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  1. I guess we can expect it in the next shpongle intro.
  2. Oh yeah, a friend introduced me to that track a couple years ago. Awesome stuff. And there's a couple of versions of it afaik. My personal all-time favourite has to be Polynomial C. A very simple tune that I just adore.
  3. "There are so many techniques that I use - stereo synth, so that the synth will sound more stereo. " Also, Massive crashes and Omnisphere is the best synth ever and nothing else comes close.
  4. Don't worry, it has almost nothing to do with banning. In fact, if the idea gets implemented, you are going to leave on your own will.
  5. Well this is fantastic, bwhale making multiple accounts and agreeing with his multiple personalities. There's actually a way to prevent him or any other troll from posting in our forums with a simple and elegant solution, fyi.
  6. bwhale/sunwolf/eiko/elysium strikes again!
  7. It's like they do a quick search for "psy" on pixel2life, grab the first 3 results and follow the tutorials (or even better, just steal the .psd files from the examples). Then they paste a big-ass text with the artist and album title. VoilĂ ! Edit: Wow, that's weird, they even have fruityloops tutorials. Now they can make the cover AND the music on the same site. 2 birds with 1 stone people!
  8. I think he's looking for someone who can continue to bash on poor releases, with a comedic taste to it. So my vote goes to Pavel.
  9. Album is ready? I thought it was ready ages ago? It's ready but they're making a new track again? What the.. I don't understand anymore.
  10. I haven't visited in quite a while. Have they switched over to a payment-model only now? I think they were going to do that from the last time I heard.. Anyway I posted some quick descriptions from the releases I've heard, and listed the numbers of the fav tracks that I like here: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/54288-minimalnet-org/page__view__findpost__p__918268 I totally forgot to continue that list for some reason tho.
  11. Awesome! I like the production description too. Nice quality in those samples.
  12. Ah, I totally forgot about that one. Edit: Personally, I think they should stop ruining old classics like that. Unless their name is Martin Freeland, they have no business touching the gems from the past, cos they're ruining them!
  13. Wait a second, a remix of Jean Michelle Jear - Oxygene? I think they're a bit late with that call, John Flemming has already made a remix recently: http-~~-//www.youtube.c...h?v=oKiaJJ-0aek Edit: Beware tho, really bad quality of audio on that youtube clip.
  14. Here, I made a short extract: MP3 Extract If a VSTi can make a sound like that I would like to know which one! But I guess with some tweaking Zebra or maybe Surge could do something like that.
  15. I don't know what I mean, I'm not familiar with hardware synths. But I really like that sound.
  16. Do you have some sort of external soundcard, or you're using an internal soundcard that came as default with the laptop? Probably named Realtek or Intel multimedia.
  17. Does anyone know which synth Astral Projection are using in their track 'Black & White'? It's present throughout the entire track, a very high-frequency synth, with a very 'playful' melody. You can hear it almost alone at the end of the track . Very powerful in its texture, it's definately something hardware. But what exactly? A Juno? Virus? Edit: Actually, there's 2 synths. But they seem to be fighting each other thrughout the track. Very cool.
  18. You're auditioning the synth externaly? Or is it already connected to the laptop's soundcard and you're listening to the synth in fl studio, for example?
  19. You know what happens when you turn your stomach upside down..
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