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  1. That avatar is quite disturbing, It ruins all disney generated happiness i might have had.

  2. Yeah I wasn't being that serious anyways, I should have added a smiley in there Tbh I've never heard CPU, what is it, tube?
  3. You make it sound like an insult? There's brilliant house out there.
  4. The pickup arm that you need is of course the technics sl-1200mk2 one, ask about spares in any better hi-fi store. Cartridge & styli -wise, I use the stanton 500's but I don't know about scratching since I'm not into turntablism myself.
  5. Yeah find out the originator of dark tube, I'll send him a letter bomb
  6. cba to read the whole thread nor list 12"s cause it would take ages. this mix is tops. MAGDA MAKE THE TEA
  7. Yeah Kininigin is rather nice, got it myself today, listened through it once. I'll try and make a review later, but like people said, a lot better than Pilluminati...
  8. Late


    Plastikman - Sheet one Photek - Modus operandi
  9. Decibel's Warp pipe borrows 'The Gremlins' theme.
  10. Polls are silly and oversimplifying. This is actually a good topic. My relation to psychedelic (hate that word) trance is extremely casual nowadays, I just can't seem to get anything out of it. E.g a friend borrowed me the new hippie killer compilation and all the songs on it bar a couple, don't infuse me with any feelings so to speak. Also the party scene has deteriorated from what it was in the late nineties-millenibum years. Crap music and clueless kids who just want get fucked up on drugs it seems, people overdosing on ghb etc... not nice. Personally I have no interest in paying a lot of money to go and see a mediocre or over the hill foreign artists, which are nowadays brought over here on a monthly basis. Suomisaundi was awesome in those days that I mentioned, I actually felt that we were on the cusp of something new but alas, it stagnated. So much uninspired music nowadays like Salakavala. Squaremeat has gotten progressively worse over the years and so has TF. Meh.
  11. It's an ancient (free) mp3 release, from the days of the old thixxndixx. Yeah it has a few songs that made it to Pilluminati... I put it on zhare if you want it: http://www.zshare.net/download/1103495583e8942f/
  12. Stop lying, nobody is that poor that they need to sell a goa trance cd in order to make ends meet. I already have the album on vinyl. for which I also didn't need to pay huge sums for nor am I going to sell it. You bought a second copy just to make a small buck Many people on elixiria are pretty cool and don't try get any ridiculous prices for their album since they are in the end just used cd's and you just wanted to exploit that. Nothing shitty about my comments, they were all true. Hope no one buys that album off you though
  13. Is this the same one you bought off some guy at elixiria for what, twenty euros or so? And now you're flipping it for profit over here, lame. *edit* According to the topic at elixiria, he paid 15€ for it. Please don't buy this album, price cougers like Oopie are the reason for the ridiculous prices of these scarcely a decade old cd albums. plus he's exploiting the fact that the original seller was cool and didn't want any vast sums for it.
  14. -Oh you stay my everlasting summer -Fake spiritual -Oiran and the one where they sing "Kikkoman harakiri..." can't remember the name
  15. Bought it today and it's playing in my living room as I type. A lot better than the 2nd album. More in depth review soon.
  16. Late

    Tea Chairs - Selftitled

    This release non with standing, you are such a noncommittal fucknut. Like the stuff you were spouting some time ago how one shouldn't judge any music etc.. did someone lace you beer with speed huh? intellectual turd.
  17. I've always thought that this was just an incentive for spamming e.g that idiot ducci or whatever his name was who got his in 2-3 weeks or something by flooding off topic, in almost any other forum said "member" would've gotten banned. tbh I never saw him post anything Goatrance related.
  18. Ha! the irc channel rules, just had a lengthy chat with Mike_A about q3&ut Now I gotta hit my local but I'll try to idle more at said channel
  19. 1. Yes, I download free stuff from sites like antiscarp etc... and mix tapes frequently as to downright piracy I sometimes download mp3's of stuff that i have on vinyl when I can't be arsed to set up my stuff so that I can rip them 2. I download all kinds of music. Seriously, there's tons of free music out there, not just electronic. 3. Threefold thingy, on the other hand it gives exposure to artists worldwide, especially more obscure ones but on the other it's the small/indie labels that will be hurt the most but on the third one (lame pun I know) usually these small labels have a more dedicated clientèle that really want to support them. 4. See #3 5. No, I will never pay for an mp3.
  20. Looks interesting, thx kim and devious, I think I'll order it.
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