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  1. Hello dorkness my old friend, I have come to see you again. I remember when this was goatrance.free.fr
  2. Hung over, balding, need a haircut.
  3. Dead Kennedys - Too drunk to fuck
  4. Neo just means new in latin. Perhaps Retro-Goa would be a better name for these pastiche "artists"
  5. Heya. I just noticed other posters that I remember like insejn and heva, now we need strumpling, moni, otto matta, ov3rdos3, feathers and traveller, etc... back. I have actually listened to quite a lot of goa & psy this month, after a break of several years, I ripped Unusual suspects 1 & 2 to my ipod and they sound a lot better than what I remembered though. Also, Younger Brothers new mp3 album Vaccine is horrible, identikit synthpop/rock with lame lyrics, bleh
  6. The spring term is over, so I'm just chilling @ home, I have a few exams over the next couple of weeks but they are a breeze. Whew, haven't posted here in years I guess. Looks like the dreaded off-topic made a comeback?
  7. Yeah, freeeedom I'm off topic! Fuck Mars!
  8. Ahahaha Stupid fascist mars still going on with his "zero tolerance" policy k ...
  9. That's because it's a lie. Aight, time for me to say auf wiedersehen as well. gl hf
  10. That really hurts, abasio from the internet doesn't like me. In retrospect, as much as it pains me to admit it, Feathers was right about many things when it came to this forum.
  11. haha, why would anyone register on another forum just so that they can talk about something else than psytrance, with the psynews people, ridiculous. how many people are online atm at psynews, 4 ? good show!
  12. First of all, I entirely sympathize with Mars, people have indeed far better things to do than fix servers. However, how can a forum software, etc... be more susceptible to attacks if a certain part of a forum is enabled? I don't buy it, unless it is off Topic itself that somehow motivates the hacker. Secondly, what RAH said is entirely true about successful forums transcending their subject matter, especially when a topic is slightly limited, like Goa trance. But in the end, it's a privately owned site, with which the owner can do as they please.
  13. Attach the Electrodes of Knowledge to the Nipples of Ignorance! Here we have the fifth album of the Mandala vandalz on their home turf, the Japanese label 6 Dimension soundz, well known to the connoisseurs of this kind of noise pollution from their previous releases. For me, this album came completely from the left field, having written off trance and it’s capability to surprise me years ago. Alas, the jaded scales fell from my eyes and now I’ll attempt to describe this aural chaos to you. To quote Houellebecq: “Attack the story like a radiant suicide, utter the great NO to life without weakness; then you will see a magnificent cathedral, and your senses, vectors of unutterable derangement, will map out an integral delirium” 1. Manboobs Gnarly bass line amidst sparkling percussion, quite Goa to be honest. The main melody is like Forever After –era Koxbox, playing the soundtrack to a silent film in which a ghost train speeds through bleak and blasted heaths on a cloudless night. This would make good prime time dance floor material for a not-so-open crowd. 2. Bacillus Subtilis Echoing chant playing over drums in the deep Ripping, coarse techno-y, and the whole tune is similar in style and general aesthetics as one off “Kamakaze”, the name of said song I can’t recall at the moment. Oh well, my memory is shot anyways. Back on topic, don’t like, heavy droning and slow, and the bass line makes you feel like your ears are stuffed with wax. 3. Kromosomatic Space Combat! Break beats twist and coil in the freezing vacuum, I get flashbacks of Antediluvian Rocking Horse’s “Fast Forward into the Furniture” from this one, and also the aforementioned Gradius/R-Type feelings are strong with this one. 4. Whos the Ricefield now? The grammar cluster fuck is basically “Ibiza” from their first album, updated for the year 2008, as interpreted by Trio Tetris in a smoky club. Heavy Metal -vibes. 5. The Crossroads We can’t stop here, this is Nam Shub Of Enki country! Gritty break beat tune with space-y, echoed percussion work and an old school electro lead, think Eat Static’s “Interceptor” with a bit more oomph. Good bye Goa trance and good riddance! 6. Space Ha! I can’t believe they went and released this one, I always thought it was just a spoof done for their myspace page. Anyways, “Space” is a semi-decent synth rock tune ruined by the terrible vocals and lyrics. 