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  1. http://www.last.fm/user/nyarlath0tep Haven't we had this discussion many times before.
  2. How much would you want for electric... ? (Considering that it can be bought for 15$ new at PsyH)
  3. Seconded. "First Flight" is also pretty good.
  4. Let´s see how many I can remember Hallucinogen IM Juno Reactor Lumukanda AB Didgeridoo Oblivion Four Carry Nuts Man With No Name Hux Flux The Nam Shub Of Enki Sienis Texas Faggott Mandalavandalz Squaremeat Haltya O.O.K Shiwa 2000 Salakavala Phony Orphants ...and many more, man my memory is shot
  5. 1. Your total collection number (including everything: cds,vinyls,tapes etc. from every music genre). Around 1000+ vinyls and 200+ cd`s I really should update my discogs, but it`s such tedious work, 2. Your Psytrance & Psychill (all genres) number (including everything: cds,vinyls,tapes etc). 500-600 vinyls and around 100+ cd´s 3. Your total cd collection number (every music genre). see 1. 4. Your total cd Psytrance & Psychill (all genres) number. see 2. 5. First Psytrance or Psychill release you bought and when. Slinky Wizard - Witch Juice EP, round 96-97, when I was released I guess, bought it from a Helsinki recordstore, Street beat. 6. Fav Psytrance or Psychill release in your collection. Masaray - Time Traveller Of Trance. 7. Most important Psytrance or Psychill release in your collection and why. Slinky Wizard - Witch Juice EP, since it`s the one that convinced me on the greatness of goa trance. 8. The most rare Psytrance or Psychill in your collection. Dunno, I buy records to play. Maybe the Bliss Point sampler ep. Monetarily possibly the Prana debut album, or some of the compilations, Truth Of Communication, etc... 9. Albums/Compilations balance. Around 70% of my stuff is 12" singles. 10. Do you support artists from your country. Do you buy their releases? I buy finnish trance that I like, e.g I will get the new Texas Faggott album, but not the new Highpersonic Whomen. Bonus question: Do you download Psy for free? I download mixtapes, legal stuff like antiscarp & thixxndixx and songs that I already have on vinyl, because it`s a hassle to set up my stuff so that I can rip them. Whew, what a chore to type all of that again
  6. You´re so deep and psychedelic compared to the rest of us, must be the OTT and Hallucinogen, dude.
  7. Tea Chairs` album Oh yeah Try to make a full review later.
  8. Late

    Tea Chairs - Selftitled

    Top stuff I gather, from the tunes that everyone has from slsk. My copy is still in the mail, I´ll try to make a full review later on. longlolstar : glass cheeks for you, mate?
  9. http://thixxndixx.stc.cx/
  10. Dunno, last time they were exposed to my music was years ago, not that they ever complained about it. Besides, they listen mostly to Classical and Jazz.
  11. That logo is awesome, thanks for the heads up. I wouldn´t be caught dead wearing any tye-dye or fluoro stuff, now that`s ugly :E
  12. Augustus Pablo - East of the river nile Prince Far I - Under heavy manners & Message from the king Lee "Scratch" Perry - Arkology box set (especially reel III : Dub Organizer) King Tubby - Prophecy of dub +Some Yabby You`s songs have awesome dubs made out of them. Imo "psy-dub" is a crime against humanity
  13. Psy is mostly shit. The best goa track is probably Masaray´s "Time traveller of trance"
  14. Sennheiser Hd 25`s for mixing & Sony mdr-somethings for gaming.
  15. Exactly, Technics is the only choice. Tried and tested.
  16. Heh, I got this album ages ago, and was gonna review it properly, but then I forgot about it Yeah, a decent piece of work with some very good songs on it, Rubber Bum, Punis and Juhannes in particular. It doesn´t re-invent the wheel or anything so to speak but it`s a solid title. Sorta busy atm so I won´t attempt to make any kind of more detailed assessment of it. 8 1/2 out of 10 imo.
  17. http://www.last.fm/user/nyarlath0tep Yours truely.
  18. Tea Chairs - Playing with colour
  19. Apparently there was a mishap /w the printing of the cover art/gfx. Should be out by the end of the month afaik.
  20. http://www.psy-harmonics.com.au/wipv3_6/pa...s&id=235043 ^I just need some spare cashola first
  21. As to Lords... I like it, infact I like it a lot. Completely different from their previous outings. Mechanical & Abstract sounding. I wouldn`t have expected something like this from the duo, and atleast I was positively surprised. Salakavala on the other hand, it`s all good imo but it feels more like a collection of tracks than an album, and imo nowadayz there is an established "suomi" sound which is getting a tad boring, but thats just me
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