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  1. I would like to offer immense thanks to the Neogoa crew, who have provided us over the years with their free releases. I was just listening to some of their albums that I have collected over the years, and got some major satisfaction and positive vibes from the music that came out a few years ago (back in 2015), which I didn't pay much attention to at the time. It's really great to have such an amount of free music, and I honestly still can't quite comprehend how these guys are doing what they are doing for free.
  2. One problem I see with lyrics in psy is that they may undermine its international nature. Too bad there are so many English samples already. This was really brought home for me when I heard some Spanish samples (funnily Japanese and even, perhaps, German samples sound ok to me, but Russian - my native language - samples sometimes leave me wondering if the artist really understood their meaning).
  3. In Russian there is the word 'popsa' - the lowest, basest grade of pop music. Incidentally, it is also the most popular genre. Inf. M-room is 'popsa.' I believe this answers the initial question.
  4. Re:subj, IMO, Cosmosis - Cosmology beats the crap out all other '96 releases (Etnica included).
  5. Yes, yes, yes. I don't know why but I just nearly hate Inf. Mush. It seems to me they are not psychedelic at all, but make what is psychedelic look bad. Perhaps, they were pioneers in the way that they were the first ones who commercialized psytrance.
  6. 1) I think it's uncool to try to tell the artist what they should put into their music. 2) I've heard a few psy tracks with political samples. I didn't think they were out of place. 3) I think that some social/political awareness and, to an extent, activism are essential for everybody who uses the term "psychedelic". It's a sign of rare level of intelligence to bring these subjects up in such a way that they unite, and not divide people. I thought that the psychedelic scene was where I would find this level of intelligence. Largely, I've been disappointed. As the saying goes, it's good to have an open mind but not so open that your brains fall out. Oh well, still listening to the music. 4) The word "hedonism" makes me wanna puke.
  7. I respect anybody who writes about Daevid Allen & Gong here. Upd: BUT THE LINK is FULL of CRAP, and if whoever posted this respects others, they should really think of finding a different file host.
  8. Slightly off-topic, but I just came across this documentary on YouTube, which I haven't seen before: Also I can't but mention an excellent video by my friend Evan. I remember how I was blown away when, after I had seen it, he told me that he had made it (and, of course, I recognized his voice immediately watching it again). It was one of the first times we met, and I don't remember which one of us actually brought it up. Here it is:
  9. Maybe not 100%, but probably as close as it can get: MWNN & X-Dream
  10. So, how are Artha's job, wife and kids doing? Hope all is well! Say hi!
  11. Most of the so-called "psychedelic" music is actually "psychocryptic" or even "psychostenic."

  12. I've checked out some of the earliest FAX releases, and realized that they're all trance! It maybe even "proto-goa"! So, he was releasing trance compilations (e.g. Compilation 1) before it started happening in the UK! I am wondering whether Pete was somehow influential in the German trance scene, or was he just riding the wave? What other trance artists from the early period in Germany does anyone know? I find this early history of trance music fascinating, and have always liked the German minimal sound.
  13. So, I think, it all comes down to playing right music at the right time. And the spread of darkpsy for almost a decade surely didn't add to the popularity of goa.
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