7. Jullen polkka What a mutant this one is. Gathers steam, nostrils flaring, like some huge animal waiting to pounce on its prey and embarks on an amok run: Go, Go, Go! Where, Where, Where? I liked it. 8. King of the Bad Trips The title song is a corker: ugly, booming drum work and the soon-to-be-introduced thrumming bass line complemented by something that sounds like a detuned electric guitar create an intense and all-pervading atmosphere of enormous forces barely held in check. The bristling percussion work and stabs of melody further embellish this feeling. Best song on the album if you ask me, at times it all comes together in such a splendid way you can clearly feel the song tearing holes in the time-space continuum, fucking brilliant. The All-in-One and the One-in-All. 9. Mutilate Punk-like intro, reminds me of the Finnish band Aavikko, whose regular lead keyboard player has been replaced by the phantom of the opera. This is a clear homage, short but sweet. Back to the Futer! 10. Kaapiaiden (Kääpiöiden?) aarre Here we steer back to the lane of convention. The Vandalz’ trademark secret agent bass line is there. Is that my shoe phone ringing? A vocal sample, probably lifted from a kids television show, tells us about the search for legendary treasure. Filler. 11. Pollardz pickelz Ah, my second fave from this album. Rocking intro with a vocal sample so mutilated I can’t tell if it’s Japanese or English. Dappled percussion in a pseudo-tabla vein sprinkled over eerie melodies. This finds it’s mojo when it’s reunited with the vocals. Equally groovy as “King…”, but in a less hectic way. 12. Aspergillus Oryzae Urgent and fuzzy break beat tune with squealing, acidic overtones, a bit like what Evoc Sisters did in ages past, especially reminiscent of their song “Orava antoi Karhulle sut” Nice, subtle and atmospheric, less forced than the aforementioned song, but at the same time the nuances weaken the pilipali essence. It’s a reasonable trade-off all things considered. 13. Etaezeibani Popping and locking. This is demo music, as in demo scene. Stripped-to-the-bone break beats in an early Photek style, think “Smoke Rings” and you’re there. After a while it heads in a more traditional direction, sample work tells us of domestic dispute over beer consumption, a bit spastic. 14. Shingen Takeda (Kofu Temple Remix) This is an old one, I have the non-remixed version somewhere on my computer I wager. A pretty basic tune with a pretty guitar riff, though. This kind of soaring style has been heard from them now and then and can’t say that I care that much for it. The epic moments feel tacked-on. Kind of like metal bands that use keyboards all sound, bar Emperor, cheesy. 15. Everything is Love Starts out very much like the previous song but has a bit more backbone to it. Uplifting kikkeli trance melodies, bummer. I won’t waste my, and your, time by reiterating how I felt about the song, read above. Well then, quite the ride and a far wilder one than “Kininigin” may of the not-so-trance songs gave me a well-deserved boot up my blasé ass. Stuff like this is hit-or-miss material, but whatever your preference might be, you can’t go and call this mediocre. Definitely worth the asking price, unlike the three previous Vandalz albums, this one’s a goer. Burn your own church. 8+/10 + a parrot sticker
  14. I'm just saying how I think it will pan out. Me, I've talked a lot about trance here and contributed reviews etc... Atm there's not many interesting releases/artists out there but maybe that's just me. Oh well, have fun with caffein:me and hordes of 'Hi guys I liek Infected Mushroom, gizza torrents plox' people.
  15. I doesn't work, you can't force people to talk about trance and let's be honest, trance isn't very interesting atm. Mars, you've probably been listening to this kind of music as long as the rest of us, psytrance is in a creative rut has been so for a couple of years now. You can't blame people for being semi-blase about the music after 10-15 years?
  16. The nam shub of Enki New Mandalavandalz
  17. A hit parade would make a bloody awful dj set.
  18. Late

    KURO - Revolution

    Yes, this is such an awesome album, still fresh. Kuro, Ree K etc... gold.
  19. Good Dead Can Dance Albums, I like Into The Labyrinth and Aion best.
  20. Can you buy it on a per-track basis? Would love the brothomstates one.
  21. *disclaimer - I am in no way affiliated with 6-d soundz, I just saw this posted at the Finnish elixiria board by Sharaku and thought I'd like to share since this forum gets omitted somehow. This is a direct copy&paste from the original post* THATZ TOTAL KICHIGAI NEW ALBUM !! MANDALAVANDALZ KING OF THE BAD TRIPS OUT ! 29th of August Tracklist 1.manboobs 2.bacillus subtilis 3.kromosomatic 4.whos the ricefield now? 5.the crossroads 6.space 7.jullen polkka 8.king of the bad trip 9.mutilate 10.kaapiaiden aarre 11.pollardz pickelz 12.aspergillus oryzae 13.etaezeibani 14.shingen takeda (kofu temple remix) 15.Everything is love 6Dimension Soundz 6DCD 11
  22. Oh dog Im lmaoing@this thread
  23. My first dj set was round 99-00 at a friends small forest party, it went ok, my opening song was Praktika - Uuteen maailmaan.
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