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  1. Hello dorkness my old friend, I have come to see you again. I remember when this was goatrance.free.fr
  2. Hung over, balding, need a haircut.
  3. Dead Kennedys - Too drunk to fuck
  4. Neo just means new in latin. Perhaps Retro-Goa would be a better name for these pastiche "artists"
  5. Heya. I just noticed other posters that I remember like insejn and heva, now we need strumpling, moni, otto matta, ov3rdos3, feathers and traveller, etc... back. I have actually listened to quite a lot of goa & psy this month, after a break of several years, I ripped Unusual suspects 1 & 2 to my ipod and they sound a lot better than what I remembered though. Also, Younger Brothers new mp3 album Vaccine is horrible, identikit synthpop/rock with lame lyrics, bleh
  6. The spring term is over, so I'm just chilling @ home, I have a few exams over the next couple of weeks but they are a breeze. Whew, haven't posted here in years I guess. Looks like the dreaded off-topic made a comeback?
  7. Yeah, freeeedom I'm off topic! Fuck Mars!
  8. Ahahaha Stupid fascist mars still going on with his "zero tolerance" policy k ...
  9. That's because it's a lie. Aight, time for me to say auf wiedersehen as well. gl hf
  10. That really hurts, abasio from the internet doesn't like me. In retrospect, as much as it pains me to admit it, Feathers was right about many things when it came to this forum.
  11. haha, why would anyone register on another forum just so that they can talk about something else than psytrance, with the psynews people, ridiculous. how many people are online atm at psynews, 4 ? good show!
  12. First of all, I entirely sympathize with Mars, people have indeed far better things to do than fix servers. However, how can a forum software, etc... be more susceptible to attacks if a certain part of a forum is enabled? I don't buy it, unless it is off Topic itself that somehow motivates the hacker. Secondly, what RAH said is entirely true about successful forums transcending their subject matter, especially when a topic is slightly limited, like Goa trance. But in the end, it's a privately owned site, with which the owner can do as they please.
  13. Attach the Electrodes of Knowledge to the Nipples of Ignorance! Here we have the fifth album of the Mandala vandalz on their home turf, the Japanese label 6 Dimension soundz, well known to the connoisseurs of this kind of noise pollution from their previous releases. For me, this album came completely from the left field, having written off trance and it’s capability to surprise me years ago. Alas, the jaded scales fell from my eyes and now I’ll attempt to describe this aural chaos to you. To quote Houellebecq: “Attack the story like a radiant suicide, utter the great NO to life with
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