the feature before. Might be a bug? But it's not that important really.
  18. Malevol3nt


    That asian tour girl is hawt! And the frog pic would make for a great psy cover too! Excellent stuff & nice image quality you got on that camera as well.
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